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  1. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    @praetarius5018 For your bug patch on RHDN, why exactly did you switch the menu name for Death Hand and Dervish? Here's vanilla: Menu Class Item ID Upgrade Item Tech DL Deathhand 07 Death Wolf Soul Seiryuu Death Fist DD Dervish 08 Devil Wolf Soul Suzaku Sky Dance Yours reverses the "Menu" section (Deathhand is DD, and Dervish is DL). I mean, there's no particular problem, because Death Wolf Soul still transforms Kevin into Death Hand and all. It's just that for other characters, their DL item ID is before their DD item ID, and Kevin was no different. So I just want to know why you decided to switch their menu. Or did the new Trials of Mana (Switch/PS4) switch DL and DD class or something?
  2. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Thank you. Aww. Oh well. Thanks anyways. Thank you very much. You've been a tremendous help. Now, I'm just gonna casually enjoy the game.
  3. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Heh, it seems like that vanilla's 33% power boost was more like an error than anything else. Thanks for telling me. I'm gonna take down the No Skill Counter and TransShape fix from my patch, since your bug fix patch is simply better. But may I have your permission to include the Aura Wave mod for my balance patch? I don't know how complicated the "cast time in menu" fix is, but if possible, could you include that in the next fix only patch? I feel like that's one of the more obvious glitches in the game.
  4. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Awesome. Thank you. Btw, the patch seems to only reduce effects for Power Up/Down, but not other stat up spells. So questions. For vanilla, did Protect Up/Down and Mind Up/Down also change their stats by 33%? (You already insinuated that Speed Up/Down didn't change anything, even when Agi/Eva were enabled, so let's put that aside) For other spells and items that changes Powers (such as Hawkeye's Water Jutsu, Black Curse, and various magic items), would that also be reduced to 20%?
  5. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Wuw... that's a lot of logging. And I can't even tell what's what. Btw, I see that you updated your bug fix patch to 1.3b. What has changed? I don't see any difference in the description.
  6. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Hmm. Perhaps the reason I can't find .log file is because I don't know how to use the Logging:CPU function. How do I do that? I don't see any button that says, " Logging:CPU" or anything close to that.
  7. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Okay, I put a breakpoint at D0E580, and did so near the end of the spell animation of Energy Ball. I see <rom name>.usage file in the Logs folder. How do I open it? I opened it with Notepad, and all I got was some weird texts, so I'm guessing I'm supposed to use a different program to open it.
  8. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    I see. Thank you for your help. That'll make the normal crit not so common (max = [2 + 22]/254 = ~9.4%), which is a lot more sane. Hmm. So if I were to change the crit to be based on 254 (instead of the original 100), how would that affect Energy Ball? I remember you telling me that you made the bug-fix patch's Energy Ball to normal crit +10% (just like Sin of Mana). But if I make crit based on 254, it won't be +10% -- it'll only be +3.9% (10/254 = 3.9%). Right? How would I be able to change the Energy Ball's critical bonus rate?
  9. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Oh, okay, so please correct me if I'm wrong: Currently, D0CADB's value is A9 65 00. So... I'm supposed to change it to A9 FF 00? (which will result in 254 instead of 100?) The instruction before LDA #$0065 is STA $1C (which is apparently pointing to 000E1C?), but the value is 3B 18 69 08. I have a feeling I'm looking at something completely unrelated. Wait, so for Aura Wave edit, I replaced the 4-byte values at 10E589 to 22 30 F1 13 (and 13F130 to B1 34 18 69 06 D1 36 90 02 B1 36 91 34 6B). Was I supposed to replace the values of 10E589 to 22 30 F1 D3?
  10. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Oh. Okay. Got it (just as you said). But now what do I do? Since crit is out of 100, I thought I'd see hex number 64 somewhere, I but I don't. Even in at C00620. Perhaps I'm jumping ahead, but according to what you posted above, I'm supposed to overwrite the 4-byte values at D0CACA with 22 zz yy xx, so if I were to do so at the end of bank D3 (let's say D3F140), then I'd be overwriting that with 22 40 F1 13. And at D3F140 (it's currently full of FFs), I'd be overwrite the next few bytes with: But again, I still don't see 64 anywhere.
  11. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Yes, I pressed "Step Into" (multiple times). The problem is, I didn't see the instruction for JSL $C00620 (2nd pic of the previous post). It gave me bunch of other stuff, such as LDX #00E3. Also, what is "instruction" for JSL$C00620? I don't think it's telling me what to do or anything. Wuw, I feel like I'm talking to you real time.
  12. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Hmm. As soon as I put the breakpoint on D0CACA, the game froze (before I got the chance to hit any enemy) and gave me this result (pic 04). And it still didn't give me " JSL $C00620" result, no matter how many times I pressed "Step Into" (pic 05).
  13. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Aura Wave worked! I don't know the logic behind it, but it worked. Many thanks! I wrote a breakpoint at D0CACA (pic 2) and then hit an enemy, but the game did not stop. I clicked on "step into" and got pic 3, but it didn't say anything about LDA #$0065 (it says LDA #$0000). One of the biggest problem is that I don't know know what numerous vocabularies are, in practical knowledge. What is JSL? What is LDA#0065? I mean, I know "LDA #const" means, "Load Accumulator from Memory" -- that's from the bible -- but I have no idea what that actually means in hex edit (or what it's suppose to represent). The only thing I know how to do is edit the hex numbers using HxD.
  14. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Thanks. I'm sure you had mixed feelings about releasing the bug fix patch. I truly appreciate that you decided to do so. For last several days, I tried to find some resource to learn about hacking. I'm sad to say that none of them really helped much. Very far from anything that was covered in the "bible". The only thing that I found useful was the video about pointer table, which somewhat helped me understand... some parts of your bug fix patch, regarding what the address an another address was pointing to (not that I know what specific thing those addresses/valuees did). Sigh. I'm throwing in the towel. Hacking things to create working criticals and agility that is compatible with Trials of Mana is beyond my ability. I simply lack the prerequisite knowledge to even understand the "bible", and nothing I can find seems to help me understand that. I have no choice but to use the fan translation if I want to play the bug fixes version. I truly thank you for even trying to help me (esp that long explanation above). But for now, I'll just stick with minor tweaks that's within my ability. So... could you please tell me how to make Aura Wave fill only 6 bars? (7 if fixed) I assume you didn't do that for the bug fix 1.3 patch. So, how do I make it to 255? And would that affect Energy Ball critical rate? (I think you said you made it +10%, just like SoM, but I'm guessing that was based on 100) Obviously, it's not for any of my public patches, since other than the obvious moral reasons, that's no good by itself anyways. I'm just going to use it for my private usage to simply play the game. Just gonna enjoy playing the game. And thanks for reducing the critical rate to 25%. And reducing the stat up/down to 20% (that ought to balance things a bit).
  15. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Oh my god. I see you released a bug patch 1.3 on RHDN. Several questions: Is that compatible with Trials of Mana? I have No Skill Counter on my balance patch, but would your bug patch overwrite that? Which takes priority? In my balance patch, I changed several things (stats and skills) in Kevin's D classes. Apparently, Bashkar and Deathhand got mixed up in the menu (which you corrected), but would that affect which character has which stat and/or skills?