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  1. Mana Battery can be boosted by Nirvana. Chakra cannot. Mana Battery ought to be significantly stronger than Chakra, but limited to only one person at a time. The amount of people who need MP support, however, is a concern. It's really only Relm, X-Locke, X-Mog, and Rerise Shadow who truly appreciate the help. Terra & Celes do prior to the Gem / Soul Box as well, but then they get it, and whelp, who cares. Also, no one loves X-Mog, so it's really only X-Locke, Relm, and Rerise Shadow, one of who is niche and the other who still technically has Osmose. (and, if its only one or two, just dedicate your Ether supply to them). *** To side-step into something else about Sabin, I've seen discussion recently regarding Sabin's frailty, slow speed as a healer, and endgame armors. So, quick points b/c I can't talk much right now: Mirage Vest Hard to obtain, less popular in use b/c its not clearly better than Dark Gear. Me and Vaylen discussed this a week ago. How about one of either A) one Mirage Vest can be obtained outside of the Colosseum, or B) Mirage Vest gets a vigor+ (+5 or +7), making it more desirable? It's got Mg.Eva+20, Spd+7, and auto-haste to make it desirable for a healer build, it's just so hard to obtain. Light Robe Sabin's got m.def armor, but it's only for the early WoR, and maybe not quite enough for the poor guy. Aesthetically, there ought to be a Force Robe of sorts, but we've got a Force Armor instead. One proposition here is for the Light Robe to provide one elemental resistance. The other proposition here is for the Force Armor to be the Force Robe instead. This hurts Edgar, Setzer, and Cyan, so something would have to be done for them to re-gain a magical armor. Thankfully, having both Diamond and Crystal Mail is redundant, so one of those can be re-designed into a mini magical armor of sorts. This gives Sabin a +70 mg.def, Resist Fire/Ice/bolt robe that has poor p.def and p.eva, favoring the back row, where stam Sabin wants to be. Slap a +5 or +7 stamina on it, and stam Sabin's got an armor that vig Sabin doesn't care for. Royal Jacket It'd be nice if Edgar had some reason for wanting to equip the Royal Jacket, especially if Sabin suddenly has other endgame armors he cares for equipping. Helmet Uh, probably nothing. stam Sabin's got Red Cap and Skull Cap, that's probably decent enough. It's a shame that vig Sabin's ultimate is the Tiger Mask, but that's not the current discussion, and as vig Sabin is rather awesome, let's drop this.
  2. Went into Mt. Zozo with spd Gau, stam Edgar, mag Relm, stam Setzer. Levels 24, 23, 21, 21 respectively. Crushed randoms with status and AoE. Ran from Colossus though. Wind Dragon was a slow fight, though I still won it comfortably in my first try. Gau raged Dragon, Relm & Setzer danced between supporting with heal / Rerise and attacking with Flare / GP Rain (and needed lots of MP support). Edgar pretended to be mag Edgar, lul. I....summoned Fenrir. Saved Gau & Relm the first few times, but then Edgar's Image never dissipated, so he was never able to Cover Gau or Relm. Had Palidor equipped, so no Golem summon. Oops? Still won, but it meant that Edgar's main use never came into play. Also, magic attacks chew through Edgar's HP rather quickly. Tbf, he didn't die, unlike everyone else. Relm died in one hit to Wind Claw counters. Should've gone and gained more levels with her. Flare isn't as strong as I remember; about same power as GP Toss. I presume I've been doing something wrong in my recent games for Flare to feel so weak. Either that or its the low level really weighing her down. Also forgot to learn RegenX before the fight. Oops. She spent a decent deal of time healing with Osmose, though only for 96 MP a pop. Setzer healed, threw money (ouch, my wallet!), spammed RegenX, and occasionally used Rerise and Bio. Had to be supported with a Mana Battery. Useful, though I wish I had more GP so I didn't feel so bad using GP Toss. Gau clocked Wind Dragon upside the head for 4400 a pop with his Rage, much more than Relm's & Setzer's 2800. Also moved much faster than them, so despite the random Glares, he was definitely my dps here. (Snow Muffler and a higher level helps a lot though). Seriously, Bone Club is absurd once its obtained. Hurtmore and Umaro are easily my strongest attacks right now, to a little bit of a ridiculous degree. (But Gau balance is another topic of discussion entirely, and we're all ready busy with stamina discussion over in the other topic). *** Next up is clearing Cyan's Soul. Going to actually grind up in the FT first for ELs and Levels. I am so not doing Cyan's Soul at levels in the low 20's. Afterwards, I'm esper resetting Edgar (to magic), Sabin (to Terrato), Cyan (vig + Alex), and Celes (Phantom + Alex).
