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  1. Oh god the grinding. As much as I remember enjoying that one as a kid, I can't get into playing it now. I've read that a big part of the problem was a bug in stats ained while leveling.
  2. Oh wow.... multi-party Floating Continent sounds like the most awesome thing ever.....
  3. That looks super interesting. Might actually look into a run through of that
  4. I really like mirage in the name, so I'm biased there but I'll spitball some ideas. Mirage Shroud. Mirage Mantle. Mirage Cloak. Veiled Garb.
  5. How difficult would it be to just trigger a random encounter each time someone takes the ferry between Nikeah and South Figaro in the World of Ruin after getting the Falcon? Have it take place underwater and you have an easy way to acquire the dance. Could even have some NPCs pointing to recent monster attacks on sea travel to lead players to it, making it a neat little hidden secret if you missed the dance in the WoB