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  1. You'd think, right? This was more or less my approach to Kaiser (except I'd end each burst of elements with one that I was resistant to rather than leading with it), and is probably exactly why your first few attempts didn't succeed, and why you felt like it wasn't clear if the mechanic was working for you. I felt the same way. In 2.0.1 there's an update to the NPC hint about Kaiser's gimmick that makes the necessary pacing of this battle a bit clearer:
  2. Yeah, it sounds like it would do a wholesale revert to the Woolsey script, but from what I understand, its purpose is to do exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Well, have I got a deal for you!
  4. You are. Press on past the tutorial if you want to experience that. The dumbing down of the intro sequence is not reflective of the game at large. You don't have the tools at your disposal at this point in the game for Whelk to be a meaningful battle, and the space required to provide those tools is better allocated elsewhere. Yeah, you might not have a fun time then. A few over-the-top Relm or Setzer lines, gags (like the one you noted here), and pop-culture references aside, the script isn't that bad, and doesn't track all that far from the spirit of the original. The original Woolsey script is, frankly, nothing special; and if you can accept that there's room for improvement and press on with an open mind, maybe you'll be okay. If not, your loss, I guess – I think everything else the mod has to offer would very nearly excuse the rest of the script being plagiarized verbatim from some 13-year-old's FF6 fanfic, frankly.
  5. Just when I thought I *was* doing everything in the game! Is this missable, or could I fire up my last save and still find this if I scour the world long enough?
  6. I am uncertain what boss this is referring to. Is this some hush-hush Mystery Egg kind of stuff, or something a fairly thorough player has probably encountered as a matter of course? Love the new Defend/Cover interaction, btw.
  7. No Item Command run

    Kain did a BNW LLG run a little while back, and Mishrak seems pretty into speedrunning it. Folks talk about other run ideas (no spending money and no Espers have both come up recently, IIRC) on the Discord from time to time, maybe ask around on there.
  8. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    The assumption was a specific gear set, haste applied, and frame-perfect spamming of the Fight command, I believe. Given that he had him geared out with the Rogue Cloak for the hypothetical exercise, I expect the wind procs were factored into the analysis as some form of average, such as "expect 25% of Mutsu hits to instead deal <expected calculated Aero damage>".
  9. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    With Morph, +Mag equipment, Ragnarok, and weakness sniping, she can still do roflstomp levels of magic damage without having to stack Maduin levels, freeing up more room for +HP and +MP alongside +Stam, so I can see the argument. I've built her both ways recently, and enjoy both. But if you wanna sit back and let Ultima rip on repeat, then stack Maduin with a side of Carbunkl and a dash of Unicorn, support with Image/Rerise/Battery/Chakra/Ethers, and have at 'er. One thing I haven't especially enjoyed with Terra is her Vigor build options. More babysitting than I have the taste for, I think.
  10. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    With the Mutsu Aero procs based on Stamina now, there's dual synergy with Phantom while fighting, but only to an extent. Nowea ran the numbers over on discord the other day, and I think something like 10 Phantom/15 Fenrir was the peak for DPS. EDIT: actually, just noticed this note just after the summary... "It's worth noting that it's like... a 7% difference in damage between Shadow's 'best' and 'worst' EL spread". So you basically can't go wrong.
  11. Bug? (info below)

    I can't speak to this specific issue, but I know Palidor has been rather problematic for me for most of my time playing BNW over the years. Characters ending up in the wrong locations (especially if summoned by Setzer on a triple Bar), being attacked while offscreen and reappearing before landing (possibly being killed and then still landing their attack), etc. The Intangir Z switch already causes awkward character positions, so I wouldn't be shocked to see this interaction go bananas.
  12. Myria is overtuned

    Nah, she was just one-handing it along with a still-cursed Hero Shield (this thing isn't going to uncurse itself, after all).
  13. Myria is overtuned

    Just fought the Triad tonight, and maybe I just had a lucky run, but Myria was a cakewalk. Party was Edgar, Mog, Celes and Relm. I more or less just Regen'd and Hasted everyone, applied spot heals as necessary, and chucked a Holy Water whenever someone hit 0. Phantom Celes DPS'd with Excalibur (though I'm curious if Illumina might have had more bite with enough Holy procs over time), Siren Edgar ran mostly support, with the odd Flash here and there, Relm Flared and reapplied RegenX as needed, and Maduin Mog grooved on whatever he was feeling (mostly Forest Suite). Burned through about 6 or 7 Holy Waters, I think? There's a good bit of healing/support/DPS redundancy across this group, so that helped. I'd rather toss Holy Waters than guard against Zombie in this fight. You get to keep some of your buffs this way (Haste for sure; not sure about Safe or Shell). I thiiiink the ATB gauge also doesn't reset when Zombie is removed, so you can really keep the pace going if you can keep on top of it. Isis was another cakewalk with Sabin/Terra/Setzer/Strago (team Kaiser). Strago spammed Refract and Reflect, with some Black Omen during downtime, Setzer Blackjacked and spot healed, Terra spammed Break (I forgot to buy Ultima for her before I walked into the fight because I'm a dummy), along with spot heals and Reflect support, and Sabin mostly recharged everyone's batteries (and spent about half the fight Charmed). Reflect kept Berserk (and other nasties) at bay, so Love Token was a non-issue. Charm was a mild nuisance, but Terra just took down anyone if they got too uppity (lesson: do not bring Fixed Dice into this fight). It was a bit slow going with Break as a primary DPS source, but at no point did I feel threatened. Asura took me a couple of tries though. The party here ended up being Cyan, Shadow, Locke and Gau — a slight miscalculation on my part. Gau was the only one with Ice immunity, and magic defense in this group isn't exceptional. There was usually one person face down on any given round, and I had a wipe the first time when Absolute 0 caught me without any Reraise applied, slaying everyone but a Raged Gau (who quickly fell to something else after that). I was also getting woefully low on MP recovery items by this point, and Reraise spam from Shadow isn't exactly MP-thrifty. In the end, it was probably Conjurer Gau's insistence on repeatedly Reraising Locke that saved the day. For reference, everyone's level was sitting around 29-30, so about on target for the area.
  14. Dino forest, probably. Bring ice. And stop grinding by level 30.
  15. Final Dungeon Setups?

    Unfortunately, full Stam Sabin with Cover is gonna end up dead fast. Even with Terrato levels for bulk, I'd guess he doesn't have the defense to stay alive very long if he's the focus of attack.