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  1. I finally started playing 1.9, planning on having Edgar take full advantage of the tanking rules. I have a question, however. I noticed that spears now allow characters to occasionally cover. Is this the exact same effect as the Knight's Cape; and if so, I assume it does not stack? Ideally, this would make it so Edgar doesn't have to wear the Knight's Cape, ergo, has room for more relics? Apologies if this has been already asked. I did spend a reasonable amount of time looking.
  2. I have a suggestion: Instead of bundling the old Dejap translation with this, use this one: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3687/ The GBA script results in a much better translation that's more inline with current Final Fantasies.
  3. I really enjoyed the Floating Continent on both my playthroughs. The only notable complaints I had were: 1. I kept having to redo the Ultros/Chupon fight with a sturdier party instead of the party who I wanted to level/catch up; which I was disappointed with. It's the first time I have to pick my party, but you have to pick a relatively durable party for the sheer amount of damage Chupon/Ultros will dish out. 2. As for Celes....
  4. I would say the 'normal' run, as that's the most commonly done run. . AKA, one class per crystal, randomly assigned.
  5. It sounds like your FJF style run is similar to a more FF1 like 'natural' run. A true FJF unlocks only four jobs, but you can have all four characters eventually learn all four jobs. While it's not quite as challenging as one job per character, it does allow for some fun synergy. Like a Mystic Knight with !Mug or !X-Fight for Chicken Knife awesomeness. I really like that style of gameplay. Would there be a way to have each crystal only unlock one job, chosen at random from the time the crystal shatters?
  6. If you also want a quicker win, a great idea for a patch would just be one that forces the Four Job Fiesta rules. Not saying your patch/revamp wouldn't be better, but FJF is really, really fun.
  7. My thoughts on "Why Back Row Tanking doesn't make sense" Rows inherently don't make sense. In a real team fight, what row you are in would emphasize the opportunity to hit and be hit in the first place, and not how damaging the attack was. If the game were realistic, you shouldn't be able to attack from the back row without a ranged weapon, and you shouldn't be able to get hit while in the back row unless the enemy has a ranged weapon. I don't think that's what's going on here. It makes sense if you think of the back row and front row as a more offensive stance or defensive stance. If you are in a defensive stance, you are focused on defending. You are using less of your body mechanics for each strike, and thus doing less damage, and you are able to brace for more attacks, thus taking less damage. This makes absolute sense, and thusly it also makes sense that you are able to defend the rest of your comrades while taking less damage if you are in a defensive stance. So, fret not about the rows, I say. The second thing I want to talk about evasion cover. It seems there are different ways to evade an attack, and you see the animation that corresponds with what the character did to evade said attack. They blocked it with a shield, they parried it with a weapon, they used a cape to avoid it, or the immortal Interceptor just took it for you. It doesn't make sense that someone covering for someone else step in front and dodge the attack. The attack would hit the person they are covering. it DOES however, make sense, for someone covering for someone else to block the attack with a weapon or shield. That makes absolute sense, actually. Ergo, I think that evasion shouldn't be discounted altogether. The covering player should get the evasion from their weapon and shield.
  8. I have a big suggestion when it comes to abilities. It's great that each class, like Mime, would have the ability to equip more abilities. However, one thing that has always irritated me about FFV is that every ability is weighted the same. For example, Black Magic or Dual Wield is weighted the same as See Hidden Passages? Really? Why would I ever burn an ability slot on Auto-Shell unless I had no other option? There's a couple of solutions for this, and both very likely involve some pretty huge hacks. 1. Make it so the characters have a ton of ability slots, like 6 per class, and make it so each ability consumes 1-3 slots. Then, you can assign a weight to each ability. This is kinda like the system in Final Fantasy Dimensions. 2. Make it so the abilities are given a type, kinda like in Final Fantasy Tactics; so there are counter abilities, support abilities, etc. I feel that this would create a lot more in terms of customization, and would provide a great opportunity to balance all or most abilities; and not just have many of them be throwaways. Also, I would make it a design goal to make the Mime and Freelancer classes more niche classes. It would really be cool to have a system where you are heavily encouraged to choose actual classes for end-game, instead of us all having 4 mimes or 4 freelancers with our end-game party.
  9. Also, make it so you can always see all of Shadow and Relm's dreams in a single playthrough; you don't have to kill off Shadow. Make it so there is absolutely nothing to be gained from killing off Shadow; after all, why in the blue blazes would you want to do that? Edit: Hell, I'd support making it so that Shadow can't die. Reaching the airship automatically triggers escaping the Floating Continent, and Shadow automatically turns up and is 'rescued'.
  10. I actually think it makes sense, and is super simple, to just link Interceptor to both Shadow and Relm no matter what.
  11. I've also realized that a big reason I wanted to go to the Phoenix Cave and Narshe was to get the Illumina for melee Celes... mainly because melee Celes goes from being almost useless to amazing with that sword (same can be said for melee Terra). It would be nice if there existed an elemental-proc sword between the classic elemental swords available in the empire and Illumina/Apocalypse, so that Melee Terra/Celes actually are viable in the early WoR.
  12. Thanks Sharmat! Yeah, S.Cross and Absolute 0 are no joke. I feel that the fights are unwinnable unless you are overleveled, or have the right party with access to resistance equipment. Fire Shields (forget the name), force armor, etc. Maybe making items that resist fire and ice more readily available from shops or something? I had to make special backtracking trips to beat the dragons with a party built to fight said dragons.
