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  1. Yeah, that's an easter egg.
  2. EDIT: Disregard, somehow I turned off transparency in Snes9x and Cyan was walking in water. Script-wise, the Gau tutorial text displays 4 lines without pausing for input, and then the last line (not shown) is missing a period.
  3. After Terra covers, Locke stands on her head.
  4. I've only really played Civ 1, and only vaguely remember 2 from watching my dad play it as a kid... in the 90's. How's the learning curve for this?
  5. You would think Lola would be confused, what with her BF shipping her a letter inside an empty box, and then later changing accents. Btw, apparently poutine isn't Canadian.
  6. So it's "Tsushiy-Edition"? Must be a username. Thanks for linking to Mato's YT channel; I'd love to see a re-stream. Btw, can we talk about the post office in Mobliz? I'm actually a mailman IRL and it's pretty jarring that a letter would have the same postage as a book, a record and a (somehow free) Tonic! Usually it's weight-based, then bulk-based. The actual pricing isn't my job, but I know they would at least be treated and handled differently.
  7. That's a great place to bring it back too, as it hasn't been used in quite awhile. Maybe put the airship at the start?
  8. Oh! Whoops, I posted that in a hurry.
  9. A hack for Aquatic Caves was added the other day. Edit by Admin: Moved to main release thread by request of BTB - Hart-Hunt
  10. I'm against changing Cat Hood, since it's appeared with that name (or as Cat-Ear Hood) in multiple games.
  11. Oh yeah, I saw that! I meant to link that awhile back. Btw off topic, but since ya'll love challenging games: there's a sale on the 3DS e-shop until the 30th. One of them 50% off (to $10) is Yumi's Odd Odyssey, aka as the Umihara Kawase series. It's a wire platformer that's easy to learn and tough to master; very popular for TAS runs. Figured you guys might be interested.
  12. Btw, if Kefka burned Thamasa then how come all of the buildings are fine? :v
  13. Btw, for all it's worth Wikipedia spells poutine with an "e". EDIT: 69 replies... aww, yeah.
  14. ...Well played, good sir. Wow, that's really hard-coded. OTOH, I didn't know the editor pulled up every byte in the item table until now. Oh, almost forgot. Shadow missed himself with a Smoke Bomb while blinded. How do you even miss a smoke bomb? -The new Bank and Esper Equip Bonus systems are really fun! -Really like the new line where Locke now tries to help Danchou relax. I took Cyan this time and really like the way he talks too. -Okay after warning Danchou, I swear my character just skidded to the left a tile. -Atma Weapon was "defeated by a phantom who was able to dispel its power"? Is that a hint to cast Dispel on it? >.> -Wasn't expecting the healing lady in Vector to have new dialogue. Kinda FF5 Spoof-y, but nice. Also the inn o.O;; -Huh, so that's where Vicks went. Wonder where Wedge is? -Wait, how does Terra "remember it all" when she was just a baby? (Well okay, she left when she was 2. That's more reasonable for remembering how her parents met.) -When Arvis mentions the new equipment in Narshe, he says they intercepted a shipment "bound from Albrook". You must mean "bound for Albrook." -Lol @ Terra quoting Derpy :v -Found some totally sweet ninja stuff. (I've always wanted to say that.) -So after the Battle on the Bridge, is there a way you could change the espers flying out to ones the player couldn't have? I always thought it was weird seeing a second Shiva and Zoneseek. -I like the line where Gestahl admits to being weary and asks for a break. -Cyan: "We will wait here and watch for signs that mark the extraordinary." Edgar: "...does he ALWAYS talk like this?" Sabin: "Yeah, pretty much."