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  1. ah, maybe i got it... since vanilla RNG sucks, that option might allow to use an actual RNG: i know there are 1 or 2 patches that tweak vanilla RNG, still i don't know if in this case Abyss used his own RNG customization though.
  2. Abyss never jokes around, he just makes awesome stuff
  3. Hi!! my bro is playing the mod as i speak, i noticed the Mr. smile gimmick(Mr. smile NPC is priceless ) still i noticed what looks like a flaw among the rank-up options... for example Cloud's EX-SOLDIER option doesn't look very good, if you ask me(+5 to 3 parameters), especially if you consider that if you compare getting EX-SOLDIER option twice with getting both the 2nd and the 3rd options once you can notice that basically the choice is among +5 to SPR and +5 to 3 parameters, which i think is quite unconvenient. my bro told that even other characters have a weak option too, so i wonder... are we missing something about those options?
  4. Oh i see... i noticed also that, while summon materia have 1 star to prevent duplication and more than one cast for battle, master summon hasn't it. That allows to cast KotR endlessly, so i'm confused... i thought that was exactly what you were going to avoid in this mod
  5. @Sega Chief uhm... there's a problem: my bro entered inside the cave in Sleep Forest that tosses you inside Midgar(is that the dark cave?), well when he goes inside the church there are 3 shinra troopers in the flower area, but when he gets closer they disappear and it's not possible to access to the rear of the church... which means he's stuck forever inside the cave, appearently. All what i know is that he spoke to the debug guy inside Highwind and set Aerith "alive" flag for a moment, then he put it back to "dead" and proceeded with the game normally. Is that a known issue? Any wayout? EDIT: crap, my bad... my bro said a bullshit, he actually was able to proceed through the cave
  6. Well yeah... keeping them in sleep is a strategy, AoE insta-kill(with counter denied) is cheese. Respawn sounds fair enough, maybe only the bombs who didn't explode with death counter
  7. I guess i might use this topic also to pinpoint some weirdness of my bro's gameplay: i saw him fighting against king(macho) bomb... the one inside quadra magic cave, nice gimmick... the 4 bomb can't be killed or you'll be sorry... right? well they will kill you even you sneak attack AoE like ultima and them make the boss finish 'em off with chained blast as soon as the battle starts, which makes me think that the modder DOESN'T want the player kills the minions. Well, if Cloud uses finish touch they disappear and won't counter at all... and the gimmick is gone forever. the fight is trivialized and the boss use some attack that would never make sense(at a certain point of the fight) unless there are his minions. So i wanna confirm... does the modder want that? if no it might be a good idea to add them the immunity to that type of death. PS. i didn't tested it, but it might happen even with similar effects(maybe Flash command?)
  8. What about removing the absorbed spell from Draw list? like when you do it with GF... so that you also have to decide whether to cast free spells or stack some of it(mostly before landing the final blow) Monsters basically become living Draw sources packs
  9. sorry if i'm out of topic, still... it's just me or even the others see a nasty black bar in the middle of each post?(the bar with quote button on the right)
  10. i thought you already knew it, i'm italian
  11. which difference exists between the 2 versions? never figured it out, actually i don't even know which one i played
  12. actually you can pass bulldozer without even losing a life, with any character at any difficulty: the best way to do that is using the special attack to get invincibility frames right before the bulldozer hits you, even in case the gauge isn't still filled(always better to get the small damage penality than being hit from the bulldozer) you know what's better than SoR games? SoR remake, which combines all the stages plus some extra one from who made the remake: http://www.sorrcommunity.com/t27-downloads-streets-of-rage-remake-v5-1-ports-and-soundtrack don't know if that link is good, btw
  13. actually i like all stage gimmicks found inside SoR games, actually it would disappoint me a bit to know that in the 2 stuff like that is missing, basically they are double edge gimmicks, both you and enemies can use it to kill the other side easier(ps. you don't have to stop the bulldozer, you have to run away from it) aside that, i agree that SoR games in general have a good difficulty curve
  14. Oh, that was kind... If that would had happen in FF6Hacking.com, Madsiur would grant him no more future in the community
  15. well i can't imagine a place to hide an item called "dream stone" which fits better than a dream... at the entrance of Narshe(Fraust, right?) you get the hint about the existence of a dream stone hidden somewhere, at least you can see that coming. the good news is that even if you miss that you don't actually lose anything: not even the jade skull which you still obtain in NG+
  16. ahahaha!! the title of the topic pretty much looked like the format of a classic question that you ask to that ball
  17. yeah, that stone doesn't exists anymore according to what Gi said some time ago, only the one inside the dream still exists.
  18. good idea: in the other mod i saw my bro doing almost always the glass cannon with squall against any strong enemy/boss and the others were there just to make sure the cannon was still in condition to shoot
  19. there's a problem: spirit makes Trance last longer
  20. My no.1 suggestion is: MODIFY buff expiration timer!!! you don't even realize you used protect on an ally that the buff is already faded out. About tetra master... when you realize how it actually works(which means knowing what happens when your card has AX3B as value), it suddenly becomes quite interesting to play. what it actually needs is to give him an in-game usefulness to it: in FF8 you can transform cards into stuff, in FF9 they have no use... here a quick brainstorm on what could improve it: - events bound to cards(give a card to a certain NPC in exchange of item, key item, passing through a gate? ; same as before but after defeating the NPC in a card duel) - something similar to throw command for cards, but more in a blue magic fashion, like... burn 1 goblin card to cast Goblin Punch(or was it shot?); burn 1 elixir card to use 1 elixir; burn 1 shiva card to cast Diamond dust... stuff like that.
  21. According to the previous days threads on ID, my 2 dollars is that they are dealing with the main code of the site... perhaps for a significant update? still just theorycrafting
  22. 100% completed you mean? (FF7 new threat) sounds cool doing something similar with FF8, since the other existent mod has a significant amount of flaws... Maybe this time Omega Weapon won't be a matter of farming HP with devour command(for example)
  23. if you ask me, there's an event that triggers some old value that doesn't match anymore with new version's ones maybe there also might be some ram variable that isn't saved in SRAM and so loading the game will reset it, using savestate will keep that value?(theorycrafting)
  24. Mostly it's just to define Shadow's way to act: until WoR he really don't care to follow you. Similar to Setzer that starts with Bandana even if he can't equip it