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  1. Burden lowers your speed and Strength lowers your burden, I think for each point. Job levels give you the job you leveled's listed stat points permanently no matter what job you're in. Yes, the 30 job level cap means you can only cap 6 jobs until NG+. No, that's what job levels are for.
  2. Morph is increasing the restoration of items when used on characters other than Terra. Prometheus' Sketch is empty.
  3. Bug #1: Scan will sometimes spit out garbage after appropriate scans. Bug #2: Demonsbane and Tarot don't play the X animation on an instant kill proc.
  4. Isis' Love Token doesn't actually do anything in RC22. It gets applied to an ally but they never block attacks for Isis. (Can't replicate, even on Cainen's end at this point. RC-23/24 will introduce some improved mechanics for Love Token, however, so this is something worth keeping an eye on.)
  5. Who needs Sabin, anyways? (Fixed in RC-15)
  6. 3 Wasp formation incorrectly flagged as veldt formation, gives a rage that does nothing but grant flight and take blank actions. Also, Bedevil does nothing. Landed it on Atma several times and it didn't restore anything despite not being able to miss.
  7. Mind Blast is a clusterfuck. A pretty bad one.
  8. Powerslave likes to target himself with Hammertime when he's trying to counter.
  9. Edgar not gaining SP

    Does he have an Esper equipped?
  10. Doomgaze is giving out 10 SP every time he flees.