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  1. Something to consider is that the Mirage Vest is also supposed to be an endgame equipment for Sabin and Gau. For Gau, Locke, and Shadow, yeah, auto-haste is more of a nicety rather than a real selling point, though Locke likes it a little more than the other two. For Sabin, it's more interesting, though it has to compete with Royal Jacket's HP+, which is really, really nice in terms of keeping Sabin alive (also gives vig+, IIRC). I'm not sure I'd want to lower Genji's evade. Remember that Genji must also be balanced for heavy armor front-row characters, to whom the extra evade isn't a bad thing.
  2. Restricting Genji to heavy only means that Shadow and Locke lose out on equipment options, without really changing how the other six users work. Might I counter-propose that Mirage Vest gives +3 or +5 vigor, perhaps with at least one Mirage Vest obtainable without the Colosseum? The former is more important I suspect, since it makes Mirage Vest strictly better than the Dark Gear, while reducing the argument for Genji down to Stamina and P.Def, instead of Vigor as well. The latter would be nice, but I'm not qualified to say if it's strictly necessary. I agree, Dark's a bad ultimate magic.
  3. Refract is a solid support spell, as is Holy Wind, though the former means you're using physical glass cannons and the latter is a little niche. Numerically, I don't think you can balance a magic both with and without X-Magic, especially for a magic gained so late. You can change Dark to another element, but what's the benefit? You're still just casting a level 2 magic at endgame foes. Also, we don't want every character having every element. (Looking at you, Mog). There's a Minerva in Kefka's. Mirage Vest, otoh, is Colosseum only. OK, for Genji, build wise: For vig Terra, Minerva has elemental immunities and Dark Gear has +5 speed. Both important points over Genji. Especially for glass cannon set-ups (Morph), where you'll rely more on Image support for physical defense. mag Terra wants Force Armor stam Terra wants Genji, fair enough. All manner of vig Lockes, iunno, I'm fine with Dark Gear. I find stacking evasion to be more effective than stacking p.def, provided the character has "enough" HP and p.def, which Locke does. mag Locke wants Lazy Shell Kirin Locke, yeah, wants Genji vig Edgar wants Genji mag Edgar wants Force vig Celes and mag Celes are same as Terra, though Genji is a better argument on vig Celes b/c of raw HP for Cover (and for ???) Cyan may very well use Force to defend against magic attacks, since his mg.def is so low (no shield). Genji is his offensive option. stam Cyan has enough bulk to just equip Genji anyways (that, and it yields a stronger Dragon and higher Cover%) Shadow's equipping Genji, Dark, or Lazy, though unlike Locke, I don't trust Shadow to not die from a stray breeze when stacking evade, so Genji probably wins mag Setzer probably wants Force Armor stam Setzer "wants" Genji, unless he seriously needs Force Armor's mg.def vig Mog wants Genji mag Mog....>_>...probably uses any number of armors, depending on the exact build The new vig / stam interaction with counterattacks is something I hadn't considered before (played too many games in previous versions). That does swing things a bit towards Genji for physical attackers, whereas before, I found few of them actually using Genji. Though I'm only counting 4 builds to whom Genji is set in stone (the two Omega users and the two Dragoons). Do consider, though, that there's only two real endgame heavy armors: Genji and Force. And Force is clearing winning whenever magic power or magic defense are desired, the latter being especially important in some endgame battles. I could see an argument for maybe lowering the stam+ on Genji and re-balancing and/or re-distributing Mirage Vest. (Not so sure on re-distributing Minerva). Otherwise, the only solution would be to create a new armor to create more build options endgame. Honestly, I think build variety in the late WoB / early WoR is more of a concern rather than that.
