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  1. Thanks, this helped a lot.
  2. Gogo was 22 upon finding him, so I think the averaging theory was correct. Guess I shouldn't have gotten Mog in WoB after all.
  3. I'm having a very tough time getting blitzes to go off consistently. Is there a way to edit the inputs?
  4. Ahh, I thought I read that new characters have their levels averaged. Celes was 18 when I went to the World of Ruin and remained 18.
  5. Think it's better to recruit Mog in the World of Ruin if I don't care about having all of his dances and don't want to use him yet? Figure he might end up at a higher level if I take this approach.
  6. This response of hers is nonsensically snippy and callous. What was the reasoning here? Locke's new line doesn't make sense either. Locke had never met Celes prior to rescuing her, so what sense does it make for him to say "I saved you because I didn't want to stand by and lose someone I love again"?