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  1. About the hidonites: Why don't just make them respawn after a set amount of turns like number 128 and his pals?
  2. IDK if this sounds kind of rude but.......... Why don't just play the game and have fun? If you wanna do a review, do it while you enjoy the game for what it is: A new experience with familiar faces
  3. No scale in terms of levels and such: Enemies change their AI after a certain level is obtained to avoid power levelling In fact, you should REALLY avoid grinding like crazy since the game tends to punish you for trying to cheese it
  4. I have a suggestion which may or not sound kind of crazy but here it is nonetheless: Dark could be a magic spell that deal physical damage instead of magic damage This would both make the spell more unique since target with a exceptional m.defense tend to be quite fragile against physical attacks and would also put the spell apart from Black Omen (Or if it's possible, make the spell power being calculated from stamina)
  5. I would support a patch that change everyone's clothes in WoR
  6. In my case I just decided to screw him over by confusing his henchmen via Noiseblast and make the do my bidding by rocking the tarr out of the old man alongside Shadow while Celes and Locke played medics and sometimes lay down some hits to fast things up. Morale of this topic: EVERYONE has that one boss that make you rage-quit, just deal with it and try to enjoy this awesome mod
  7. A question here: Can we use old saves once this new version comes up? Because I tried normal mode and it fells.....empty Hell, I didn't even bother to go past X-ATM since he was LAME compared to the arrange mode counterpart
  8. Welp, I guess me and my ass are going to normal then: 7 hours in and I like arrange mode as my first run, but if endgame is hell I better put myself on normal to avoid ragequitting there Edit: BTW great mod sega chief: I have never played FFVII and I don't have any reference to the vanilla version but so far I love this mod
  9. My lp sense is tingling
  10. Hello again people. After an extended vacations from these forums, I finally put myself back into shape and started to play monster tactics once more. I'm pretty sure by this point you may be wonder why I made a new threat and the answer is quite simple: I love Agrias and I hate the fact she was frigging neglected in the overall story after CH2 (All the cast aside of Oersted/Ramza suffer for this, but she's the biggest example of this). SO, without further adds, here's the Prologue: August 5th - Orbonne Monastery August 17th - Public cementery (4/10)
  11. September 2th - The Calm before the Storm: Cute but deadly (7/10):
  12. Entry 47: Zalmo II Rankings:8.5/10 (First timer)6/10 (Normal Player)5/10 (2nd Playthough) Preview: Gameplay (Yes, I decided to record this since it was practically one-sided): Conclusion: I hope everyone had a good time following Oersted so far, because we're not seeing his face in a LONG TIME
  13. Good Day/Evening/Night everyone. The name's Ronlyn and I invite you across this lovely game called............................. Made by Emmy, this mod can claim to be called "original and fresh" in all the extend of those words: New monsters, classes, skills and items will make your experience across this twisted Ivalice a rather fun diversion. But before that, some notes: - THIS IS NOT MY FIRST TIME ON MONSTER TACTICS BY ANY STRETCH. I beat it waaaaaaaaaaay back at version 2.29 and I'm very aware of how it works (Of course, Emmy made sure that 2.49 had A LOT of shining new stuff to keep me on my toes) - I will mostly put my thoughts and analysis of each battle: Augustein it's doing wonders when it comes to LP this game, so I will focus on details like monsters performance on each chapter, enemy composition and difficulty ranking of each battle from my point of view - I hope I can do at the very least three update per week, so I apologize in advance if I can't keep this at a reasonable pace With all that said: Born at January 13th (because my birthday kinda sucks in Ivalice) Entry 1 - Orbonne Intro Rankings: 1/10 (first time playing FFT) 0.5/10 (You have played FFT, FFT 1.3 or some FFT mod) 0.1/10 (2nd Playthough) The Prelude to the strange yet possible world of Monster Tactics. We starts off with our typical party of Oersted, Agrias, Gafgarion and..................three chocobos.............against another three chocobos, a bomb and finally their boss, a baatezu. Sounds about right in my book Nothing too worrysome, just play with the new mechanics and you should be fine. The difficulty come when you actively avoid tooltip something and end up prolonging this battle (not more than ten minutes thanks god).
