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  1. Hey all, Ansehelm here, Some of you may remember me from the old Insane Difficulty forums, where among other things, I intended to make a Final Fantasy Tactics 1.4: My vision has changed substantially since those days, as the mod I created took on several other influences, such as FFHacktics TLW hack, but it also retains a sizeable amount of the features that I found enjoyable from 1.3. Anyway, I've put a lot of work into this mod, and while it isn't 100% perfect, it's at the stage that I'm ready to have it beta tested as I prepare to add the finishing touches. So, for those who enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics, and especially for anyone who participated on the old forums, I'd live to have your input on it. I've just hosted it on the FFhacktics forums, so go ahead and take a look at it there.