  4. Ease of obtaining Genji Armor is an interesting point, though I don't think it's too dramatic except in the case of the Mirage Vest and Minerva. Minerva is meant to be endgame; I think its supposed to be slightly op? The Mirage Vest especially is rather hard to obtain while not exactly being super amazing for those who can equip it. (Gau & Sabin want HP+, Locke & Shadow have enough speed, Shadow has HasteX anyways; though the mg.eva+ is very interesting). Assuming your doing things in the "normal order", you'll get a Snow Muffler and possibly at least one Force Armor shortly after you've "gotten both" Genjis. Wind Dragon's also not too bad to kill early, so that's another Force Armor. Eh, iunno Vaylen. It seems not too difficult to have both Force Armors about the same time as both Genjis. For Mog, the Muffler should come around the same time to. I will, however, grant that the Mirage Vest is an utter pain to get with small reward, which means Locke & Shadow either take Genji, Dark Gear, or equip the Lazy Shell. On another note, you're not the first person to note that only X-Locke feels particularly solid. That's how it's been for a long time now. X-Mog is sorta coming around as of 1.9, but he's not quite there yet. (Non-elemental Quake when?). I'm not sold on stamina Dark. I'd like stamina to actually be a useful defensive stat, instead of just being a third attack stat (vigor and magic being the other two). Stamina's mediocre as a defensive stat right now outside of Cover and some heals / Chakra, but I'd still like to fix that problem, instead of completely giving up on stamina. Tbf, the only alternative I have to suggest is to slightly raise Dark's power but significantly raise its MP cost. The other X-Mages are damage spikers who can't sustain their elemental barrage for too long, so why not move Dark in that direction as well? For the magical equivalent to Cyan, Strago's missing a real dps magic, so his best builds tend to be supporter builds with back-up aoe magic or elemental sniping. (Either that, or Punisher Black Belt Strago, but that's still kinda the same thing as well, just more MP efficient and with potential for crazy counterattack shenanigans). It'd help differentiate Dark from Raze and Black Omen, and Locke's X-Fire3 shows that there's room in BNW for absurd elemental damage striking a weakness.
  5. Being fair, X-Dark has its uses. Namely: Hitting a Poison weakness hard. (Holy Dragon, Stooges, Wallchange, Ninjas and Maidens in Kefka's Tower Hurting a foe with low mg.def (Asura, assuming you know which path to send Strago down; Ogre Nix random in Kefka's Tower) Strago's highest damage option for counter-script foes (Kefka) It has it's uses. It's just not a "general-purpose magical damage option" for Strago like you expect from such a late-game spell. 72 BPow is about the same as the elemental Level 2 spells or like Elf Fire and Plasma. Even with X-Magic and a high magic stat, that's just not enough damage outside of specific situations to warrant using over Black Omen, especially since X-Dark requires an otherwise rather mediocre relic that could instead be used for something better. (IIRC, it's about 3/4 as powerful as Cyan's Tempest) Also, depending on playstyle or when you get it, you may never even see its niche.
  6. One downside to the Genji is its low magic defense and lack of any special bonuses. Force Armor grants a nice boost to magic and significantly stronger mg.def, alongside Fire/Ice/Bolt resists. Minerva grants a nice mix of def & mg.def and immunity to said three elements. Snow Muffler grants very nice balanced defenses alongside Ice/Wind immunity and an HP+. For Locke and Shadow, Dark Gear has the vigor+ alongside speed+ and evasion+; Mirage Vest loses the vigor+ but grants auto-haste. For Shadow, there's also a hidden stealable armor that may or may not be good depending on your playstyle. Genji is good, but I think it's only really a "definitive" equip for Edgar, Cyan, and Setzer. As for Dark, I'll refrain from going to much into it (I'm...infamous sometimes for my opinions >_>). Suffice to say, I think that it's highly niche as a spell outside of a few specific instances thanks to Raze & Black Omen (or even the more niche Punisher Rod), even assuming the Sage Stone. It's not possible to balance Dark for non X-Magic builds so long as Raze exists, and Raze is just too useful of as spell for Strago throughout the WoR to axe it. Also, the Fire/Poison dual element is unique, something I'd rather not see disappear.
