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  1. This is awesome news! I gotta actually finish the game this time. lol I got so close last time but I think I got stuck at the top of the, Reptile Tower and I could not beat the boss. I can't even remember why now but I couldn't win and I couldn't see a way out. I don't think you can Teleport or Warp out of there? It's been a while. Either way that was o my old PC which died so I need to start a new game anyhow. Here's hoping this new run goes better and I can beat the whole thing. Also kinda hoping that the Esper restriction patch might work. Or I might have to put that challenge upon myself. I was curious if you could beat the game without giving everyone Cure spells or the like but apparently you can so I need to do that.
  2. I do agree Necron was a nightmare. I only beat him with luck and I certainly could never beat Ozma. And Zidane is kinda useless until he gets his Trance skills because without the stat bonuses from weapons magic is the only efficient way o do damage. It's just, after having played several LR mods at this point, it seemed to me like he put in the most effort into Unleashed. I'm still gonna try his Xenosaga mods because I love Xenosaga and finally have a halfway decent PC that can emulate PS2 and beyond.
  3. Really? You would say it's better than FFIX Unleashed? To me, he clearly peaked with Unleashed. There he made significant changes to gameplay, altering Freya's, Steiner's, Amarant's and Quina's skills. He also gave the bosses lots of new moves and stuff. He didn't just make enemy numbers go up and your numbers go down. I still consider it by far his best mod, especially when combined with No AP. I beat normal Unleashed years ago and I got to the end of Disk 1 of Unleashed/No AP with no problem and quite enjoyed myself. Although I still have to say Alternate Fantasy is the best FFIX mod at present, IMO. Yeah that was my thinking. Steam has an Autumn sale apparently that kicks off around Black Friday so I'll just wait a week and hopefully get FFX and even X-2 for like $15 or something. Thanks for all your help through this thread. I really appreciate it. If I didn't have this other mod to test out I would probably finish Punishment. But I just don't want to totally burn myself out, ya know? I might still finish it, we'll see.
  4. Also there is an FFX PC gameplay mod somebody elsewhere just told me about: I am very interested in this but I don't have the PC version right now. Maybe next month. But incase anyone else is interested. In fact I might put my playthrough of Punishment on indefinite hold. I just don't know if I have teh patience for LR's mod anymore. Running around the Omega Ruins casting Demi a billion times is giving me hardcore FFVIII Requiem flashbacks. There, Triple-casting Demi was the only way to beat the hyper inflated HP of certain enemies like Chimeras. Here I have to do much the same, just cast Demi over and over and over and over and over and spend five minutes on each fight. If there is another mod for FFX, I wanna give it a shot. It helps that the description of teh mod sounds very exciting. It isn't just raising their numbers and lowering your numbers. It changes up gameplay a lot it seems.
  5. Well how much of a difference could a few points of Luck have really made then. He has to have actually weakened the superbosses to account for the fact he removed stat increase farming. Thanks for the info.
  6. I appreciate the advice. I'll see what I can do. As I said, my main party is Tidus, Rikku and Auron. I got Godhand for Rikku and I don't foresee me getting Tidus' full power CW. So that leaves Auron. Tell me truly though, how screwed am I that I used up all my Fortune and Luck Spheres? You get a couple in Zanarkand and tehGagazet Cave and I used them both for Miracle Drinks against the Keepers. Everyone says Luck is very important, especially against the Dark Aeons, but I have no idea what that is all about. It helps with Evasion or something? I just have Rikku in teh Quick Pockets section right now and am looking sadly at those nodes I can't activate because I used up all my Luck Spheres..... But right now I figure top priority is filling out the three grids. Then comes Gil grinding then comes item grinding. Then I can start beating stuff, hopefully. Honestly, Triple AP seems wasted with the Don Tonberry trick. It would make things go a tad faster but so what? It's very simple and easy and fast enough as is. The main problem is, and this is something you maybe didn't notice because you played the North American version with the Standard Sphere Grid, is that apparently the Expert Sphere Grid is full of empty nodes. So I'm gonna be traveling around the Grid getting a lot of nothing a decent bit of the time. But oh well. EDIT: And I keep meaning to ask, are the final story bosses leveled for people who could beat the Arena and Omega Ruins? I have to max Sphere Grids and have the best equipment to beat the regular story, too?
  7. I didn't even have the Aga spells at the time but I thought Auron did respectable damage with just his normal attacks.
  8. So I just learned of the Don Tonberry trick. I tried it out with Tidus and got 13 levels in about a minute or two. So I think I'm gonna be doing this for at least my main trio. I'm sorry dude but I don't see how you could stand to level normally when AP > Overdrive gets you levels this quick and it is gonna take so long to max out even one grid. It is my understanding you need that to defeat the Dark Aeons and probably also the Weapons since you didn't fight the Dark Aeons. And I assume the final story bosses are leveled for parties that beat optional content. Honestly, with Don Tonberry, I don't think grinding will be too bad. This is a No Aeon run so I'm not going to be boosting their stats which seems like it would take FOREVER. I used all my Mimic grinding money so far to get Yojimbo at 3x the prize. I hope the Teleport Spheres are worth it. That's Evade and Counter for two more people. I got a four empty slot weapon for Tidus from a random fight in the Omega Ruins and I have the Flexible Arm just now from the Fayth Cavern. Hopefully those will serve me well when I have tons of awesome items and thus abilities to put on them. I don't think it's possible to max out stats in this, is it? So Stat+ is still worth a slot ,s right?
