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  1. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    Funny thing was... I started checking on a daily basis as of like, within the last week as I just... had a feeling this was gonna be released soon. Glad to see it's finally happened though and thank you Darkkefka, Doomsday and Yakibomb for all the hard work that was put into this! Been waiting since... well, since I remember seeing talk about the old beta that... is supposed to be completely different from now hahaha (like around March/April last year when I discovered this hack... again lol) But been pretty patient with the release of this due to one reason or another myself (and... not sure if I should try loading this on my hacked 3DS like I did with version 8 or waiting until my GPD WIN 2 comes in on Wednesday to try it on that hahaha) Anyways! This is pretty exciting news and again, a BIG thank you to everyone that was involved in making this happen! :>
  2. New Updates

    While I have been waiting for this since finding Armageddon again as of last year, (discovered one of the lower versions I wanna say 3+ years ago?) I agree with everyone else. Take as much time as you need, I actually just started back on Youtube after a 2+ year "retirement" due to health and personal problems, with everyone accepting that then and now, so I know firsthand how much stress you probably are dealing with (between not only this but your Youtube channel too) On another subject, @ilovesupermariorpg not sure if this is what you mean but.... Go here where the V8 "hard mode" version is at And then if you scroll to the bottom pf the description, you should see "See changelog" Click that and there you can find all the versions of Armageddon and clicking on one will bring up the info and at the bottom of the info you will be able to download that specific IPS file's version of the hack.