  3. What about just having elementals use the same damage multiplier formula that everything else uses? Jump, Berserk, Morph, and all that?
  4. This. This so much. I'm so glad that someone else sees this issue. Sounds like the solution is a "global" nerf to healing, revival, item healing, and MP restoration capabilities?
  5. So, tl;dr, Mantra needs buffs and/or nerfs to other support characters, Chakra needs more viable uses, both Mantra and Chakra could be learned earlier, Fire Dance/Air Blade as stamina-based, possibly some better equipment for Sabin, most certainly more actually good universal uses for stamina (status reduction?), and possibly reminding people to not get too crazy with building stamina on Sabin.
  6. The biggest problem is that Ultima is, well, the ultimate black magic. Anime / jRPG logic dictates that this is given to the main character as their endgame "Super Saiyan" mode. So, it goes to Terra. Flipside of this argument is that a niche "ultimate" magic does not fit on the main character. Second problem is that ??? is self-harming, and Merton is party-harming. A natural progression of sort that Terra lacks, albeit, a progression kinda shoved into a back corner. (Since I suspect most people using Merton are also snagging lots of Flameguards, or at least, Fire immunities). On an unrelated note, I'll comment that "has potential to heal the party and damage the enemy on the same move" seems like a quirky magic more fitting for Strago or Mog. Especially Strago, with his slow speed. It kinda comes out of the blue with Celes, especially since ??? has no such functionality, and honestly, doesn't really hurt Celes too much. (Mind you, Flameguard x4 with Merton use is actually quite nice, so it's not like its bad on Celes. Just something somewhat different from how she's played throughout the rest of the game, requires some specfic set-up and party composition, and not really that useful until Soul Box is obtained b/c 80 MP).
  7. So, I got lost in all the hoop-la. Nothing can change with the implementation because of FFVI programming, did I hear right?
  8. It's late at night, but I know I won't fall asleep without responding to a balance discussion of BNW, so I'll be brief. It's far from my worst, but my brief is still other people's dissertations.
  9. Sorry for double post. 'Nother idea is to have weaknesses, resists, and nulls directly affect the damage multiplier in the damage formula. So, weakness is +2 multiplier, resist is -1, and null is -2. (Absorb doesn't fit here and we still need logic for having each element affect the damage multiplier). Now, all other damage multipliers (Morph, Jump, Berserk, Auto-Crit, Throw, Back Attack) also effect elemental damage. ... I'll shut up now.
  10. Another idea is to introduce: Absorb + Resist = Null Absorb + Neutral = Resist Absorb + Weak = Neutral More enemies can be hit by multi-elementals now. Otoh, elemental shields work less often. Most importantly is that Merton is only resisted by Flameguards without also equipping Wind resistance, making Merton even more very difficult to use with an even more questionable reward (good luck getting the team healed while you use Merton). A patch like this might require re-thinking elemental resists on gear, possibly re-evaluating what magics have what elements (looking at you, Merton).
  11. Thing is, the main randoms where you'd want to be using Merton, those in Kefka's, still resist Merton while having weaknesses to Ice and Bolt. It mostly gets benefits earlier in the WoR, where its MP cost and your own equipment still make it difficult to use (if you have it). Also makes it harder to defend against enemy Merton, like those Hell Angel randoms in Kefka's. Mog's really the only winner here. Rondo and Jazz work more often in important areas. I still like the concept. Also, Merton's a whole 'nother story from making multi-elemental attacks more useful.
