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  1. My vote has changed to Celes after my last playthrough. She can do everything and well at that. Hit hard, tank physical or magical damage, absorb spells. He only "weakness" was her spellcasting potential as I didn't really build her to have alot of Magic Power but it was still enough whenever I needed to cure or hit a weakness. Can't believe I used to avoid using Terra/Celes.
  2. Things I am most looking forward to in 2.0 (Which btw I totally called the name of which) • Repurposed the Auction House in Jidoor as an "Advanced" Beginner's School - Very small change but I like imagining my friends playing BNW for the first time and NOT getting overwhelmed by the Beginner's School right off the bat. (especially since the mod doesn't come into it's own and distinguish itself heavily from Vanilla till Mt. Koltz imo) • Completely rewrote enemy AI with a heavy focus on more predictable behavior in random encounters that should be easier to exploit and more interesting/dynamic boss battles - I can only talk about this one so much despite the details given because I can't tell EXACTLY how this will change the flow of the game until I actually play it but this sounds like the most exciting change so far. I have always preferred difficulty to come from planning and improvising as opposed to stat buffs. VERY excited for this change. • Added a minimum number of steps between battles, slightly lowering the overall rate - This is potentially fantastic. I just hope the change is noticeable. If at all possible, I will try and lower it even further. I need my walking simulator. • The "rflect" status now behaves like "image" instead of being on a timer - I hate Reflect in all games. This gives me a viable reason to use it. • Updated the "Status Display" hack to include "cycling" auras and be more intuitive - I was comfortable with how it was in 1.9 but this sounds pretty lit. Everything else is incredibly minor but there is so much of it that I feel it will really change how the game plays so I am bundling it all into one. I guess I am really just excited about everything and this post was practically pointless. Oh well.
  3. Just me, but I feel that Stamina should have about as much impact on the game as Vigor, Speed, or Magic do.
  4. So basically like titles in Tales of Symphonia. This would basically like Esper equips bonuses. Could be interesting, but I think I'd rather the names be mostly cosmetic. One thing you could do is make it so that when you reset your EL's with Ultros, you can choose a list of these classes to effectively "auto distribute" the EL's how you want, instead of having to cash in 25 times.
  5. The map does something?
  6. We're done, ladies and gentlgiants.
  7. For the Life, spell, I'd say 500 does it well. In the early game, it effectively acts as Life 2 for the start. It also saves on healing items, particularly Dried Meats which are very important early on. This is balanced by the fact that Life takes MP. By the time they reach IMRF, it's most of a full heal, but the player will start to notice (from the perspective of a less experienced player) that it no longer fully heals (HP early on is closer to 300, so only then will they notice) and will have to follow it up with items to get by. Later on, when health is much higher, and Life 2 is available, Life will still be a handy choice, but still leaves the opportunity to get one shotted (if your max HP is looking like 1300) by a decent attack, but not necessarily ANY attack. Probably some holes in it, but hey.
  8. You already got good answers, but here's another for ya. I recenlty beat him with everyone at lvl 10. Locke - BACK row with Butterfly and a projectile. (Butterfly is x2 damage, so in the back row, it's basically a front row attack for a normal weapon. Edgar - The one guy you always bring, and can pretty much never fuck up with. Stick him in the back and Bio Blast for days. Use Drill if you're lacking Sap damage (Very important) Gau - Conjurer is well worth is, but once everybody is rerised, he's basically dead (speedy) weight, so either Green Cherry him or just skip that all together and stick with Wild Rat (Always get massive damage, often, and have a decent chance to set Poison. Shadow - back row, x2 Butterfly, spend most of your time tossing Smoke Bombs (Buy them in Jidoor) and you're safe from A TON of damage. Other people: Celes - The least important imo, as her only major contribution (Cure) can be replaced quite effectively with items if you stock up well. (Shadows speed makes up for less healing power of Dried Meats) Cyan - Overkill, but if you bring him, Dispatch for days, and don't forget to Empowerer rather than heal, as he'll almost always replenish to full, and it saves you items + it sets Sap. Sabin - Pummel for Sap, Suplex for Slow. Extra tips: You have Locke, so steal the crap out of Slim Jims for Haste/regen, as they are easily the two best buffs, and unavailable either way. Also helps reduce healing. DEFEND! I know defend is very situational, but if you're well healed while Dadaluma is in the air, you have nothing else better to do. This ensures that even frail fighters like Shadow can survive a direct hit (AT LEVEL 10!) Note: Very tired, so I missed a couple of things you said, like Defend + Slim Jim. This fight is definitely hard, but if you setup right, it's only moderate difficulty. (Lost but once with above setup)
  9. That thumbail size on ONLY BNW though...
  10. I can agree with pretty much all of that. I never really went Stam Gau past WoB though, opting instead for Speed Gau, mostly for Rerise spams and Harvester (Weaker, but Remedy is Remedy) I'll definitely do Stam Gau next time.
  11. I second this. I second all of this too. Wait.... legit!?! That's fucking awesome. I now have a reason to go back to 25 Ifrit Relm again. Life spells for days.
  12. Fortunately, my life situation has corrected itself, hence my abillity to play BNW. Thanks for the condolence. Yeah, I love this game and mod to death, but towards the later stages of the WoR, once I had my full roster, I kept having to switch characters in and out and requip them over and over and over, and it just became tedious after awhile. I just need a good long break from it and I'll be right back on it. I WOULD say that I'd be willing to wait for 2.0, as I'm sure it'll be different/complete enough to make me want to play it soon, but 2.0 is probably quite awhile away.
  13. Yeah, right as I was making the teams, I remember your comment from before, but didn't have the interenet access at the same to reconfirm who fights what, so I kinda had to wing it abit. Thanks for the tips though. I had to have Pheonix Locke, Siren Edgar, Golem Sabin, and Fenrir Gau (Basically almost completely a support team) go against Atma and it.... it was awful.
  14. I might get flack for saying this, but I get in my airship and travel to avoid random encounters, not get into more of them. The only benefit I can see from aerial encounters is taking advantage of floating enemies weaknesses. Personally, I think there are too many encounter zones/encounters as it is. Myster Egg helps, but takes up a relic slot. Basically, any thing beggining with "More encounters" isn't gonna jive with me.