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  1. Thank you!

    I will have to mess with that next chance I get, though I think much of what I would end up wanting to do is probably beyond the scope of an editor.
  2. Thank you!

    If I had the time and patience to learn hacking PSX games, Suikoden I and II would be the very first games I'd dive into. I adore the series, but there is a *lot* of work to be done on both of those games. For what it's worth, the director of the first three Suikoden games, Yoshitaka Murayama, is directly involved in Eiyuden Chronicle, so I backed the hell out of it on day one.
  3. For the record, the RNG update patch is still being applied, and I detected no conflicts with it from other patches. So if something is going on with the RNG, it may be that Think will need to trace it and see if something is getting wonkified.
  4. This information should make the issue much easier to fix.
  5. Quick update: I know the fix for the missing damage numbers, and it seems to fix the lag as well. It'll be corrected in RC13, which I'll put out after I get home from work this afternoon. I was unable to duplicate the dried meat issue. If the above doesn't fix it, I'll look more into it.
  6. The EP display fix was reverted a while back, so that part at least is a known bug. I know the fix, I just need to get the other stuff sorted out first.
  7. Review of v1.9

    In theory, yes, that's the penalty. In practice, the player will reload their save and repeatedly try again until they win. It's not gambling if there's no possibility of the house winning.
  8. Review of v1.9

    It's not really gambling if there's no penalty for losing, is it? That's my main problem with the coliseum, and really any type of gambling in a game like this. The player's going to save, gamble, and reload if they don't get what they wants. It becomes less reliance on RNG and more a test of the player's patience. To me, making it easy to win and get whatever item you desire is more a QoL change than anything else.
  9. We'll properly-case all the names and use FULL CAPS FOR THE DIALOGUE.
  10. Floating Continent

    As other have said, the suicide sequence isn't forced, and we actually made it easier to save him. You're either having shit luck with RNG not spawning the right fish, or you're feeding him the wrong fish.
  11. Is BNW MSU-1 Compatible?

    ; EP will be stored in SRAM locations $1CF8 - $1D0F (2 bytes per character) ; EL will be stored in SRAM locations $1D10 - $1D1B (1 byte per character) ; Unspent EL will be stored in SRAM locations $1D1C - $1D27 (1 byte per character) ; SP will be stored in SRAM locations $1E1D - $1E28 (1 byte per character) So yes, there is a conflict.
  12. Is BNW MSU-1 Compatible?

    I will check on this when I get home.
  13. Questions/Remarks about BNW

    No, because spell names can only be six characters. So Protect won't fit. Firaga would fit, but it would be inconsistent with the other -aga spells. Changing Vigor and Fight are doable, but they're placed rather snugly where they are, meaning no room for easy expansion. To me, it's not worth the effort to make those changes. Aqua Rake is just something we never bothered changing, and X-Zone... never even occurred to me. I think it's fine how it is, though. Silliness is the point. The game's storyline itself is serious enough. Because it was actually GrandTrain, and BTB and I both hate camel casing (you'll notice we did away with every instance of it that we feasibly could). We decided to just rename it to something that we could space and capitalize properly. Balance reasons, and to try to differentiate weapons a little better.
  14. You will almost certainly need to start over, yes.
  15. This is an issue with any chest that is handled by an event rather than a treasure object. It's minor enough that I haven't bothered with a workaround, though it's on my list (way down at the bottom) of things to look at. I don't remember if we changed the time or not (pretty sure we didn't), but even if we did, the location of the correct options hasn't changed (i.e., if the correct hour in vanilla is the third option, it'll be the third option in BNW).