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  1. Mod Updates

    Here you go. Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 4 - UNDUB - HardType v1.2 Let me know how it works.
  2. Mod Updates

    I haven't checked, however it is very unlikely that it would. I might be able to port the mod to the UNDUB version.
  3. Mod Updates

    Thanks again! If I recall correctly the pause screen freeze is an emulation issue (although I could be mistaken). I'm self-taught so I have no real background in coding.
  4. Mod Updates

    The No Exp patch you posted is identical to the original. Were there any problems using the No Exp patch by itself? Or were there only problems when combining it with the HardType patch?
  5. Mod Updates

    Thanks, the patch seems to work perfectly, so I will include it in the next update. If you'd like to do the No Exp Patch I'll include that in the next update as well. I haven't tried compiling starwin's tool. I'll definitely take a look at the other two as well. Thanks again!
  6. Mod Updates

    MysticLord, I use Linux and haven't had any success getting that program to run. If you'd like to post a corrected version of the patch, that would be appreciated.
  7. Mod Updates

    Yeah, I found Billy a bit too slow for that fight, which is why I decided to try Maria. While she is incredible slow she can also kill Miang fairly easily (if she stays alive long enough to get the chance). I added a Frame HP30 to Weltall, a Frame HP10 to Brigandier, and removed the Frame HP30 from Heimdal. I just finished testing Calamity with a variant of the afore mentioned strategy (taking into account the Frame HPs) and beat him fairly easily. So that fight should be fine now. Xenogears - HardType v4.2 (PSX)
  8. Mod Updates

    Thanks. The issue with Calamity is that if you conserve fuel he will eventually wear down your HP. On the other hand, if you go all out, you will run out of fuel several power level one attacks short of defeating him. The key is to note that as his HP gets lower the odds of him using his ether attack increases. His normal attacks aren't much of a threat if you use Wild Smile. If I recall correctly, the basic strategy is to build up to power level two, use a power level one attack, build back up to power level two, and then use charge. Do this twice for both Fei and Bart, at which point you should be in good shape on fuel. Once a character gets near half HP then use the booster. Try to keep your power level at two (in case you need to charge) and only use power level one attacks until you are close to the end of the fight (unless you think that character may die on the next turn), then finish Calamity off with a pair of power level two attacks. IF (and I stress “if”) I recall correctly that should give you a very good chance against Calamity. Those fights with Fei and Citan were some of the hardest in the game. There was a viable strategy for them but I honestly don't recall what is was. I should move the Frame HP30 to Weltall. However, I have tested the Gebler forces fight with Magnetic Coats and even Resp Circuits. It can be won that way (not that I would recommend it). Anything other than a Frame HP30 just creates unnecessary problems. The Graff fight was balanced around a high speed sandbagging setup or a damage nuking setup with Maria (or a hybrid of the two). I believe I found a few other setups that worked as well. Power Crisis was likely one of them.
  9. Mod Updates

    Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 4 - HardType v1.2 This patch is a difficulty modification for the PS2 NTSC-U version of Persona 4. Enemy HP, Str, and Mag have been increased. Some enemies have a higher level. Enemies provide less experience and yen. Re-balanced persona and enemy skills. Skill Attack Power Bash - 60 Cleave - 65 Skewer - 70 Sonic Punch - 75 Double Fangs - 40 Single Shot - 85 Arm Chopper - 40 Hysterical Slap - 45 Poison Skewer - 60 Skull Cracker - 60 Muzzle Shot - 60 Assault Dive - 100 Twin Shot - 50 Kill Rush - 45 Cell Breaker - 80 Brain Shake - 55 Power Slash - 120 Cruel Attack - 120 Fatal End - 125 Black Spot - 130 Poison Arrow - 130 Mighty Swing - 135 Torrent Shot - 45 Tempest Shot - 90 Gigantic Fist - 330 Vile Assault - 350 Rainy Death - 390 Brave Blade - 700 God's Hand - 800 Primal Force - 920 Heaven's Blade - 1100 Gale Slash - 80 Rampage - 40 Swift Strike - 65 Herculean Strike - 90 Mind Slice - 90 Crazy Chain - 90 Seal Bomb - 90 Atom Smasher - 50 Mustard Bomb - 110 Navas Nebula - 110 Heat Wave - 125 Blade of Fury - 25 Virus Wave - 90 Vicious Strike - 140 Deathbound - 145 Arrow Rain - 80 Aeon Rain - 90 Blight - 130 Myriad Arrows - 75 Akasha Arts - 150 Agneyastra - 120 Vorpal Blade - 400 Hassou Tobi - 35 Pralaya - 2200 Agi - 40 Maragi - 40 Agilao - 100 Maragion - 100 Agidyne - 320 Maragidyne - 320 Ragnarok - 720 Bufu - 40 Mabufu - 40 Bufula - 100 Mabufula - 100 Bufudyne - 320 Mabufudyne - 320 Niflheim - 720 Zio - 40 Mazio - 40 Zionga - 100 Mazionga - 100 Ziodyne - 320 Maziodyne - 320 Thunder Reign - 720 Garu - 40 Magaru - 40 Garula - 100 Magarula - 100 Garudyne - 320 Magarudyne - 320 Panta Rhei - 720 Megido - 120 Megidola - 180 Megidolaon - 420 Black Viper - 880 Morning Star - 880 Note: Attack power uses the square root (i.e. Blade of Fury = 5 per hit, Vorpal Blade = 20). Further Note: Elemental bonuses (boost, amp, and accessories) stack multiplicatively and cap at ~x1.875. v1.2 Changes altered all enemies tweaked the final boss, the reaper, and margaret buffed enemies in yomotsu hirasaka and increased their experience and yen removed experience from free bambinos increased experience from great kings v0.7 Changes altered enemies up to the escapist soldier v0.6 Changes altered enemies up to the momentary child v0.5 Changes altered enemies up to the intolerant officer v0.2 Changes re-balanced abilities
  10. Mod Updates

