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  1. Looking at the printme, Blackjack is basically equal to Black Omen in strength (45 power Blackjack to 48 power Black Omen), with the bonus that it sets Sap and, well...costs nothing, which makes it real good already. Where it comes out ahead of the other spins is where it pierces defense. 75 power and 100 power (for Chocobos and Solitaire, respectively) sound great, except most enemies have enough MDef to make that worse than Blackjack.
  2. I had a feeling that the stat bonuses on gear wasn't exactly 'whatever you like'. Based on the options you listed, I'm pretty sure I can guess how the game stores it. The main thing, I think, to help balance Edge a little better is to tone down the stat bonuses on his weapons, since he gets two of them and shields don't provide bonuses for the other characters. Something kind of like this, maybe? I dunno, dual-wielding is hard and I don't know FF4's numbers too well. And I will admit, if I had to put him in the front row the whole time instead of just letting him touch a moonring once, it probably would've been a bit tougher to keep him up. I figured there were going to be issues either way for the paladinization, equipment-wise. At least you give him starter gear in the first place, instead of a sword and a shirt and calling it a day. Speaking of, the fact that a certain sword is DKN/PLD OK made the fight vs. the Dark Knight (probably unintentionally) hilarious. "oh wait i have to actually fight him, this is a tough fight whatever will i d--" *open items, swap legend for leech* ...I wonder what it means, thematically, for Cecil to absorb his dark side. :thinking: I did enjoy it! Thanks for making this!
  3. Finished it~ Most of this is going to just be stream-of-consciousness commentary. With that said, here we go: "DrkWv" instead of something like "Dark"? Any particular reason for that? It's a shame the Novice Rod and Beginner Staff are so worthless. Maybe they could give +1 WIS/WIL or be evocable for Magic Missile/Waken (probably only one of these changes, though)? As it stands, there's no reason at all, except maybe time, to not just grind out the 600 gil at the start to get the twins a set of bows and quivers. Given that black magic is now, as a whole, single-target, multi-flan formations feel particularly spiteful. I learned quickly that they were never worth the resource expenditure (Rydia's summons didn't really help, either, since they often survived the first eidolon, and 60+ MP for a single pack of enemies is not ideal). Edge is way too powerful, full stop. His weapons may have halved attack power or so to balance out the fact that he gets two, but the stat bonuses don't seem to account for this. As such, you're looking at an Edge who gets +40 to STR and AGI by endgame. By contrast, Cecil only gets +15 STR, and Kain only +25 STR, and that's leaving out the fact that he's getting two turns to their one since neither get any AGI from their typical gear. From the moment I learned Fury, I found very few bosses posed much trouble to a Berserked Edge with everyone else on healing duty (and Kain on 'get your turn box out of the way, more important people need to act' duty). I realize this isn't really an issue with your romhack so much as it is an issue with every single version of FF4, but it's exacerbated here due to the trading of Arms for Accessory: any gear that Dark Knight Cecil has equipped when becoming a Paladin is lost forever. I don't know if this is able to be remedied, especially since it can't just be pushed to your inventory, given space limits. (I guess I didn't need that Ruby Ring after all...) letting the excalibur be obtainable right before having to do the magnet cave: RUDE I'm...assuming that Adamant Armor is obtained in the usual way? I spent 15-20 minutes in that room and didn't see a single flan princess, which I suppose is about right. I just figured it'd be more interesting to tie the Adamant Armor to a real sidequest, kind of like the other sidequests you had (but probably more difficult, of course). Has the added benefit of limiting the player to only one, instead of 'however many they can trade their sanity in for'. (EDIT: I should mention, if it is still tied to the Pink Tail, that kind of goes against the readme saying that enemies don't drop equipment anymore; sure the tail itself can't be worn, but when it has exactly one purpose, and that purpose is to get exactly one piece of equipment...) Hmm. That's all I can think of right now. I'm refraining on commenting on the plot, because I'm unfairly biased toward vanilla so I'm not going to be the biggest fan of changes to the script.