  12. "Have to have Flameguards" was hyperbole. It is technically still usable. But Merton is losing more than its gaining, since team set-up becomes even stricter while who it gains damage against isn't the greatest list on the planet. Neverminding that Flameguard x4 is one of the, if not the, best way to use Merton anyways. Also, Merton hurts a lot more than Shock. Not saying I dislike the patch. I was excited at first too. I'm just uncertain of the benefits after looking over everything.
  13. Ah, forgot that they were null instead of absorb. Oops. >_< Still no new weaknesses, they just act like neutral elemental attacks on certain phases, though I guess they won't trigger counterattacks. Enemies still seem like the big winner here.
  14. So, giving it some thought, the benefits: Mog's Snowman Jazz will at least do neutral damage to all those Ice weak enemies that null Earth or Wind. (Atma, Behemoth, Brontasaurs, Tyranos, Land Worms, Chickenlip) Mog's Surge (Rondo mostly, but Jazz as well) will now do neutral damage to mechanical foes instead of being nulled Terra's Storm should never be nulled, except by Behemoths and Flans. Mind you, Hot Wheels and Low Riders are the only ones who will take neutral damage. Tritoch summon can work more often, though there's no new boss weaknesses to take advantage of. Celes' Merton can hurt more enemies, though it is still nulled by Ninjas, Flans, Hot Wheels, and Fidor. The enemies it now does neutral damage to are Mammoths, Low Riders, Mantodeas, Bears, Dragonflies, and Rabbits. Raze shouldn't be nulled except by Flans. It now does neutral damage to Tapdancers, Ninjas, Rain Men, Mechanix, and Lvl.3 Mage. Gau's "Rain" and "Volt" attacks are less likely to be nulled. Didn't evaluate when or where. Wherever I'm saying "should never be nulled," mind you, it can still be absorbed. Who absorbs it hasn't changed at all. Is that it for double and triple elemental attacks? (Seems like Mog, at least, used to have more). On the other hand, equipment that nulls elements (Muffler, Minerva, Jacket, Rage Belt, Blizzard Orb) now may simply resist while equipment that resists elements (Force, Hides, Gold, Diamond, Crystal, Tiger, Gaia) may now do nothing. Important abilities to watch out for are Storm, Merton, Raze, Sand Storm, Rain (Acid, Flash, Firestorm), Volts (Giga, Mega), Virite, Blizzard, and Surge. ********************** ********************** ********************** Seems like the real winner here is the enemy instead of the player. Gear that merely resists - like all of the Hides, the higher tier heavy armors, and the Force Armor - now does nothing against Storm, Merton, Flash Rain, Giga Volt, Virite, and Blizzard. The null gears at least still provide resistances against those moves. Also, Merton now has to have 4x Flameguards in order to be usable. Your precious null gear (Jacket, Muffler, Minerva) now merely resists. The only player character that seems to win at all is Mog.
  15. So, no new weaknesses, and absorbs still happen, but stuff like Merton, Raze, Storm, and Tritoch are less likely to be nulled or resisted.
  16. I could see Poison weakness without low mg.def. Probably necessary to prevent X-Dark from being too strong. Shell seems unnecessary. Raze and X-Dark should easily overpower Flare with just a Poison weakness. X-Dark may very well break the damage cap. Granted, Relm can very well use the Punisher rod to also do strong damage (and Mog can use X-Bio), but that's probably a bit more niche than Strago just flinging a strong magical attack.
