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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Alright so far, this is a fantastic hack, good job on it. I'm playing it on hard, with hawk, riezel and angela (aiming for nightblade. archmage, vanadise) and i just killed the second golems, god darn they were a pain in my ... riezel is pretty tanky but hawk and angela are glass cannons, so i kept getting destroyed in seconds since the ai can't dodge if their life depended on it. so my strategy was solo them with hawk with a life leech ring and a double tech weapon and a whole lot of running around and chocolate. Worked out suprisngly well, ill probably try that against bill and ben too if need be. again great job, i'm loving it. i hope you release version 1 before I finish so i can get nightblade final weapon