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  1. look into my eyes... is it obvious I just smoked that wacky tabacky?
  2. That would be very cool if you could stop by sometime! I really enjoyed the conversation of BNW when BTB decided to join the stream. (Admittedly, he saved me quite a few times and very open to answering any and all questions I had without ruining any surprise. It was a very cool experience!) Unfortunately, I'm getting closer and closer to the end of the game every night. Right now I'm in the WoR and have everyone back, save for Umaro and Locke. I'm still streaming every night at 10PM EST. Hope to see you there sometime!
  3. Alright! Well I'll just give Atma a shot then! I've been bested by him twice so far, but I'm slowly figuring out his moves and what they do, so I guess I kind of know what to expect. Thanks BTB!
  4. Heyo!! Getting all ready to stream, starting right after 10PM EST (Gotta watch the new Game Of Thrones :P) I just have a question for BTB and Augestein (If you decide to catch it) So I currently have two files of BNW 1.8.5, one is currently @ Atma Weapon fight, and one is just on the way out of the Magitek Facility (Saved just before mine sequence). There's quite a bit of difference between the two files apart from progression in the game, the one at Atma Weapon has Locke, Celes, Terra and Shadow getting ready to face off against Atma but I was playing the type of run where I just fight every encounter I run into and I was grinding GP to get all the good equipment from shops, so I'm feeling like I'm really overleveled and it might not make the best viewer experience, in other words me potentially dying over and over again to Atma when I *should* be more than capable of slaying him. (Locke is level 25 already because of how much screen time he's forced into and everybody else is over level 20) I also have multiples of basically every good piece of equipment/relic you can buy in shops on WoB. On the flip side, with the file at the end of the Magitek Facility I somewhat limited myself to what I bought and how many fights I actually decided to take EXP for. (Man that EXP option in the config is sick... mad props to whomever came up with that) So I feel that would be the more interesting run to stream but I'd like your opinion(s) on what you want to see get played. Regardless, thanks for showing interest in my stream and opinions/thoughts on the mod. I just hope you don't feel like I'm trying to suck your asses (because this mod is just that damn good.) Edit: Added PM & EST for clarity of time I will be starting.
  5. No way! Hell yeah! Just got to Atma and got my ass stomped twice, and decided to take a break. I think I have pretty good idea of what to expect from the fight from my failed attempts, so here's hoping third time's the charm!
  6. BTB, if you actually watched me stream sometime, that would freaking make my week. I try to stream everyday at 10PM EST, but if there's a specific time you would like to watch, I will make it happen.
  7. Hello NGPlus! My name is Clark and I'm a big fan of FF6! Firstly, I would like to say THANK YOU to BTB & Synchysi (Along with all the others helping behind the scenes) for putting together this amazing mod. I'm still very new to it, but man am I having a blast. I know Vanilla FF6 like the back of my hand so it's really fun and rewarding to see all the changes and well thought out changes you all have put into this game. I used to attempt to throw together hacks for FF6 myself and good lord was the code just a mess... Anyway, I've been streaming myself playing BNW 1.8.5 for the past week or so (I just got to floating continent rising scene) and words cannot express how good this game is! I'm still very new to the mechanics but I would love to discuss my thoughts and other things about the mod as I continue to play through it. A few thoughts just off the top of my head... WOW! A lot sure has changed. Every character's niche has been seemingly perfected. All the character's magic and esper bonuses at EL up really make things interesting! I would have to say though, man some encounters can be just brutal if you aren't paying attention or you get some nasty counters! (Here's looking at you Gale Wind counter when my character with the Black Belt/Spear/Kotetsu counters you against my will... >.>) I would have to say most of the bosses are MUCH MUCH better than their original counterparts! Dalduma sure threw me for a loop when he snapped into a Slim Jim and jumped while setting regen on himself... and don't even get me started on the damn Cranes. This mod is just full of surprises! I will say that the beginners school in Narshe was the single best thing I did to help myself. (I also read the readme but I haven't tried the unlockme yet because I don't want to spoil anything for myself.) I'm very much in love with all the new mechanics and changes, as well as added difficulty (Maybe not added, but you sure can't cheese your way through the game like you could in vanilla, and that's really great!) Overall this mod is making one of my favorite games of all time look like a 7/10, and that's just fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!