  13. BTB, thank you for the reply. I can see where you are coming from in all of your comments. And again, thank you for your great work. I look forward to playing BNW over and over throughout the years, and happy that FF6 is 'back' in my brain as a great game. Something similar for FF7 would make that game amazing too, I felt that FF7 took a step even further and made ALL of your characters blank slates from the beginning.
  14. This was my first time playing, and I made a note of a couple of issues. Let me get into the positives first. Positives: This will be a shorter section because I'm not talking about anything specific. I'm still smiling from my playthrough and I'm looking forward to multiple playthroughs in the next few years, probably at least once a year. Simply put, Final Fantasy 4 used to be my favorite FF game. I really liked Final Fantasy 6 as a kid, but I found it had lesser replay value because of the problems that the devs of BNW explained. Once you get espers, the game shifts into a much easier game (easier than it already was). As you get more espers, your characters shift from being unique and cool to being faceless ultima casters. I've tried multiple playthroughs throughout the years but I always get bored midway through; easy games don't interest me. Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World is my new favorite FF game. I loved it from beginning to end, and despite some of the flaws I'm going to point out below, I cannot emphasize how they pale in comparison to the overall positive experience. So for positives, I like "everything else". The characters were balanced, and there are a lot of tactics that I never used but will next time I play the game: I didn't know Shadow's smoke bombs were so cool. Negatives: Setzer's Fixed Dice Whenever I attacked with Setzer's Fixed Dice, he would attack with a seemingly random weapon, and several of my party members would get several random status ailments and the game would often freeze. Needless to say, I think this is a bug. Certain Dragons When I fought the Red Dragon the first time in the Phoenix Cave, he wiped my party with S. Cross. I had to return after I had gained a few levels with a party specifically put together to fight the dragon. I think backtracking is boring and bad game design. I also don't think 'gear-check mechanics' are good; requiring that your party either be prepared to deal with fire damage, have easy access to shell, be overleveled, etc... should be required. While on future playthroughs I might keep this in mind and make sure one of my Phoenix Cave parties is a red-dragon-fighting party, but for a first time playthrough I thought that the 'gear-check attack' was unfair. The easiest resolution for this is to move the dragon to the beginning of the Phoenix Cave so that players don't have to slog through an already-completed-dungeon to challenge it again. I had a similar problem with the Ice dragon in Narshe. Kefka Kefka's Goner requires your party to either be overleveled, or keep Shell and Reraise on everyone in order to survive. The latter is all well and good, and provides an additional layer of preparation required for the fight. The problem I ran into was Kefka kept spamming "purge". As Kefka has a mostly reactive script, I just had to cease attacking and keep my party healed while I recast Shell, and that wasn't too hard... but then once I was ready to start my attack again, Kefka would 'purge' again. So there were several times over that I couldn't attack because I had to keep re-applying shell; that was frustrating and boring. It wasn't challenging because I knew i had to keep Shell up on my party while I attacked Kefka, it was just annoying to have to keep reapplying shell over and over after he purged it. I think this could be fixed by simply lowering Kefka's chance of using purge. Certain Bosses' HP Ultros, the first time you fight him on the Lete River, Inferno, and Hidon I remember in particular of having an abnormally large amount of HP. The fight with these three bosses seemed to go on FOREVER, even after I had them on lockdown and could react to everything they did. Hidon in particular... I did try fighting him earlier than usual because I wanted Strago to learn Dark Omen, and I found him to be relatively easy to defend against. However, I had Shadow use 30 knives against him while a vigor based sabin wailed away. I ran my party out of MP a few times, etc... before he went down. I thought I was doing something wrong, or maybe there was some weird gimmick I had to use to kill Hidon, or maybe taking out his minions (which I did several times) healed him or something. Nope! Hidon just had a ridiculous amount of HP. Gau's HP Later in the game it's not so bad, but Gau's HP is abysmally low when you first get him. Even if you keep him in the back row and give him the best gear at the time, it really seems like monsters can kill him at will; and you have to stock dozens of Phoenix Downs just for Gau. The Script I'd like an option to either keep the original script, or even better... use the GBA version's script. While I appreciate the humor of the devs during the less serious parts of the game, it's prevalent during the more serious parts... Cyan's Inigo Montoya impression against Kefka was obtrusive, and so was the (redacted - BTB) thing. Other Suggestions -I'd like to echo that I'd love to see Sabin's stamina power his elemental blitzes. Maybe even add an earth and water blitz to add to the 'elemental avatar' theme. Definitely make it so it doesn't outshine his Vigor build. I'm fine with aurabolt being weak... single-target damage is Vigor Sabin's thing. -I'd love to find something (if there isn't already, I couldn't find it) that changes Celes' "Runic" to "Shock". -Change the in-game logo! Rather than Final Fantasy III, I'd love to see "Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World" with the magitek logo as seen in the original. -Make it so you can find the magic bone and that it isn't hidden as a stealable. I think it's important to Gau's build. -I'd love to see information about Gau's rages available in-game, so that I didn't have to look them up on a chart or study an excel spreadsheet to use Gau effectively. The same could be said about Mog's dances. -I'd also like for the weapon selection menu to include the descriptions of each equippable item, so I know special effects while I'm equipping them, and didn't have to make a special trip to the inventory screen to see that stuff.