  7. I ought try this sometime
  8. I recommend digging up the alternate sprite patches for Terra and Celes, even for a new player. >_> A general ought be wearing armor, not some weird whatever.
  9. No, they give the reported HP. I'm just agreeing with Deschain that it should be reverted to normal, since double enemy speed is bad enough.
  10. Some games, I feel like Chupon and the IAF are the real bosses of the Floating Continent, not Atma.
  11. Pretty much. Nostalgia can be very strong in the video game community. I'm not innocent either.
  12. ??? I'm having trouble understanding what you are referencing here? Are you jabbing at BNW, referencing Ted Woolsey's SNES translation, referencing the GBA translation, referencing a "more faithful fan translation" of the original japanese script, ???
  13. Muddle resistance without Berserk resistance I think is possible via the Siren esper and some of Gau's rages. Not a terribly useful fact to make use of, as Gau will be using the Dragon Rage anyways and Edgar shouldn't berserk. So, it's only a quark available for berserk Celes strategies with Illumina or something.
  14. Yeah, bad rng. BNW changed it such that the good fish heal Cid up faster. The rng of what fish you get is unchanged.
  15. I, too, wouldn't mind a script with the better story but without the references. That said, I have no motivation to do so, and I suspect most people complaining simply want the script to be exactly as they remember from childhood, so, meh.
  16. 100% Counter can be reached at, what, 96 stamina? Cover will never reach 100%, as it's a fraction out of 192, and, well, there's a hard cap of 128. Most characters struggle to even hit 90. Stamina isn't completely trash, but unlike the other stats, it's "general purpose mechanics for all characters" aren't really much of any good. There effect is just too small and too niche; you can do basically the same thing on another build for the same character (see: Thamasa Duo, Gau). It's more something you build if said character has specific stamina-based mechanics that are good. Pretty much, that means either the character has a stamina-based attack or heal, or that the character is a good user of Cover and Counter. The stamina-based damage builds can prove tricky to balance vs. their more straightforward counterparts (see: Terra, Cyan, Setzer). Battle Power affects Bushido 1, 3, 4, and 7, aka, Cyan's "hit you upside the head with a sword" bushidos. Whereas his fancy magic bushidos or insta-death bushido ignore Battle Power.
  17. Magic damage formulas has level in it, physical damage formula has level squared in it. Sorry, no test dummy enemy. I've generally just calculated everything from using Excel for the past however many years I've been part of this mod's community. Has lead to the discovery of at least one major bug regarding the actual damage formula in the game. Yes, evasion is out of 128. Something unmentioned is that, because Defense, Evasion, and Stamina are all fractions, it also means that each point is worth more the more you have. For example, if you have 100 mg.def (so, taking 60% magical damage), in order to half the magical damage you are currently taking (30% damage), you need to get to 175 mg.def. However, if you are at 200 mg.def (20%), then you only need to get to 225 mg.def to half the damage you are taking (10%). So...75 points of mg.def in one case vs. 25 in the other case. In other words, Defense, Evasion, and Stamina are best when stacked. Stamina, I contend, still struggles to be more than a filler stat, despite all that's been done for it throughout BNW's life. Stuff like Cover, Counter, or the character specific stuff might be useful, but a some of the other stuff (magic damage variance, sap/poison damage, status evasion) are still kinda just "meh", even when stacked.
  18. Am I the only one not bothered by the level of emo Celes showed in older versions of BNW?
  19. Eh...hmm....generally Mt. Zozo, Owzer's, and Veldt Cave can be seen as first. After that, Phoenix Cave and Narshe. Afterwards, Cyan's Soul, Cave to the Ancient Castle, and Ebot's. End with Fanatics', then Kefka's. That third section is really iffy, based more on aesthetic "feel" rather than any real difficulty or story progression. Gogo's has very difficult foes, but is short with very good rewards.
