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  1. Any thoughts on damage focused Gau vs healing Gau, and the same for Mog? I need one extra healer and those two are the ones I haven't stuck any esper levels into yet, so I figure I'll make one a healer and one damage. It would be mage Mog, since I already have Edgar set up for dragooning.
  2. Any tips for surviving fights after the difficulty spike at the siege of Narshe? Random encounter enemies on the way to and in Zozo can oneshot Gau, in the backrow with the best defensive equipment I can get him, so I feel like I must be doing something wrong. My guys are level 10~11, which I understand to be the expected level for this point. The siege itself was extremely painful, too, since the game explicitly told me in the beginner's school not to minmax, so I did it the intended way (with three parties) rather than the cheesy way with one party that beelines the boss. Enemies just seem to do an absurd amount of damage, so I burn through my MP and healing items very quickly.