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  1. I've been away from this thread - and site in general - but I'm aching to start a new BNW run anytime soon. Is 1.8.6 the most recent version for now, or is a new update scheduled to be released soon?
  2. Now I'm curious to see what that full tat on your arms looks like
  3. My best wishes to Funnyman than - though I'm about one atlantic ocean away from it - I've heard plenty about the damge it caused so far. I can only hope whatever part of the US you're living in won't be affected too badly, though that's probably wishful thinking. Offtopic: I was refering to Full Metal Jacket, though given that film is about 30 year old today I can't blame you for not regcocnizing the reference:)
  4. I'm relatively new to this site and ID compared to most regulars, but I figure you - BTB and thzfunnymzn - are referring to hurricane Irma? I don't quite know what to say, except that I've heard plenty about the damage it caused in St. Martin - and that you will get through it alright. it's been quite the issue here... hope you will escape the worst of it. OT: I'm not quite sure what the change proposed would accomplish - I'm speaking from a newcomers frame of mind here - in telling exactly what kind of build would perform best at what. This coming mostly from my disliked of the way Square tacked on 'classes' in the FF6 remake, but I do like the idea of your characters commiting to a certain build and having the mod reward (even if it is only cosmetic) you for that. Standardising build names is not a bad idea either. heads up for the FMJ refrence as well
  5. It doesn't? I kne about the exp but figured the damage modifiers still applied anyway. Yeah, it is still doable but I did had RGJesus on my side during the run. I know I'm not downing many double Silver / Gold Dragons the regular way anytime
  6. Just a small update - the Ancient Cave is still very doable even in Hard Mode, though I suppose RNG will play a big role (like it did before). I've gotten around to defeating the Master legitimately for the first time ever, and I'm usually a scrub when it comes to bonus bosses. Having two fatal picks to grind to 90+ levels, a myth blade and Gades blade (plus a Dekar blade just for funs) makes for easy battles. With the newly added Exchange spell you can convert HP to IP as well, giving you basically two octo-strikes + HP quartering. Btw, did you change the Master's HP total? I've though it was around 10K, but I'm pretty certain it's more like 20K+ now.
  7. I always thought those white dots were their eyes, with them having some kinda facial mask that covers the nose and mouth area. The red thingy being a jewel or something similar. If you squint slightly, it look slike they have only one eye with a red iris. Also, inb4 anyone mentions mistaking Gogo's eye-slit for a mouth.
  8. Wasn't expecting such a thorough answer- thanks! I'll definitely be trying again later, just need to refresh my knowledge in which weapons / IP attacks count as which element. Gades was pretty easy, actually. Only got one death when I did remove his attack / magic buff spell 'Undeath' the first time.
  9. I've got to be honest here... did you ever finish balancing the final Sinistral fights? Don't get me wrong, it was great having a Lufia 2 game that offered a fair challenge here and there, but I've been stuck fighting Amon at the sealed tower for days now (Hard Mode btw) and this guy keeps kicking my ass everytime. The second (third) fight with Gades was pretty straightforward, but now you've got constant Mirror on everyone making healing / damage very difficult, confusion that needs to be protected against, Amon getting healed by a LOT of elemenental attacks and having a pretty strong AoE melee as well. Any tips on how to handle it? Tl;dr: somehow I've gotten spoiled on Critical + Bunny Blade IP shenanigans and can't win a challenging fight anymore.
  10. Unless it has been changed in the latest update resetting your ELs cost 25K the first time and 100K afterwards. Expensive but not to the point of being completely prohibitive IMO, but how many times do you really want to respec anyway in one playthrough? I know for a fact there are some encounters that have a high gold-to-EXP ratio, but I don't recall where to find them. Someone will probably mention it later.
  11. Never heard of the blog before - but any kind of exposure is good I guess, especially how many SNES rom hacks there are out there. that list is missing a LOT of good hacks, though...