  17. OK, so, uh, add Reflect to the list of strategies for handling Atma. >_> Probably better than Rerise spam anyways. Though you're still using status immune relics. : p
  18. Sorry for upsetting you if I did.
  19. So, to defend @GeradFigaro a bit: Atma DOES force you to either Buy status immunity relics for everyone Bring Mog for Harvester Spam Rerise, probably with at least two people. Of the four options, two cannot use Rerise without a hidden relic Without any of these, defeating Atma's second phase does come down to rng. While there's a lot going on that make him overwhelming (Flare Star, Mind Blast, Glare, re-buffing himself), I think one key problem is that there are simply very few ways to handle Mind Blast. (Ya'll know my shpiel on status defense in this game boiling down to relics & Harvester instead of stamina. This is perhaps the defining proof of my stance.) New players simply have no way to know that they must buy lots of status immunity relics back on Tzen or bring along Mog; I certainly didn't the first time, and Atma wiped me four times. OTOH, once I knew his gimmick (status immunities), he's been a chump ever since, excepting for when I decide to dork around with him. Myria's a chump too now. Atma (and Myria), in this way, are like some of the dragons (looking at you, Fire and Ice). They're gear checks. If you've got the right armor or relics, he's a chump. Otherwise, he's likely a Game Over. Other bosses are easier with the right set-up, but it's not quite so night-and-day as it is with these guys. As far as I see, that seems to be Gerad's main complaint when it comes to "an optimal party being required", and it's a complaint that I and others have made before. *** On the issue of Hidon, much as I dislike him losing his undead theme, I think becoming susceptible to Raze with a low mg.def might help a lot in taking him down quickly. Strago is forced here, will finally have some proper means of offense against the guy (haha, Blaze), and it'll do even more damage than a weakness normally does. OTOH, Gerad, one reason BTB has given for making bosses bulky is so that they have time to properly execute their full AI script, possibly execute it multiple times in the fight. This is to avoid any fight becoming rng-based. Too much HP is a common complaint, and Hidon's been one of the traditional jerks about it. Hopefully Raze hurting the guy will fix that somewhat. .... ... *** Actually, @BTB, since Hidon is no longer undead, might I suggest another weakness besides the all-too-common Fire element, as well as Celes' Holy? Perhaps something tailored to Strago, such as Water or Poison? Poison element has the same effect of making Raze useful and while also rewarding X-Dark use for those who went to Ancient Castle first. It's Strago's enemy, let him beat Hidon up. That, and Fire weakness with low mg.def is just begging for Locke to murder Hidon with X-Fire3, when this ought to be the battle where Strago's X-Magic shines, not Locke's.
  20. The WoR bumps all characters up to at least level 18, if that's one of your concerns about new characters joining. Beginning game enemies change their script past about level 7 or 10, so that, when you meet them again later in the game (Three Scenarios, grabbing Mog after IMF), they pose at least somewhat of a threat. I...I have to ask. Why did you grind so high? FYI, the level cap is 50, but the the end dungeon was designed to be beaten comfortably at levels 30-35. So you've got plenty of room to grind out a few extra levels and remain above the "level" curve without getting to super high level. (Level 17 is Floating Continent level, 12 levels ahead of where you should be.)
  21. OK, so, before heading into Mt. Zozo, let's actually grind up magic points for Setzer and Relm so that they actually have their WoR magics. Which means killing Doom Gaze and obtaining Heiji's Coin. Heiji's Coin was simple. Setzer just cast regen on himself and slowly wittled the foe down with Dice. Think I had Seraph equipped for some sort of immunity, and that was it. As for Doom Gaze, I took Umaro, vig Mog, mag Strago, and HP/MP Terra mag Strago was really just there for support. Considered Gogo to have a Chakra and a spare Life 2 user, but I don't need Chakra for Doom Gaze and he's got too little MP for Life 2. (Probably still would've been a fine choice though). Managed to get some use out of the Sage Stone with X-Slow and X-Shell. No damage though. (X-Ice2 was his best option, at 2800 damage to the 4k+ everyone else was doing). Got a nice Tritoch summon with Terra for 7k+ damage (to Fire 3's 4k+). Also, Life 2 proved useful when Doom decided to laugh at my characters. She also dodged two bullets (Aero and Bolt 2) after being revived at 1 HP from eating her own Doom. vig Mog did vig Mog stuff. Flew around in the sky with a flaming spear, did damage, got wrecked with Bolt damage, got used as a battering ram by Umaro for 9999, etc, etc. Mog stuff. Umaro face tanked everything, did Bodyguard stuff once, and threw a few characters for big damage. *** Grinded Setzer and Relm up, so when I next play, its Mt. Zozo time. Complete with killing the Wind Dragon. Umaro's nice right now. Halved effectiveness on HP espers means his HP advantage is unchallenged. Also, his level advantage is a lot more useful when things are harder.
