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  1. Are you talking about protect up spell? I tried it but it's doesn't working. "Weakness - Tree (Posion Bubble, Posion Breath, Pumpkin Bomb, Leaf Sabre)" I tried to throw pumpkin bomb into him and the damage is really small, every spell i tried on him take a little damage, the only thing work is BTL ! P/s: I tried to start the boss fight with Dryad day, but it's doens't give me extra damage !
  2. @praetarius5018 Well, i give up. This god beast keep killing me with Spiral Moon. The boss can casting magic after another magic like combo , i can't press X button when he is casting ! Save files: P/s:spectec eyes does not work, don't know how to prevent the spiral moon effect ether
  3. Blocking techs you're talking about is the shield from duran character? So how do i kill full metal hagger anyway? it's keep casting magic on our team and healing 100hp a lot, i don't know how to kill him before my team got killed. There is lv15 mob below the jad location. Of course i've to hit to run all day !
  4. Recently The secret of mana getting a new hack called "Secret of Mana, Turbo" and it's really awesome. - Core "Turbo" Features:- Strong/Weak attacks (now for all 3 players)There are now 2 different normal attacks for each weapons, attacking while pressing a direction on the D-pad will trigger the strong attack (a thrust with melee weapons) which is 25% stronger than the weak one but takes 25% more time to recharge. In order to not make the game easier and slower it is the weak attack which actually hits 25% less and recharges 25% faster than in vanilla.- Manual blocking (now for all 3 players)Pressing the L button now makes your character block, he takes a "blocking stance" during a short time in which he will evade any physical attack. Blocking does not affect the power%, it is hard enough to have the right timing anyway. You can also block while charging but it will pause the charging for a short time. It's would be nice if you can block enemy attack and magic in some way. P/s: I'm stuck at level 18 and the first boss is every strong, healing magic give him 100 hp and every damage i can do is only 20 dps ! Is this possible to meet Mana Stone before the first boss?