  20. At level 30, 20 extra vigor or magic roughly means about 1000 more damage with an endgame attack. This exact number changes based on enemy defenses, weaknesses, or certain moves like Cyan's Tempest. For speed, there should be a quantification in the Readme. Something like slow characters having about 4 moves to the 5 moves normal characters get, 6 moves that fast ones get, and 7 moves that Shadow the Hedgehog (100+ speed) gets. Defense is a fraction. You take [ (255 - Def) / 256 ] % of whatever damage you take. 255 defense means no damage, 0 defense means even little rabbits will mess you up. Now, what that means for each individual enemy attack or any of the inbetween numerical values for Defense, well.....>_> And, stamina, the Readme and/or just ignore stamina. >_>
  21. I generally start at 18. Others might start at 20.
  22. Shadow learns Rerise through a "hidden" relic. More importantly, for Atma, you either want to equip as much status immunity relics as possible (buy them in Tzen), or bring along Mog for Forest Suite. These are your two methods of shutting down Mind Blast and Glare, which should be sufficient to get control of Atma's Phase 2. I understand potential frustrations with having to jump off the FC because one didn't know that one needed a specific set up to deal with Atma. : / High encounter rate is something that the peogramming team keeps trying to fix. Currently, the implemented fix is not working as intended. It is easier to save Cid than in vanilla. As for the ending FC sequence, that, IIRC, isn't totally dissimilar to what happened in vanilla. IIRC, she had that emo side in the vanilla game to.
  23. About level 10 for Zozo. Perhaps around 15 by the time you finish the Factory. 20 for the Floating Continent. You shoukd be entering Kefka's Tower at about level 30. You're overleveled. Tbf, the Cave to the Sealed Gate is also kinda easy. But you are overleveled.
  24. Gogo's Cavern: (Vig Celes, Vig Sabin, Mag Strago, Umaro) Zone Eater? Easy peasy. Just have Umaro and Ocean Sabin rip him a new one Randoms? Sigh. First time, died right before save point to a Shinobi / Ogor / O-Bake combo. Didn't have any Warp Whistles, got status controlled to death. Second time, died the very first random. Wart Puck's Quartr followed by Ogor 3x attack "Oh, I'm sorry, is your whole team dead without chance to do anything? Here, we'll put Sabin to sleep as well." - _ - Umaro has 90 stamina. Does that do jack-all guarding against Ogor's Zombie Strike? Nope. Umaro got Zombie'd more often than not, and a Zombie Umaro is an instant Warp Whistle. (I officially give up trying to rely on stamina for status evasion. Time to go buy a full set of status immune relics). This on top of my usual "Someone got Muddled first thing in a random, let's just Warp Whistle and ignore this random" Oh, and I still hate those buggers on the stupid bridges. I want to fight an enjoy the battles here. I really do. But, like Fanatics', this is the one area where, more often than not, I just Warp Whistle. ***** In brighter news: Bodyguard Umaro works nice. Overleveled Yeti does a great job protecting the party. Shame he got Zombie'd so often. Dunno which version it happened in, but I like being able to Stop undead. There were a number of Ogor fights I could win simply because of Strago's Stop. Also liked being able to Mute those stupid dancers. Celes' Kusarigama got to show its face again. It's actually not terribly much stronger than the Rune Edge against high defense foes and lacks stats, but doesn't drain MP. Hmm.... (+HP% on flails? Would give Strago an actual reason to equip them. It's a spitball) The only real unstoppable random here was O-Bake / Shinobi / Ogor. Ninjas are dangerous, even when berserked; Ogor can potentially ruin a fight before he can be Stopped; and O-Bake has Discord, plus he can't really be dealt with until the other two are handled. Most the other randoms can be dealt with via status control before they get out of hand. The Wart Puck / Ogor cheap shot was a stroke of bad luck. Don't take this the wrong way, as this still is one of the most dangerous WoR dungeons. ***** Now, off to recruit Cyan, and then to clear his Soul so that I can respec for Phantom Celes and Terrato Sabin.
  25. Forgot about the Aegis Shield, another piece of auto-haste equipment. Oops. >_<