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  1. Discord Shenanigans

    Oldie but a goodie
  2. Just finished Raithwall's Tomb. Not getting a second job board after The Gigas is kinda depressing but I understand why you removed it. That said, getting the option to pick a struggle board or an otherwise limited version of someone else's job for a second board would be pretty neat to allow some branching out into hundreds of combinations. I personally would love that forever but I know FFXII modding is still in its early development so I can't presume to know the feasibility of that complex of a mechanics change. I'm only at Raithwall's Tomb because holy shit Vossler is a goddamn monster to an unprepared team. (also lol at the de facto black mage of the party having forced berserk for that boss battle. I know that's beyond your control, but I found it humorous enough to mention)
  3. Escaped Barheim Passage. Fuck Mimics. Not having access to Blizzard for the Mimics, Batteries, and Mimic Queen sucked hard but it was honestly a rough dungeon--in a good way. I couldn't just breeze through it like usual; I had to decide between progressing at a steady pace and risk the lights going out and fighting those fucking ghosts or prioritizing the power supply bugs and risking taking fleeing damage while pursuing them. It was tense and it was fun. I'm not sure how I feel about the layout of the quickenings on the summon boards. Getting any slots that aren't the three in a row on any given board locks you out of some pretty big stuff, which feels like it's penalizing early game hard if they opt to pick a quickening early. I get the idea but I'm mixed on the execution. Still loving the game so far, though! Everything else has been fascinating so far!
  4. Just got through Giza for the first time and I already love what you've done. The only major critique I have is that Vaan is still a bit squishy at the start of the game so a lot of my strategies so far have involved legging it in the direction of the nearest save crystal to get HP back, but that's earlygame in a nutshell so I really can't gauge how much of an influence your enemy stat boosting has over that. Plus, again, Vaan isn't the sturdiest knife in the tool shed, and he doesn't have his spray-on abs to block incoming hits anymore (thanks HD upgrade). I really like the design of all the license boards, I can see that a lot of care was put into what licenses lead to what and which charachters' archetypal boards get to have which equipment and spells available. Changing the elemental spells up to be more varied than just the same attack with a different element is super neat, I'm looking forward to trying out all the wacky new attributes so I can find which spells I gravitate towards the most during my playthrough. One of the big things I like about FFXII is that, personally, I tend to make different builds for each character every single run. Not quite certain how that would work with having license board "presets" but I really appreciate putting a new twist on the game itself through the changes you've made. If nothing else, these changes are like looking at the game through a new pair of glasses, and I like what I'm seeing so far (so to speak). You get the Letha's Seal of Approval so far. Good on you!
  5. Discord NSFW

    I feel so loved <3
  6. So BTB has gotten me convinced, and now I've committed to the idea of "translating" Brave New World into a fresh new hell of engrish. I'm ready to put a wonderful new spin on such classic lines like "Well don't that just beat all...", "General Leo, I will avenge you.", and literally every other line of dialogue in this game. It's all getting restructured, and I wanna see how long it takes until I snap. I'm absolutely up for ideas on specific scenes or characters. Naturally, engrishy is better, but humor is always appreciated. Let's do this.
  7. NG+ Member Pictures

    Pretty fly for a rabbi priest
  8. Who's your MVP?

    "Pump him with Stamina and a Life Bell and you won't even NEED Terrato. " Why not both 25 Terrato Sabin is a magical thing
  9. just for formality's sake

    the man the myth the legend (until Kain superceded me) the doc for those of you who are new to NG/ID, I'm Doctor Letha, Doc, Doc Letha, Leth, and That Unorthodox Fellow On The Discord Server. Ignoring the fact that I'm legally obligated to inform you that I am not a certified doctor (yet, give it a year or so), I'm the local maniac with regards to doing dumb things in NG/ID romhacks, and I do dumb things because I like to make others enjoy my adventures through said dumb trials and tribulations. I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and playing shoot'n'loot games with a certain kaffesque overlord once in a... however long it's been since our last excursion into Elpis. If you know me, it's probably due to my detailed and unfortunately-unfinished LLG run of FF6:BNW that ended due to a corrupted save file, and the dozens of walls of text that I created during that LLG's run. I love romhacks, I love it when fans put their heart, soul, and coding expertise to the mettle as they create something out of raw passion and curiosity, and I love sperging out over little details that people put into their hacks to show their devotion and level of care. I also have two pets that I constantly bombard the server with photos of. You know them if you've seen them. I don't know why I'm making this. it's 10AM.
  10. NG+ Member Pictures

    I've stated before that if I leaned towards the male end of my bisexuality, BTB would be prime manmeat material. Oldie but a goodie of me and my (now deceased) little princess Edgar. I don't take pictures much, and I have since lost my long luxurious locks to charity, twice.
  11. Who's your MVP?

    gonna lift my post from ID to further cement my firm stance on strago: hope y'all like big, thick, girthy walls of text as much as I do.
  12. Who's your MVP?