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  1. I'm seeing a recurring error. The quote bar on posts are like in the middle of posts. Here, let me link a screen shot. I use chrome.
  2. I actually like it too. Finished it up a while ago. Your mod and Unprecedented Crisis both make me like FF4 a little less.
  3. Will it go into effect on next update?
  4. Ah, okay. Thanks for the answer.
  5. Really interesting mod, so I went to try and patch it up. The file size I have is 4,270,227,456 bytes/3.97 gb, but the patcher gave me this: An error has occurred: xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT. What size should it be?
  6. It's only crazy if you fail and you keep trying. Mod is wildly succeeding, in my opinion. You don't get to escape to an asylum just yet, I'm afraid. By the way, why'd you guys change the life and phoenix down the way you did? To make the potions healing to percentages more useful? Or some other balance change I can't wrap my head around right now.
  7. Your dedication to this mod is still amazing to see.
  8. Hope you have fun here.
  9. Equipping Charlie and Angela through the top middle inventory screen did it, thanks. I think I might've gotten an old version of the mod, though. Charlie has Holy Ball, which I remember reading a few posts up that you didn't want her to have before her class split? Edit: Huh, it says it's version 0.925 though...
  10. Were there things on there that needed linking? Outside of the mods themselves. Was there some that won't be able to come onto this site?
  11. I reached Maia and all the level one accessories/rings are available for purchase on Kevin. Angela and Charlie can't equip their own accessories, but Kevin can equip all of them.
  12. Cool beans, thanks for the reminder there.
  13. I'm restarting the game after a minute of not dabbling in it. I keep pressing the b button with a full tech bar, but I'm not firing off a tech. I hold it down and I run around just fine though.
  14. For the elements on everything notion, will we be getting a free scan spell? Everything having resistances sounds good on paper, but it'll make things confusing fast. Or will all monsters be labeled with an icon on what their element is so we don't have to worry about it?
  15. Do you have the bosses with special conditions documented somewhere in a text file? Like at least a hint so people know what to expect? I doubt the game itself gives warnings, like with Ludgar and now that boss.