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  1. Zodiacs aren't even that important tbh since there are three conclusions to reach with them: -If you have good compat, just target that unit with status effects and take your distance since things could get messy if said enemy does the same to you (I suggest poison) -If you have bad compat, the unit (or the whole team if you somehow managed to do that) should abuse the fact that the enemy also does less damage and piledrop on him while buffing yourself to sail the point home -If you have neutral compat, just have fun and see what works best for you Br/Fa are just there so you have an excuse to use abilities to enhance those in hopes to have better hit/damage with magic and better chances of activate something like auto potion/damage split
  2. uhhhhh.......Emmy actually did that with jump, you should ask her
  3. I haven't hit a wall at all (Although, having some kind of knowledge kind of helps). My only advice for now is that after I watched your team I did noticed most of your team is lagging a good ten levels behind Ramza. I suggest doing an extra battle or two between fights to help you catch up while getting nice stuff as return (Hell, you can even replace your low level monsters with shinning new ones at party level). Also, Agrias is the only one should tag along almost every time since having TWO trump cards tends of solve any kind of AI trickery overrall
  4. @A Dummy, as I promised here is my run on your gift (Buster Only since I lost my blind run on it):
  5. Interlude: Review and Analysis of CH3 After forever, I finally decided to stop goofy around and do some proper job, so here we go!!! "What's your core idea behind CH3?" "I made stuff more complex so the player gets prepared for CH4" CH3 take the previous CH2's difficulty spike and smash it into the floor with fury: Most enemies will be out for your blood and most of the time, discerning who's the mayor threat is a must to avoid a party wipeout. Emmy not only deliver the pain using more complex but overall "old tricks", but also brings to the table brand new toys so you can scream to the screen with more passion (nice,isn't it?) "But you said that already" "I know random lurker, then I ask you: What does Silent Lucidity and which situations would be best used against the enemy?" So yeah, I don't like to repeat myself but I need to clear something so I don't need to touch it again: YOU NEED TO TOOLTIP EVERYTHING TO LEARN IT FOR FUTURE BATTLES!!! Emmy did A LOT of changes and unless you got a super computer inside your head, you won't know by memory EVERY SINGLE SKILL/REACTION/PASSIVE OUT THERE, so stop complaining and get going. I know it sounds harsh, but later on you will be grateful when one million of actions are taken in the spawn of five minutes and you can discern where to go from there since you got a basic knowledge of everything (Of course if you have Quad's levels of awareness by this point you can probably just outright abuse synchronize to buff yourself while also drawing enemy to a Leviathan previously cast by another unit of yours and absorb said damage because of equipment and thus you don't need to read this, you monster) "I noticed no one else focused on bosses and monsters, so I decided to see what I could do with them" Every single boss out there is quite the puzzle and CH3 has nothing to scoff at: Izlude is a race against time, Zalmo is the perfect nightmare when left unchecked, Velius is frigging sonic.......All kind of stuff that gives a fresh new air to a TWO DECADES OLD game. I just can't grasp the whole ordeal Emmy had tu pull off to manage that, but I'm very grateful that she could reach her goals and this hidden gem could make his way to all those thirsty players who wanted a better experience for this game (myself included) "What is the exact purpose of Extra Battles?" "It's just a place where I toss all my experiments" I haven't touch the whole deal at all (something I'm planning to do on CH4), but extra battles are for me a nice little place where you could grind while getting useful units, maybe some broken items (not so much for me since they can be got at CH4) and enhance your experience, so please don't just beat the final boss and throw the rom to the nearest garbage tin: The extra stuff here is actually fun (unlike Ghost of Fury which can go and suck my di-) 6/10 (First timer) 5/10 (Normal Player) 4.8/10 (2nd Playthough) CH3 average: 5.2 Will come in with more gameplay soon and a suprise for those who read between lines (only clue in giving: time is about gaining and losing to move forward)
  6. Hmm............perhaps I should stop screwing around and actually start playing CH4: That sounds kind of worrying
  7. I agree with the 50% minimal hit with status effects since I just use steal for REALLY specific fight (riovannes roof for example) or Charm to give myself a little advantage at the beginning of the fight and then toss it aside Also Windows X, you should avoid speaking from everyone in regards of their tastes: Difficulty comes in all flavors and doing that is kind of offensive for everyone involved here
  8. tbh, I think everyone should avoid any kind of "meta-game" and just do whatever the hell they want since in the end the experience each player have wildly differs from another one (foe example, I found out that hybrid Sabin is a helluva fun despite BTB's dislike for hybrid builds, so there's that)
  9. There must be some exceptions however: 50% Charm without any compat is outright ludicrous And about Windows X rant, I just saw that one coming so that´s why I cut out some chase and put that post before
  10. Sorry for the long delay: My internet is kind of crappy on This is for you @Laith:
  11. Of course I love megaman. I'm actually thinking of record my run of it Thanks @A Dummy
  12. Ramza and Agrias should be seen as wild card: You don't need to think of builds around their characters but rather "what they need to synergize with the team at hand". Or at least I like to do that (Also, casters are OP when silence/reflect aren't prominent in a fight Wait until you see the new battle Emmy added at Goland. I bet you will tear your hair apart MT is a really obtuse game of "who is weak against X monster" which I really love since there's variety. However I also poited out the use of healing/reviving skills everywhere but I guess it's just a minor thing A side note: When all fails, spam boosted summons. You will be amazed how things fall like flies
  13. My two cents on this whole deal is.....what if we wait for an actual rehearse of the mod and give out opinions and suggestions? This feels repetitive when we had a 5 pages long discussion on Insane Difficulty. If someone wants to make FFT 1.4, just do it and we play it and give out our reviews to enhance the experience, don't you think?
