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  1. Positioning bugs are pretty common, and hard as hell to get rid of. If you spend enough time playing with triple-BAR slot summons or Palidor, you'll probably get to see a few more. A bug like this, especially if it doesn't hinder the player in any mechanical way, might be there to stay. If you can figure out some way to reliably reproduce it, however, someone might get curious enough to look into it.
  2. No idea about the bug, but how does Terra have Rerise in this party?
  3. X-Magic counter attacks

    It was a deliberate change, yes. I don't recall the exact rationale myself, but I like it for one main reason: it's harder to game the AI counter script this way. Suppose you want to Slow something that responds by Hasting itself — previously you would just hide your Slow spell with any follow up, and only the second spell would cause any reaction (or potentially none, if it didn't hit a trigger), but now you have to "bait" out the counter with the first spell in order to get your Slow through, perhaps by double casting Slow itself. Mechanically, the way it works is that the first of the two spells to hit a counter trigger will do so, and once the counter is triggered for a given target, there can be no more counters from that target for the rest of that dualcast action.
  4. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I am pretty sure D has an opener in the next version to negate the vanish cheese strat, just as a heads up.
  5. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    Yeah, Big D really is the first boss fight that forces you to play more cautiously, and the lessons you learn here will serve you through the rest of the game. I think this is why so many people struggle with him initially. He's that prof you get in the second semester of first year that acts like a gate for all the students coasting on their high school knowledge, forcing them to really learn how to learn or drop out.
  6. It's worth noting that there is limited space for enemy scripting, and that BTB filled every byte of it for the 2.0 release. Whelk being part of the intro, it was deemed unimportant to dedicate valuable AI bank to him, so he kinda just became "press A to win". There has been a lot of discussion about Whelk's neutering on the BNW Discord channel. Some people feel that if he's such a pushover, it would be better to just rip him out entirely. Since the 2.0 release, some AI fixes have freed up a modicum of space, and a happy medium has been struck for the 2.1 release where Whelk will start the battle in his shell, so the player still has to pay a bit of attention instead of just "press A to win". Still a pushover because intro, but the spirit of his gimmick lives on.
  7. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    Yeah, the defend action gets queued like any other action, it does take a moment to take effect.
  8. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    Spoons are a Phoenix Down check for sure (unless Gau is raging Conjurer for Rerise), but the jumps aren't a guaranteed KO. Use the hang time before he lands to turtle up (dpad right in combat menu to Defend), and most characters at expected level will survive if they have a good chunk of HP left.
  9. XP Gain Setting 2.0

    XP still displays after battle even with it turned off — did you check your XP on the status screen before and after combat to confirm you actually received any?
  10. Osmos not working?

    This has not been my experience, not sure what the issue is. An easy enough test would be to take Strago to Zozo, deplete a little MP on some randoms, then go inside a building and try to Osmose one of the dancers. If it works, then great; if not, then WTF. For it to work, the caster must have some MP missing, the target must have some MP remaining (most have 0 max MP), the target must not be undead, and it must hit (it can miss).
  11. Brave New World 1.9?

    I just checked, and I do not have 1.9 on this machine anymore. Maybe try asking around on the Discord?
  12. Brave New World 1.9?

    I probably have a copy of the 1.9 ips on my laptop. I'll check when I get back to it.
  13. Boomerangs

    Had great success chewing albatrosses to pieces with them on a recent white river rafting excursion.
  14. Boomerangs

    You give up reliably better damage for defense (back row damage, ignoring melee counters) and fish for throw procs to make up the difference. They don't exist to be anyone's best option (the notion of "best" options is something BNW aspires to avoid in principle), merely to provide an alternate playstyle. I haven't made all that much use of them either, as my playstyle tends toward the more conventional options, but I've resolved to give them a shot on my next playthrough. A Vigor Terra build, Morphed/Berserked and chucking dual Wing Edges at dragons and other flying things with a few babysitters to keep her upright could be fun.
  15. Both of Umaro's special relics unlock abilities that he is otherwise unable to to. Try using him with and without each one to see what changes. I believe Image makes it 100% likely that a physical attack that is capable of missing will miss. After avoiding such an attack, there is a chance the buff will wear off. There is no interaction with magic evasion. Having the Image status will disable a character's Cover ability if they have it, so that you cannot set up invincible cover/counter tanks.