  4. I've been playing this, and it's pretty fun so far, but I noticed that there was a bug (in all SNES/SFC versions of FF4) that is maintained in this hack. I'm not sure if you didn't know about it or what, but: Weapons that are Back Row OK, after setting whatever bit they set on the character so they deal full damage from the back row, do not unset this bit when they are unequipped. In other words, once someone's touched a Back Row OK weapon, they never have a reason to be in the front row ever again. A similar bug exists with vanilla's Can't Crit flag, that I believe is set for axes and whips. Taking a glance at the Weapon Chart, the main people to benefit from this bug are Cid, Edge, and Kain (though the latter can only take advantage if you kept the Tomahawk from the Feymarch). Palom, Porom, Rosa, and Rydia can technically benefit, if they cared about their Attack command (or more relevantly, if they cared about it with melee weapons). Might be worth looking into, or maybe just leave it in for observant players to (ab)use. *shrug*
  5. I just did Kefka's Tower a bit ago on v1.7.0, so let's go through my team. Team 'Kill the Dragons (and Atma)': Celes, Sabin, Setzer, Umaro Sabin exists to easily set Slow/Sap, Celes can sometimes do damage with Omega Weapon, but mostly the plan here was "let Umaro punch, everyone else sits on a full ATB to heal" Team 1 (vs. Isis): Setzer, Locke, Gau, Umaro I...really didn't realize that this team was going to Isis when I set it up. Needless to say, that was a 'fun' battle. Team 2 (vs. Myria): Cyan, Celes, Gogo, Edgar Celes was my primary DPS here with Omega Weapon. Gogo had Magic, Lore, Slots to heal and sometimes hurt stuff. Cyan and Edgar could do decent damage with Dragon/Chainsaw, but they were usually helping with damage control. Team 3 (vs. Asura): Terra, Relm, Strago, Sabin Stamina Sabin wasn't working out too well for damage, so I put him in a party that'd love Chakra support. Relm and Strago were level 26 (EL 13) --by contrast, Terra was 37/25 and Sabin was 42/25-- but they were able to contribute some damage and suck up hits for the others. Morph Terra was hitting close to 9000 with Ultima, at least. Team Kefka: Celes, Cyan, Setzer, Umaro Mostly identical to my dragonslayer team, and in retrospect, Sabin was more durable than Cyan so I should've just went with it. As before, the main plan was keeping up a Bserk'd, Haste'd Umaro long enough for Kefka to crumble. Celes helped pick off pieces since I could target her attacks, Setzer kept Rerise on everyone so I wouldn't lose anyone between stages. It's a good thing I had so many X-Potions to deal with Fallen Ones. There's a lot I'd do over if I played again, like shifting Sabin toward Vigor instead of Stamina and maybe putting Shadow/Mog to better use, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting going in. Slots wasn't nearly as useful offensively for bosses as it had been, which was a little disappointing, but Go Fish was practically an X-Potion in itself, so healing wasn't ever too much of an issue.
  6. Hmm, I've played FFV a good bit (thanks to the Four Job Fiesta), so let's see if I can provide some feedback on these ideas. As a whole, I'm kind of skeptical of...most of them, really, but let's see if I can give suggestions. The first half of this sounds really interesting, honestly. Lets mages actually do something for trash mobs and keeps bosses from being -aga spam. For reworking magic damage, possibly add a 'magic attack' stat that works like the attack stat that weapons have; Fire can, then, use 1x this 'MAtk', while Fire 2 might use 1.5x and Fire 3 use 2x. I'm not really following how guarding's supposed to work? Like, I saw in one of your other posts that the MP is consumed if possible in order to get that instant turn, but wouldn't that mean that as soon as you Guard, you gain the 100 MP, then immediately lose it to get a new turn immediately (which removes the Guard)? Based on your comparison to BD, I assume the intent is that Guard skips that check and just forces you to hold the MP and wait? That could work, but it doesn't seem like it'd play well with, say, a White Mage, who probably wants to save their MP for their actual curative spells. Personally, I think it'd work better if it was its own resource instead of being tied to MP, but I'd have to see it in action first, really. My first thought is that there's no way you're making 7 abilities each for 21 classes. Excluding abilities that were just higher-tier versions of prior abilities, like the various magic lists (though I did include the different HP/MP+ tiers), there are 73 abilities in vanilla FFV (EDIT: I forgot to take out the "Equip X" skills, so there's even less you've got to fill levels with); that's barely less than half of the number of ability slots you intend. While you did say you plan on making some abilities redundant to help cover bases, there's no way that can effectively double the number of abilities you have to work with. I do like the concept of making each job have a constant number of levels, though; maybe bring it down to 5 abilities per job? Cut out or condense some of the abilities from Knight, Monk, and Thief which already have more than 5 levels in vanilla (the magic jobs are already handled, of course). I really don't think you should separate HP from VIT unless you plan on using VIT for more things. In vanilla, VIT has exactly two purposes: determining your max HP, and modifying the strength of your regen tick. That's it. And regen isn't exactly a powerful status in vanilla FFV. And for one small little addition, I'd at least try to make sure that each character can use all the jobs of the crystal that they're associated with. (Even though, yes, that would mean Lenna has access to Berserker.) Erghhhh...I'm really leery of no OOB healing. It could work, though, if all battles were a full HP recovery and monsters were adjusted with this expectation in mind. It sounds like you want to move away from long-term resource management anyway, given the non-consumed consumables. Ultimately just a change of name for the most part, so sure. This whole thing kind of rubs me the wrong way, but I think that's just my personal bias. So I'm just gonna not comment on it too much, aside from mentioning that by default, in FFV, resistances override weaknesses. That said, I think it'd work fine as long as any given area only had monsters of two or three elements at most. Try to minimize the chance of someone walking into a dungeon blind and just getting pasted because whoops, this enemy they didn't know to expect hits their weakness, hope they saved recently. (As an additional aside, if every class can equip everything, maybe remove the "Eqp:" section of the equip menu entirely., since it serves no purpose now.)
  7. There's something about seeing '9999' that delights me, so I'm gonna have to go with Umaro, since he has the easiest time hitting it. (Admittedly, I'm still only playing v1.7.0, so I might have to revise this if I ever try out a newer version.)
  8. Hi there! I found this site while looking up some stuff on the FF6 Brave New World hack, and it looked pretty neat, so I figured I'd make an account. I'm, uh...not sure what else to add here. Oh well.