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  1. Is there anywhere I can get more of them? Or are they a limited resource? Is it possible to buy them somewhere? I've gotten 3 and used them on some bosses, one of which was smithy, is there anymore in the post-game? edit: Nevermind, sorry for the post, found the shop
  2. No Psychopath?

    Fair enough, haha.
  3. Is there no Psychopath in this game? I'm almost level 30 and I haven't gotten it yet. Are we just supposed to use Lazy Shell for HP checking?
  4. Geno Timings?

    Ah, that's very helpful! Thank you!
  5. I know the timing for Geno, but i'm having trouble figuring out what the second timings are for Hand Cannon...
  6. Thanks! I'll make sure to report if anything bugs out.
  7. I started playing Armageddon V9 on my homebrewed Nintendo Switch, on Retroarch, which uses SNES9x 1.52.4 It seems to be working smoothly! Everything seems to be working. But I still wanna ask if this might cause any issues? It'd suck to encounter a bug super far into the playthrough, so I'm asking if this version of the emulator will have any potential bugs?