  22. Honestly, I'm not seeing the ubiquity of Genji that you see. I've often tried to avoid Genji because I view other endgame armor as superior. The lack of magic defense and elemental resistances / immunities hurts. Its bad enough that even for people like vig Cyan, I'd consider taking the Force Armor over Genji. Course, some of that is that I tend to abuse Image tactics lategame, so I value magic defense quite highly. Also, again, for heavy armor characters, endgame armors are just Genji and Force. Crystal, if you want to be cute. So unless you want to argue for Light Robe, Crystal Armor, Dark Gear, etc, as being endgame armors, I find it hard to wrap my head around Genji being ubiquitous when, for most users, there's little choice to begin with. I can see arguments for a buffed Mirage (+vigor), a more easily obtained Mirage, perhaps an earlier Minerva, so as to create more diversity. Not buying any changes to Genji itself though. Not when it has clearly defined and meaningful weaknesses, and not when alternative options exist and, if found wanting, have clearly defined buffs that would make them more appealing over Genji.
  23. -3 speed and no evasion on Genji brings it in line with the other heavy armors, but I argue is unnecessary. The other heavies have significantly more magic defense as well as various elemental resistances. As far as I see we all agree that Genji is fine for the armor users. It's hardly op on them. So changing both Genji and Mirage seems like overkill. Auto-Image is too much with the +20 evade methinks. Said character becomes a dodging beast in randoms, on top of the 100+ evade. I think auto-haste utility has been well argued. Spoony, Sabin's magic blitzes need a lot more than just magic+ to be useful.
  24. Hmm, I find Locke the least susceptible to an untimely death from a physical. There may be a build difference here. I like stacking Phoenix ELs on my fighter Locke, ignoring Ifrit, alongside equipping the Genji Shield for auto-Safe. With that bulk and 100+ evade from everything he's equipping, I'm normally more concerned about his mg.def. Which is something the Mirage Vest would help out with with its +20 mg.eva. It's just a hard trade to make at the Colosseum to get one and I'm losing vigor doing so. For Locke, at least, the only recommendation I'd give for Mirage Vest would be +3 or +5 vigor. The extra vigor would also make it more desirable for all-in glass cannon Locke set-ups. I'm not supportive of HP+ or MP+ on Vest. Sabin & Gau all ready have HP+ options and have no need of MP+. Locke has a personal HP/MP equipment in the Phoenix equip, Sage Stone, and Rogue Cloak anyways. Shadow's meant to be frail and has little need for an MP booster. For Sabin, Royal Jacket's HP+ is really hard to beat, seeing as how Sabin's defense is in stacking lots and lots of HP. Jacket's also giving +20 p.evade, better p.def, Fire immunity, and +5 vigor. Mirage Vest's only advantage here is the +20 mg.eva and the speed... Oh, WOW, Mirage Vest's defensive attributes are horrid. It's like the Chocobo Hide, just with an extra 10 in each evade instead of a couple of resistances. With defenses that low, I think I support giving Mirage Vest +7 vigor. Might give Gau and Shadow an actual reason to equip it. Vigor+ aside, another option for Mirage Vest is to give it a quirky elemental immunity. While Gau won't care and I'm unsure how it'll affect Sabin, Locke & Shadow have little else in terms of magical bulk besides the Lazy Shell. Counter-argument is that the Vest is all ready giving +20 mg.eva and so said immunity might be over-buffing the Vest if it's also getting +vigor (which it should).