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  1. Character Classes

    No matter what happens, enemies are due for a buff here anyway. Especially with the cover and counter system implemented, monsters were ALREADY slated for a boost at some point. So adding classes on top of that... you can expect to run into some tougher stuff later on, that's for sure.
  2. That's not really that surprising. BNW uses a LOT of the available free space in the rom, so if Divergent Paths needs to expand it's reach into any of that same free space, something is bound to crack open. It's a little sad, though; if you could have gotten through the route split itself, that would have lent itself to playing BNW, swapping to DP for the route split, then swapping back to BNW to avoid the least amount of bugs. Sounds like that's not really much of an option, though.
  3. Plans for 2.0

    ROM expansion is likely the direction this mod is going, but it's not to be taken lightly. Expanded space means expanded ideas, and that really risks mission creep, turning the mod from a tweak to existing structures to a full blown expansion pack, modern gaming DLC in style. Not to say it won't happen, but it's a bit of a Pandora's box when we get there.
  4. Behold, Pants!

    Literally the only problem Terra's original sprite has is the shoulder pads, in my opinion. So sprites that keep the original feel but tweak those are best. There WAS that one with pink hair that was fairly nice, though. The one I've been missing is a Relm Cat-Ear Hood one, complete with custom menu pic. I remember seeing it forever ago, but couldn't figure out how to swap the menu pic in addition to the sprite, so I ended up dropping it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and could make it into a patch or something that works with 1.9, I'd love it! Anyone know the sprite I'm talking about?
  5. BNW: New Game+

    If it carried stats over, then Whelk's shell needs to be defeatable. That's... like... the PRIMARY thing I'd want, is to play through the game a couple times to grind Terra high enough that I can kill that blasted Shell! Revenge, I tell you!
  6. Plans for 2.0

    That's essentially what those dungeons were. The problem is thats more or less ALL they were; they were poorly put together afterthoughts that really took away more then they added, with really dumb gimmics added to each dragon to make it 'harder'.
  7. Woah, I actually really like the idea of the 3 story rewrite, taking part of Sabin's quest and adding it to Terra's to equal out the length of each. I also like the idea of Locke getting Shadow, giving you another option for the Battle of Narshe, since you can get Shadow right after for the Save Terra/ Zozo walk anyway. The only issue I can think of is this would naturally remove the Mr Thou scene, and tie Gau to Terra instead of Cyan & Sabin, who's one of the better written character interaction trios in the game. Still, I'm curious if they add a scene to compensate for Terra & Gau... might have to try this out later!
  8. Plans for 2.0

    Ie; a not terrible version of Dragon Den/Soul Shrine, maybe?
  9. Ehh..... "Ah, fuck it. Let's do this!"
  10. Just change it to Mirage Gear then? Mirage Shirt? Mirage Coat? Mirage Cloak? Mirage Garb? I do like the Mirage part, it's a cool word and if we don't need to change it from vanilla it couldn't hurt to keep. If the Vest part is the issue, just change that.
  11. My suggestion was Dashing Suit! I think its really good! Alternatively, the idea of Ninja Suit for the final light armor and moving Dark Gear down has merit, too. It'd be something like Dark Gear, Gaia Gear, Stealth Gear, Ninja Suit.
  12. Some thoughts on Cover

    If we must have some version of back row covering, I like this suggestion. My primary issue with covering from the back is that it makes zero sense for you to be *behind* someone but still be quick enough to jump in *front* of them to cover. That feels a lot like having your cake and eating it too. So perhaps if you're in the back but can only guard people in the back, that's not quite so bad in my head. I think it's better to have either front row only cover, or cover forcing you into the front. The point about Spears is noted, but I honestly don't think it's a problem, since those characters (Edgar and Mog) can just equip swords or rods if they don't want to auto cover. The only issue is a back row dragoon Edgar constantly moving to the front, but that doesn't seem like an issue to me; the only reason you'd put him in the back is extra defense, but he's also spending half the battle in the air, so it's not a huge nerf to his defenses. Of note, my real concern is Row. It sounds like we've got Image sorted, but I have no real strong opinions on Defend; I think it should drop, but I don't really mind how that goes about happening/ when during the hit it happens. Spending turn after turn to have your tank tank hits better is... really no diffrent then Celes spending turn after turn Runicing. It's a wash.
  13. Some thoughts on Cover

    I feel like the less nuanced the better with an ability like this, that has a lot of moving parts and is fairly complicated to begin with. I like Defend, Image, and Row all being selfish, just because it simplifies the whole thing; it's either on or its off. In particular, I think if you're going to be able to block from the back row, then you need to get the back row damage reduction, too. I think the idea of being in the back row, taking reduced damage from normal attacks but full damage from covered one, is particularly a bad idea. That's just going to lead to confusion for no reason. If you do still want to have cover always on, though, I think going Defend and Back Row to Compromise could work, but I think it should be the drop Defend/forced move to the front row when you actually cover. Moving the front row clearly signifies that you aren't getting advantage of the back row damage reduction.
  14. Does Stamina do too much?

    What I'd ultimately like to see from Sketch is the same stuff we see from Lore and Rage; limited player access to cool enemy only abilities. I'm not looking to use Fallen One on Kefka for ez killz, but just being able to taste some of the cool attacks and specials in the game is a really cool thing. I remember when I got the Sage in FFT 1.3 and being able to play with all those enemy spells seemed really awesome, even if a lot of them were really too unweildy to use in the end. Essentially I see this lore wise as Relm sorta gaining access to more of her magical bloodline. She's making an inferior copy of the monsters, almost like a summon, so it only gets 1 attack before it fades away.
  15. Does Stamina do too much?

    What was the old functionality of Control? An idea for Sketch might be to simply mix the two abilities, and give you a couple options to choose from? So you aren't healing the Dragons or whatever. That idea I'm thinking is some status-like check with Stamina included vs MEvade or whatever monsters use to not die. Probably with a long delay since it takes her a little bit to draw an actual picture, and to push Spd Relm to stick with casting spells or swinging rods. When she succeeds, you get access to a Control-like list that you pick one attack, use it, then the whole thing resets. No psudo Confuse or whatever that the original Control had to make it so wonky. Heck, maybe even just have it access that monster's species Rage list, to make things easier to program, with the small change that bosses would have a list too, at a lower % chance of succeeding then normal monsters. She'd be an interesting mix of Gau and Strago but still have her own flavor then.