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  1. There's a LOT I could say about this mod, but I'll just say this; Building three cohesive teams out of the (I feel) well balanced and now lovingly distinctive cast is the most fun I've had gaming in at least 10 years. To all of you involved... Thank You.
  2. Love this mod! I'm having difficulty getting rid of the sprite flicker issues that happen during things like spell animations. It almost looks like screen tearing on the spell effect sprites. I plan to add some screenshots to this thread tonight but I wanted to start a discussion about which emulator, which settings, etc... I've tested snes9x and bsnes, both have the issue. Enabling the remove sprite limit option in bsnes fixes the spells but causes other issues (jumping characters will show up on top of the menu/stats section of the screen in battles) Screenshots will help, but I wanted to ask, what emulator do we all use? Is this issue known? Are there some settings that I've overlooked that may fix it? I should also note that turning off PPU (fast video) in bsnes doesn't fix it either, and I've heard that turning off those enhancements is the closest thing we have to legit emulation. I'm stumped. Thank you to everyone involved in making this mod, the nostalgia factor... Edit: Should add that this is on a Windows 10 PC. Planning on getting this going on my Vita soon though =)