  12. Well, I'm up to just before the second (first serious) fight with Gades now. Been playing on hard mode and it feels pretty balanced so far, whereas in vanilla Lufia random encounters pretty much become completely trivial later on. The added spells + the stat boosts they provide do a good job of keeping things interesting, especially the varations of melee attacks. Edit: just encountered a rather serious bug that I should probably mention, though I don't know if it was present in the original Lufia 2 as well (a quick google search doesn't give any results). After getting the ship, whenever you leave it and save at a chapel, the ship will disappear once you load the save MANUALLY. Using savestates is still fine. I don't know where the ship goes too, but while you can warp to other towns you've basically become incapable of travelling by sea, meaning you're stuck. Again, this is just something I noticed that happens anytime a save is manually loaded. Haven't found a fix for it either, yet. Second edit: so the ship glitch seems to have fixed itself somehow. Don't know why, but the ship does follow you when you warp to a new town. I'm still 99% sure that at some point I saved in Gruberik (AC island) with the ship being completely going after reloading, necessitating a savestate load. I found another bug at dragon mountain (the cave / mountain next to Chaed) that can be both replicated so tested. When fighting the Salamander enemy - winged orange dragonoid thingy) it occasionally seems to get stuck in its attack script. It uses either Firebird or a regular melee attack, but sometimes it doesn't act at all and the ROM seems to hang - most button inputs don't work, but pressing start boots you back to the Natsume title screen. Saves are not affected though, so at worst you'll lose about ten minutes of gameplay.
  13. I haven't been around on this site or ID to really be familiar with the regulars, but welcome in any case
  14. Are you still working on this? While it is in no way game-breaking, I've encountered a persistent bug in whatever version was up here a few days ago. Basically, whenever a CM levels up and has a level equal to your highest level party member, the 'exp needed' status wrongly mentions needing up to something EXP needed. It disappears when opening the CM's status screen again and doesn't seem to actually effect leveling at all. I think it is a byproduct of whatever method you implented to limit CM leveling to your own highest level, but the problems seem to be purely cosmetic so it's not really a big deal.
  15. I don't think I ever saw this mod when it was hosted on ID, only the plethora of patches Artemis made. Is this one any good? Well, I'm going to try this one out anyway. Lufia has always been one of my favorite SNES RPG's, but the vanilla version becomes dreadfully easy early on.
  16. I can only second what Praetarius is saying: you should stack as much Mdef as possible and use the two barriers you should have available as soon as Magus' second phase begins. Robo has very low Mdef early, so I wouldn't recommend him anyway. Double water does slow down the battle, but if you need the healing you'll simply need to suck it up. Just heal up and force a barrier switch if it is something you can't hit. This is definitely a battle where careful healing and playing around his huge damage output are important.
  17. There is actually an item in-game already that gives you access to Celes' Shock abillity in the WoR, OP. I don't quite now if the location has been changed (last playthrough was 1.8.4), but it involves Leo and a certain guy that just wants his damn cider already.
  18. I want to say Cyan merely for the fact just how much he has improved compared to the slow-as-shit turtle he was in unmodded FF6. If the WoR didn't exist, he's basically be top tier with both Dispatch and Mindblow being useful exactly around the point you recruit him, Empowerer being a full heal + reasonable damage early on and Flurry being great at both damaging and confusing random encounters. Later on, Dragon and Eclipse benefit greatly from a stam build and are always useful even in the WoR, though not anywhere DPS-wise due to his slow speed. Besides, he's one of the few not 'main' characters who gets a lot of character develop and detail, even if the vanilla plot seems bipolar-like in switching between angst-ridden survivors guilt and 'hur hur, antiquated accents'. Then there's dat 'stache as well. But yeah... anything he can do, someone as can probably do better - or with more support or healing options available - but as a crutch character who's builds clearly define what he'll perform best in, Cyan's the best. Endgame, I'm thinking either Terra, Celes or Locke would be MVP merely for their diversity and suitabillity for whatever you build them for. On that: anyone who enlighten me why Setzer gets a decent share of votes? After two playthrough, I don't really see the appeal in his rather limited magic pool or equipment choice (tried both Magic build + Dice and Stam build + 2X Doom darts) but aside from free heals there wasn't anything that set him apart. Maybe it's because I suck balls at slots or just missing the obvious...