  14. Entry 46: Zeltennia 3 Rankings:7/10 (First timer)5/10 (Normal Player)4/10 (2nd Playthough)
  15. Entry 46: Zeltennia 2 Rankings:8/10 (First timer)6/10 (Normal Player)5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  16. Entry 45: Zeltennia 1 Rankings:7.5/10 (First timer)7/10 (Normal Player)6/10 (2nd Playthough)
  17. Monster Infusion - Plague Conclusion:
  18. Entry 44: Finath River Rankings:10/10 (First timer)10/10 (Normal Player)10/10 (2nd Playthough) (NOT JOKING HERE)
  19. August 23th - Our resolve: Monster Infusion - Bomb Conclusion:
  20. I think we should wait until the ROM expansion even happens and then we get an idea of how much space we have to make our wild dreams true from BTB and Synchysi
  21. Entry 43: Bervenia Free City Rankings:7/10 (First timer)8/10 (Normal Player)8/10 (2nd Playthough) Next time, Agrias will get some action
  22. Entry 42: Doguloa Pass Rankings:8/10 (First timer)7/10 (Normal Player)7/10 (2nd Playthough) Story: Gameplay:
  23. Touche. But doesn't solve the problem of Br having more impact on the long run against Fa since not being able to use Auto Potion can make your tank a corpse while not having spells means you need equipment to inflict those status effects I can accept some experiment: Marksman was interesting and it could be decent if the creator bothered to refined such class. Alas, it's another case of "doing stuff half-way is even worse than don't bother at all"
  24. OK, since this whole jungle bumble is really hurting my brain (I blame hours of gaming for that), I would like to simplify things so we can close some points and pass up to other things that needs to be discussed (example: 1.3 awful endgame, that thing needs help ASAP) - About Br/Fa: I see two strong points out there and I see the wisdom behind them, but I do side with the idea of just put fixed Br/Fa and said stuff can either change via jobs bases or just left the thing like that because let's be honest here: Since I got Auto-Potion, I haven't get off the damn thing because how reliable is to have 72 br and yeah, that's good but it also downgrades Fa since up to this date, I haven't see ANY reaction being activate via Fa and Br buff/debuffing only matters when someone who can turn you into chicken is nearby (And even then that isn't balanced enough since we have MT where when that happens I just petrify/poison/stop/charm/don't move/don't act the first time he does that and push him to hell until it dies or 1.3 where losing even the tiniest of Br means you're death because surviving is now 0% possible) note: at least MT has you distracted with other threats so you forget about that menace, 1.3 just outright push that boot up your butt without warnings -About Death: I do feel instant death needs something to be attractive since failing the spell means wasted MP/CP. I do like however how Trails in the Sky make his approach: all attacks that have instant death attached to them have about 60 or 80% of the damage you do with a physical attack, so it doesn't feel like a waste when death doesn't proc but also makes you think if you should use it so it procs or just stick with normal attacks/arts -About the USELESS jobs (Yes, I call them that if their only function is to reach samurai/ninja): Archer just outright needs to be rehashed from scratch, maybe giving him some tools to keep the enemy at bay OR even better, do something about the bowgun: some skills that works with bowgun (maybe some hard hitting abilities) while the bow does less damage but have nice debuffs/elemental attacks to keep it attractive. Now, since Emmy did find out a way to make Dragoon less sucking, I........really don't have anything since the possibilities are endless while at the same time, all mods were balance only with jump while MT just patched up the problem. Dragoons are just.....weird and that's all I got Sorry if this whole post seems pushy but when I see the four pages long threat that only talks about three points while the whole deal feels unsolved I feel waaaay back at ID so I feel this one needs to be more dynamic while picking up some slack from the past
  25. I feel the whole zodiac and Br/Fa deal can be only archive if we erase completely the soldier hiring option in the game and every generic the players has access to has said characteristics. I also got inspired by a fire emblem modder which gave several patches which you can use to change the experience each time you play the game (example: one patch have three male/one female generic at the beginning and other has two male/female units with different signs and stats compared to the last ones) Of course, this world of possibilities is tied to the modder's patience to deliver such patches since they aren't hard but tedious to handle without screwing something along the way