  9. Out of curiosity, are there any other FFX gameplay mods/hacks out there? Given how popular the game is and the fact it's been on PC for years now, I'm shocked I can't find more mods that overhaul the battle system to make the game different and more challenging.
  10. I'll definitely have to look into this when it happens. I really loved ROTDS but I liked BNW restricting Espers a lot. Combining the two be perfect.
  11. So I wanna talk about Seymour Natus as earlier it was noted the game was fun or properly challenging up to him. I consider him the most fun and challenging boss in the game. Unlike Yunalesca who was just...ugh. Anyway, the main problem with Natus is the Mortibody and its Desperado. So far as I could tell, Desperado triggers if everyone in the party is buffed. He'll still do it on occasion if they aren't but it only immediately triggers if everyone has a buff on them, especially Shell. Natus always starts with ice spells so I could protect against that with my Arctic Winds or whatever creating three sets of Iceproof armor. The problem is, how to survive if we can't have Shell on everyone? My solution was Mega Vitality. I had 2 Stamina Tablets from grinding Rikku up to decent levels on the Moonflow because there's no other real choice. Anyway, my buf layout was this: Haste on Tidus and Auron because Rikku doesn't really need it. And Shell on Tidus and Rikku because Auron with 8000 HP doesn't need Shell. Incidentally, this has been my boss team ever since. I've given up on everyone else except for Yojimbo because physical attacks don't work there and a mage team can actually survive his attacks. Anyway, this was my setup for victory. Auron even Overkilled him with a Crit. I noticed the first phase is substantially harder than the second or third phase. I figured it had something to do with the way X's battle system works. Certain actions elay your next turn more, right? If the same is true for bosses, than Seymour Natus casting Flare and the Mortibody casting Cura cost them more turns than when they were doing the elemental spell attacks. It just felt like Seymour especially was getting less turns once the final phase kicked in.
  12. Okay so I figured out the Cactuar Sandstorm stuff and did all that. ...for nothing. The reward in the village is the Venus Sigil. I now have Lulu's Crest and Sigil, not Rikku's. My hopes for getting Gillionaire are dashed. I can only assume he switched them around and made me have to dodge 200 lightning bolts to get Rikku's full powered Celestial Weapon. I guess I just have to try and find what item is needed to put Gillionaire on equipment. I would be blessed to dodge 100 bolts, let alone 200, especially so long as I don't have No Encounters.
  13. It's good to hear the Omega Ruins are still good for farming AP. This mod demands a ton of grinding so I was dreading the endgame in a way when I had to finally start trying to fill out the grid. But if even in the mod AP is still plentiful here, that'll help a lot. But man, I wish I had done monster capturing earlier. For catching the three fiends on Besaid I got 99 Stamina Tonics. Insane. I could sit on those for the entire rest of the game. I could freely use them for Mix in boss fights for Hyper Vitality. Could have had them for Yunalesca, had everyone at 9999 HP. Oh well. And the 60 Three Stars, One MP Cost for my entire party, could make Quick Hit a viable move now for Auron and his pathetically small MP pool. This game doesn't really tell you a lot I'm remembering. Like, the sandstorm in Bikanel blocking off the one area? It gives you no info on what to do about that. And those Cactuar Statues in the Thunder Plains, I have no idea what to do with them. I figure the two things are related but anyway I hate having to look things up. But when the game gives you no assistance, what can you do? Some games just require a guide. I appreciate all the help you're giving me is the point. Thanks again.
  14. Thank you for the info on Bribe. This explains why my testing it out on Gagazet yielded dismal results for everything but a couple enemies. The one Mech at least I was able to Bribe to get a single Door to Tomorrow. That apparently can be made to Customize equipment with Overdrive > AP. It sounds like it could be useful, especially for Tidus with Warrior and Demi at the Omega Ruins. Of course, I have no idea how many Doors it takes to learn that ability. I was just testing. I did discover the Mimics giving 50K, though. I beat it with Auron w/Sentinel + Evade and Counter. Your strategy sounds a lot faster though. Thank you. I should really go and stock up on Candles of Life. It was just that, by Zanarkand, I was getting really tired of random encounters being a struggle. I especially hate robots in this mod because the only status that works on them is Slow and it often misses. Those Cannon and Kick Robots are just BS. The cannons especially because they can hit the whole party and that move seems to ignore defense. My Protects never help.
  15. Well I always have Dream Powders and Smoke Bombs and Silence Grenades and Petrify Grenades get my meaning. Random fights in this game are becoming ludicrous. The only way I survive is having Sonic Steel on Tidus and Using some debilitating item on the enemies immediately when the fight starts. Otherwise they often oneshot any of my party exceptmaybe Auron. Thanks for telling me about the capture stuff but I already got the airship. I went to the Omega Ruins to see what I could get. Somebody tipped me off that Bribe is the real key to success now and Steal is becoming less useful. Bribe is apparently how I could have gotten the item for Trio of 9999. ButI don't have the kind of money to be spending upwards to 100K to get itesm from enemies at present. I watched an LP years ago that talked about how crafting armors with certain abilities was the best sourcee of money in the game but I forget which abilities. I'll try to figure taht out on my own. I kinda have to if Bribe is this essential to getting unique items and stuff. I've already kinda given up hope on getting the full powered Celestial Weapons. I ain't dodging 00 lightning bolts. But with awesome items, I can craft my own ultimate weapons.