  14. What if we gave some clues or hints so people at least have something to start with?
  15. Quoted from Stann in the last year's dispersal: "Next year, we should get everyone to write a short paragraph about themselves. That way, forum stalking won't be 100% necessary to think of an idea."
  16. Not exactly. What I would like is that said moves have the same treatment as sword skills: different vertical/AoE between skills, different hits per caster (Malak could use 3 to 6 hits while Rafa 1 to 3 but with more power), some of them can even being single target so the whole point of "expert assassins" is reflect on the gameplay. They just need more creativity in their tools Defy Pain is actually quite handy when you learn CT management: Someone toss phoenix down on a fallen ally reviving with 1 hp, then said unit uses defy pain so the enemy has to expend MP on a spell strong enough to take out the unit, so the process can be repeat until either the player get away with the kill or said player run out of resources while the AI wins by default. Defy Pain shines when you first encounter Miluda alongside a thief with basic skills and two healers to boot Wizards are OK in terms of damage potential and if you really did tone down the absurd speed of enemies in CH4 they may as well being pretty terrifying now Must admit, now you got me interested. Good luck with your mod
  17. You know I'm in just because I had fun the last year (besides, I guess this is a good as any time to post my info on the forum)
  18. Entry 42: Riovanes Rooftop Rankings:4/10 (First timer)2/10 (Normal Player)2/10 (2nd Playthough) Ending of CH3
  19. Good thing I just got the time to read the whole deal. I must say this is a 5/10 in my books just because how crazy or outta nowhere some of the stuff is there or how he could manage to NOT FIX some glaring problems with 1.3. Here, let me start with it: So......he basically just eliminate the point of having starting classes. I mean yes, you will eventually move from squire and never use it once again, but , now you can outright ignore the whole class Those buffs are meaningless if said skills still are useless outside of very specific situations. I haven't use Rafa and Malak EVER and I'm happy with that since I do not have to keep my focus on silly things like vertical terrain while my party is been pummel down just because I want to be fancy with the kill. We need more PRACTICAL skills I would keep Yell to generics (of course I would nerf the hit rate now that everyone can use as early as CH1), Mimic Ultima sounds broken for a basic class, Cheer looks more on line with the class (Protect+Shell is more game-changing), Heal/Wish are OK, Defy Pain was broken and now is outright ludicrous, Wild Swing and Target should be test for their utility and the new equip options should be limited to Robes And now I must ask.......Why? The real problem with the poor Wizard is that, by the end of Ch3, most enemies and allies will get their turn before the spell goes out (EVEN if we add short charge to the mix). They need faster spells rather than new spells Boco is kind of OP now along Worker 8 since haste make him a juggernaut with few weaknesses. Reis and Byblos are just the same Mp switch sounds awesome now, Caution is WTF (or at least the modder should rename the thing). Outside of all that, everything is OK since no one likes to spend hours grinding for jp This one is just stupid. I mean, why would you go there if the WHOLE reason to be there in the first place if to have a challenging post-game experience? At least crank the whole thing to (party level) and reduce the speed multipliers of some enemy classes Overall, this guy just added stuff without seeing how it would affect the balance in some places. Now Ch1 is the EASIEST chapter ever since now Squire are quite powerful for the enemies you found there. Of course, I wont undermine his whole job since some things were awesome (like having an actual reason to use books outside of throw and katanas having their draw outs as proc along extra stuff)
  20. Entry 41: Riovanes 3 Rankings:7/10 (First timer)7/10 (Normal Player)7/10 (2nd Playthough) Gameplay: And with that note, we end this here. See you soon
  21. Same here: I just wish there wasn't any distractions since MT is genuinely awesome by itself
  22. After forever, I came back with some actual content Entry 40: Velius Rankings:8/10 (First timer)5/10 (Normal Player)3/10 (2nd Playthough) Story: Battle Preparations: Gameplay:
  23. Entry 39: Riovanes Castle I (Castle's Gate) Rankings:6.5/10 (First timer)6/10 (Normal Player)6/10 (2nd Playthough) Story: Gameplay: Stay tuned: Next time there's gonna be a video with actual commentary
  24. could you please share the standard rules of the last tournament? I choose new rules just because I know jack shit about them