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  1. Yeah, that's an easter egg.
  2. EDIT: Disregard, somehow I turned off transparency in Snes9x and Cyan was walking in water. Script-wise, the Gau tutorial text displays 4 lines without pausing for input, and then the last line (not shown) is missing a period.
  3. After Terra covers, Locke stands on her head.
  4. I've only really played Civ 1, and only vaguely remember 2 from watching my dad play it as a kid... in the 90's. How's the learning curve for this?
  5. You would think Lola would be confused, what with her BF shipping her a letter inside an empty box, and then later changing accents. Btw, apparently poutine isn't Canadian.
  6. So it's "Tsushiy-Edition"? Must be a username. Thanks for linking to Mato's YT channel; I'd love to see a re-stream. Btw, can we talk about the post office in Mobliz? I'm actually a mailman IRL and it's pretty jarring that a letter would have the same postage as a book, a record and a (somehow free) Tonic! Usually it's weight-based, then bulk-based. The actual pricing isn't my job, but I know they would at least be treated and handled differently.
  7. That's a great place to bring it back too, as it hasn't been used in quite awhile. Maybe put the airship at the start?
  8. Oh! Whoops, I posted that in a hurry.
  9. A hack for Aquatic Caves was added the other day. Edit by Admin: Moved to main release thread by request of BTB - Hart-Hunt
  10. I'm against changing Cat Hood, since it's appeared with that name (or as Cat-Ear Hood) in multiple games.
  11. Oh yeah, I saw that! I meant to link that awhile back. Btw off topic, but since ya'll love challenging games: there's a sale on the 3DS e-shop until the 30th. One of them 50% off (to $10) is Yumi's Odd Odyssey, aka as the Umihara Kawase series. It's a wire platformer that's easy to learn and tough to master; very popular for TAS runs. Figured you guys might be interested.
  12. Btw, if Kefka burned Thamasa then how come all of the buildings are fine? :v
  13. Btw, for all it's worth Wikipedia spells poutine with an "e". EDIT: 69 replies... aww, yeah.
  14. ...Well played, good sir. Wow, that's really hard-coded. OTOH, I didn't know the editor pulled up every byte in the item table until now. Oh, almost forgot. Shadow missed himself with a Smoke Bomb while blinded. How do you even miss a smoke bomb? -The new Bank and Esper Equip Bonus systems are really fun! -Really like the new line where Locke now tries to help Danchou relax. I took Cyan this time and really like the way he talks too. -Okay after warning Danchou, I swear my character just skidded to the left a tile. -Atma Weapon was "defeated by a phantom who was able to dispel its power"? Is that a hint to cast Dispel on it? >.> -Wasn't expecting the healing lady in Vector to have new dialogue. Kinda FF5 Spoof-y, but nice. Also the inn o.O;; -Huh, so that's where Vicks went. Wonder where Wedge is? -Wait, how does Terra "remember it all" when she was just a baby? (Well okay, she left when she was 2. That's more reasonable for remembering how her parents met.) -When Arvis mentions the new equipment in Narshe, he says they intercepted a shipment "bound from Albrook". You must mean "bound for Albrook." -Lol @ Terra quoting Derpy :v -Found some totally sweet ninja stuff. (I've always wanted to say that.) -So after the Battle on the Bridge, is there a way you could change the espers flying out to ones the player couldn't have? I always thought it was weird seeing a second Shiva and Zoneseek. -I like the line where Gestahl admits to being weary and asks for a break. -Cyan: "We will wait here and watch for signs that mark the extraordinary." Edgar: "...does he ALWAYS talk like this?" Sabin: "Yeah, pretty much."
  15. While you're at it, have it heal Imp too :v Really appreciating the save point right before Dadaluma. That part was a bitch without save states. Oh, Mystery Egg has Merit Award's effect? ...and nothing has the Heavy Gear bit set. Thanks for the troll guyz.
  16. "The Empire's Imperial system is flawed. Up here, we use metric." ...that's pretty fucking funny.
  17. So I guess the brown part is their face? I'm still gonna just see them as smiling purple blobs. Also a big WUT at Gau's Leap not ending battle any more and him returning immediately. Super useful, but I just stood there like a lox waiting for the fight to end lol. And omg the exchange at Crescent Mountain The inn guy at Nikeah worries me with his "clean" beds... Went up against Fidor x1/Trooper x1 in the Narshe battle. Trooper used HasteX and Fidor countered him. Was that intended? o.o;
  18. So I skipped Shadow for Sabin's scenario to see how much harder it is, and just got my 2nd ghost. ...I see what you did there. By the way, this has been bugging me for awhile since vanilla. WHERE are these guys' faces?! When I was a nearsighted kid I thought the purple dot was their nose and the gold chain was a creepy smile, which made them look like weird smiling blobs that took Human damage for some reason.
  19. Yeah, it's not a very impressive list. It's almost like he found extras just to pad out the list. At least mention BoF2 Retrans and SoE Gameplay Rebalance... The YI mods were pretty fun from what I played, but he left out 2+ 3.
  20. Ebot's Rock just resurfaced... maybe part of it could be underwater. Ooh, put a timer on the Hidon battle like with Emerald WEAPON
  21. Ooh, I understood that code! My ASM is getting better. Getting some ideas of what to look for in other games. Interesting that for a X/256 chance, it doesn't need to divide at all; it just compares X to (0 ... 255). Now to learn where my game's RNG is located. Oh, didn't mean to trail off-topic. This looks really fun!
  22. Hoooly shit, 14-16 hours? You could almost run 7 and 8 back to back in that time. (Side note, that sounds like a fun race for a marathon event: BNW vs 7+8) I'd love to see practice runs or read through any route planning, btw. Wonder how many characters can reasonably be skipped?
  23. Speaking of "ending Dadaluma fast", has anyone attempted speedrunning this game? How many hours are we looking at?