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  1. Recomended lvl.

    Intended level for the final battle is probably between 30-35. I think it's expected you start the tower at around 30. As for Meteor, it could be helpful to know that this spell respects Magic Defense and Shell, so its damage can be mitigated significantly with some setup. This spell also comes out on certain triggers during the fight, so it can actually help to pace yourself a little less aggressively sometimes. If you still feel the need to grind, Fanatics Tower is actually pretty great for GP (Tinctures sell for decent cash and you can get a lot of them really quickly here, plus they're nice to have for the final dungeon anyway). For something safer, I'm told the forest near Jidoor is good, though I've never tried. Best XP grind is Dino forest, though it drops off hard if you're over leveled — IIRC the enemies start to flee at level 40 or something.
  2. I'm personally pretty indifferent to the final battle change. The randomization feels a bit out of place, but I can appreciate the motive around it. I also tend to play the game nowadays with the optional party randomization patch applied anyway, so I'm used to needing to be on my toes for unexpected party compositions. I flat out disagree that the game is any better with 3-party K@N though. And that's fine, can't please everyone.
  3. Narshe having 3 parties doesn't let you just choose to only use 2. 2 Parties lets you balance your teams better. 7 people spread over 3 teams is more dumb. The final battle lets you choose your leading 4, but then randomizes the rest so that your can't just stack 6 people up with all your best gear. The uncertainty of who you might get when someone goes down means that you need to concern yourself with the development and loadout of everyone you bring. BTB may have other reasons to add, but this is my understanding of the rationale behind these two changes. These were both very much deliberate decisions, and it doesn't seem likely that they'll be repealed.
  4. Whelk Bug?

    This is usually a sign of a botched patch job. Is it a clean vanilla ROM with only BNW on top of it, or do you have any other patches in the mix? If isolating to only BNW doesn't work, you might need to try another ROM.
  5. If someone is KOd, petrified, or zombied between phases, they'll get subbed out for a random character from the reserve list. If you have live characters swapping out, that sounds like a bug that I haven't heard of before. What version of the mod are you playing?
  6. Esper Location?

    If you're on 2.1, you have one more baddie to slay before the big prize.
  7. Gaming fiend playthrough

    You might find one on your return to the Ancient Castle. Anything else of note can be found on your way up Kefka's Tower. Though none of it is anything you need to worry about. It's mostly all detailed in the unlockme, which you'll get the password for after you beat the game — so worst case you can always experiment on a subsequent playthrough, or backtrack to see what you missed.
  8. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Because he's thz funnymzn! Not actually a joke patch (apart from the Thamasian +vig Espers, but that's its own patch), he's put and almost unhealthy amount of honest consideration into the tweaks he's made here in an obsessive effort to further refine BTB's near-perfect balance, mostly geared toward BNW vets who have played the game too much and want something to mix it up.
  9. Brave New World and the Pixel Remaster

    So, the deep mechanical changes that make BNW so different are a result of a vast amount of assembly coding that is specific to the architecture of the SNES. Porting any of this to the pixel remasters would mean rewriting all of it from scratch in x86 assembly; there is little that could be salvaged as-is. To further compound this is the matter of even knowing where to make the changes in the first place. Hacking the SNES version benefits from many, many years of reverse engineering and documentation of the ROM. No such documentation exists for the innards of the x86 iterations of the game. Very extensive reverse engineering of the code would be required before anyone could begin to even think about applying some of BNW's mechanics. It's just such an insurmountably hard sell, who would do it?
  10. Relm Painting Room

    Is one of them how to correctly pronounce "PTerraTaCelese"? I'd wager whatever patch added that non-standard font either assblasted the dialogue bank, screwed up some character encodings, or both. As for what to do, make yourself a new clean patch job of just BNW without whatever other whack stuff you've got going on here, load your save up in that, and power on through it.
  11. Relm Painting Room

    What in the heck... Did you do anything new to your ROM recently? What patches/versions are you using? That font doesn't look quite right either...
  12. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    ITT: different people have different playstyles, there is no "right" way to play, etc. Inconceivable!
  13. Gau: Rage Against The MagiTek

    I would add that Marlboro is great utility for shutting down formations of dangerous humanoids in the WoR (Gogo's cave, Cyan's dream, KT, possibly others I'm forgetting). Usually they're hitting you with lots of physicals or spells (including some nasty spell counters), and the Blind+Mute from Bad Breath is a giant NOPE button for these enemies. Sure, it's only 1/3, but the 2/3 (Bio Blast) isn't exactly unwelcome in these situations either.
  14. Feedback on Equipment

    It would be pretty hysterical if you could have Relm Cover/Counter with a brush and she'd just... slap her damage away after taking the hit.
  15. Big question time: Espers

    PS: where's my cookies, Copper??!!