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  1. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Okay, I created a patch that edits some monsters shown in certain map (thanks to MapJester) -- mostly to make ??? Seed available in all God Beast dungeons (to not punish people who overlevel). That was a lot of work, but I got it done. And that got me thinking. I want to create a Black Rabite patch so that it can be fought in all routes. You already told me that your SoM Black Rabite patch is incompatible with vanilla, so I want to make my own. I'm intending on putting it on the stone platform in the final Mana Holyland (map 582). I already know that address to call the enemy pack (NPC pack) in that map is 0CD5C6 (figured it out, thanks to MapJester). The problem is, that address only calls enemies in already-existing pack. For example, NPC pack 52 (digit 82) has Shapeshifter x2 and Shadowzero x1. I know that lots of NPC packs from A0 and on are full of unused enemy packs (they're all basically group of one enemy only) -- and lots of them are just a group of Myconid, for whatever reason. So here's the question. Could you please tell me how to edit the enemies in each NPC pack? (I don't even know which NPC Pack contains which enemy, and I know they vary depending on the time of the day, but I know that most of A0+ packs don't depend on the time of day) I know Black Rabite's ID is 68 (thanks to the SD3 document in RHDN), so I'm hoping I can put him in one of the unused NPC packs. Probably Black Rabite + 2 Great Demons. Then I can just call the new NPC Pack with 0CD5C6. EDIT: Holy crap! I figured it out! I just searched for 00 00 00 01 01 01 02 02 02 (because I knew A0+ packs calls the same enemies in monster ID order), and boom! Hot damn.
  2. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Yeah, I wanted to rename the topic for a while (Hmsong's non-SoM patches), but I didn't see any way to do that. Could you post a pic of what I'm supposed to click? Thanks in advance. Okay, when I move my cursor to the title, it says, "click and hold to edit the title." I clicked and held it, but I still couldn't edit the title.
  3. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    It's not spell balance. I'm just creating another patch (or try), but I thought starting another topic would be a bad idea. I'm sure you don't want your board filled with all these topics that only has a couple of messages.
  4. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Oh wow, so that's how it worked? Thanks. I shall see how that works (but it's gonna be hard as hell to change things now).
  5. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Hmm. I'm trying to make it so that less exp is required for level up. So far, I understood that it starts at 11F450 (for level 2), and it's 4 bytes each for each level (00 00 1E 00). But it starts to get weird starting Lv25, and the numbers don't match. How does exp required for level up work from Lv25 and on? I know level 25 requires 57316 experience (which is DFE4, or 00 00 E4 DF), but I don't see anything like that nearby. 11F4AC (which is where I thought defined Lv25 exp) is 01 00 94 1C (which translates to either 7316 or 72852 in digits), which doesn't match anything that should resemble 57316. Could you please tell me how req exp works, starting Lv25?
  6. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Oh crap. I guess I completely forgot. My bad. And thanks for your patience.
  7. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Well, the person who messaged me said, "I think monster stats are decided from 110000. I don't know what each bytes do though, esp since monster stats vary depending on their level. I suggest you go ask someone (namely praetarius) who actually knows what he's doing." But now that I think about it, I guess it doesn't really matter, since I have no intention of editing monster stats. But I do want to edit the level of the bosses, specifically for the first Full Metal Haggar and the first Machine Golems. From what I can tell, normal enemies levels are as it is displayed (player levels' values are [level-1], but normal enemies are [level]), meaning if the normal enemy level is 05, then the value is 05. But I don't know how the bosses' levels are calculated. If the boss level is 04, what would the value be? Could you please tell me that? If I at least knew that, I can maybe work with it, since I know what I'm looking for.
  8. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Thanks, but I don't understand what all these d11, d12 means. It doesn't seem to be values. For example, in the Rabite example you posted, 07 (experience)'s value is 5A. What does that mean? Does that mean Rabite gives 90 exp or something? Because that's definitely not true. I don't understand how that works. Or is there a experience table or something somewhere? praetarius5018, if you can help me in detail, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Hey. I heard that starting D10000, it affects the monster stats. But I have no idea how many bytes are used for each monster, nor what each of those bytes mean. I have rough idea what the orders of the monsters are (assuming it starts with Shell Hunter). If it's not too trouble, could you please explain how many bytes are used for each monster, and what each bytes mean? Thanks.
  10. Road to 2.0

    Here's an idea for a spell. I noticed that spell flag 1C (which is used for Angel's Grail to revive a fallen ally) can be used as offense and defense. If you use a spell with that flag on a live target, then it changes the target's HP to that of power flag. For example, if you set the power flag to C8 00, and you use it on the target (enemy or ally), it'll change his HP to 200 (at most). This works on bosses (sadly), so you shouldn't make it for your characters to use it against enemies (it'll curbstomp all bosses). It also has a side effect of fully restoring the MP, so perhaps your characters should never use it, even as a recovery spell. On the other hand, bosses can use it very effectively. On offense, the power flag can be set to 0A 00 and target everyone, so that it'll reduce all your characters' HP to 10 (very dangerous) if certain conditions are met. And on the opposite side of the coin, if certain conditions are met, the boss can use it on himself, with power flag FF FF to restore himself completely. I don't know if bosses (or any enemies, really) have something called MP.
  11. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    I see. That's too bad then. Oh well. It'd be nice to be able to contact the original translation patch guy, but I was unable to. No contact info (and the info that was posted in the guide no longer exists, since it was university email). Thanks anyways.
  12. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    So why not use the following? 1. original 1.01e + current SoM dev version 2. other 1.01e+ + current SoM dev version I mean, you're the SoM dev, which means you have the "current SoM dev" version. And original 1.01e is easy to find, which means you (and only you) should be able to create "original 1.01e + current SoM dev" version. Of course, whatever patch that gets created, it would have to be applied on top of the original 1.01e rom (instead of raw J version rom) in order to be "other 1.01e" rom, but it'll still get the job done.
  13. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Oh. Too bad then. It's still possible to make the ips file -- use the old 1.01e (post SoM patch) as a base, and use your new 1.01e (post SoM patch) as a goal, then use Lunar to create a patch. But would you be willing to do that?
  14. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Jesus christ. I just downloaded 20+ ips/roms of 1.01 versions from all over the internet from many many sites. I even found 1.00 somehow. But none of them do what your version does. I'm aware you can't post the pre-patched rom, but could you please post the .ips file of the one you have? If not, a link to where you found yours?