    I believe the base alterations for enemies are something like HP x2 and Attack x1.5 (some enemies have higher or lower stat alterations as needed for the sake of balance). Originally the damage ranges for non-physical attacks were increased as well, but the end result of that was not very amusing. Basically, enemies that used non-physical abilities could consistently out-damage the party's healing capabilities in the first half of the game (which made the game nearly impossible). Instead, I gave additional MP, Agility, and Defense buffs to most enemies that use non-physical attacks. I would like to overhaul non-physical abilities, then compensate by increasing healing, tweaking physical abilities, and overhauling equipment. However, that would take quite a while, and likely will not happen. As it stands, the mod is pretty basic, but if you're looking for a challenge (albeit a grindy one) then it can be fun.
  11. Mod Updates

    Glad to hear it. People generally hate that mod. I, probably, should have written a tutorial on how to beat Calamity, given that it is RNG heavy and a bit counter-intuitive. Post-Calamity, I should've pointed out that using two Old Circuits and a Frame HP makes you basically indestructible (in gear form) until about half way through the Tower of Babel. As far as the Xenosaga HardTypes are concerned, there are a few issues. Xenosaga I is good other than the final boss. I've had major problems getting that fight to work properly, but other than that it is quite enjoyable. Oh, and sub-weapons are a bit under-powered. Xenosaga II... man, I haven't played that game in a long time. If I recall, there are two version of the mod. One is normal difficulty, one is hard difficulty. The normal one is good for people who haven't played the game before and would like a challenge. The hard version is brutal at times. Particularly on disc 1. Some of the fights seem borderline impossible. The last time I played through it, I think on a few occasions I was literally screaming profanities at myself for making the game too difficulty. Also, some of the new healing spells can't be cast out of combat, which is annoying. That said, the ability re-balances make combat far more enjoyable overall (in my opinion). Xenosaga III, I love this game. Prior to the latest release, it suffered from the same issue a Xenosaga I. However, in version 1.6, I finally got Zarathustra working correctly. The difficulty of this mod is largely dependent on how familiar you are with it (which is to say that it is based on strategy and not the RNG). On my last playthrough, I believe the only game overs I had were from fighting Sigma. On my first playthrough I had dozens and dozens of game overs (particularly in E.S. fights on Abel's Ark and Michtam). There's nothing like sinking 45 minutes into a boss fight, just to have the boss go crazy and kill you when he is almost dead. Well, at least those fights have great music. I do often go back and play older mods. When playing through them again I tend to make little tweaks as needed (both with my mods and other people's). Sadly, I'm not in great health right now, which is why I'm trying to finally finish up my Persona 4 (I adore the Persona games) mod. I've written it up from scratch about a half-dozen times, but I keep scrapping it for various reasons. Thankfully, it should be done in a day or two. If you have some changes you'd like to see in my other mods, make a list. I'll get to it as soon as I'm done with Persona 4. You would be doing me a favor, as it would give me something to do, and help keep my mind off of things.
  12. Mod Updates

    Xenosaga - Episode III - Also sprach Zarathustra - HardType v1.6 (PS2) The first link is the HardType mod for the original version of the game. The second link is the HardType mod for the Completely Uncensored hack of Xenosaga III. Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King - HardType v1.3 (PS2) Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 4 - HardType v1.2 (PS2) The first link is the HardType mod for the original version of the game. The second link is the HardType mod for the UNDUB hack of Persona 4. Xenogears - HardType v4.2 (PSX) Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType v4.9.1 (PSX)