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  1. So if you don't have it, there is a Steam sale going on right now and you can pick up FF8PC for $6. Between this and SC saying there will be a build released to the public so much sooner than I ever dared to hope (I was expecting like, a year or two) i am very happy.
  2. Well, after being rather happy with the modifications to Rico (making him the powerhouse he should have been) I'm completely fucked by the final round with the Gebler squad. They each do 400 damage at minimum and often combo up to 1000+. It's just Weltall against at least the first three of them and also after the Rankar fight potentially took off at least 400 health. You have to pray Weltall dodges and he often doesn't. I have absolutely no clue how you're supposed to survive this gauntlet This really is possibly the worst hard mod I've ever seen and that makes me very sad..
  3. Did anyone here play it? For those who don't know, this is the 20th anniversary of Xenogears, a game that is near and dear to me. As such, I figured a replay was in order and I'd also try out another hack/mod from a guy I've quite enjoyed. (FFVIII Requiem and FFIX Unleashed were the first time I had replayed either game in years) However, I'm at Calamity and it's not very...challenging or fun because there's no real skill involved. Between this and the Worm fight, it's all luck and tedium. I would think things get more interesting once I can finally start buying more items and running about grinding but for that to happen, I'd have to pray Calamity lets me win. Or I could maybe just find some cheat code that lets me oneshot Calamity and then turn it off after the boss fight... But I dunno. That's why I was asking if anyone here has played it?
  4. Well now I'm completely stuck on the fight with Elly and her gang. There's literally no way to win. According to an old post by LR, you're supposed to be "given" a Frame HP30%. i wasn't given shit. I can only assume he meant you had to find it somewhere. Where, I have no idea. I looked around the mountain place and didn't find anything. So...either I hack in a FH30 or I stop here. I wish I could just ask him or somebody else who beat this where I'm supposed to get it.
  5. Well I beat it thanks to the power of Save States. That's probably cheating but I don't really feel guilty. I tested Calamity out with a real cheat, finding out it has about 5000 HP or so, which would be twice its original HP so that seems likely. If he had just nerfed Calamity's HP like some people requested in the ID forum, made it more like 3500-4000, that would be a lot more forgivable. As it is, I barely beat it with just Fei alive and totally out of fuel. In a fight with real choice, strategy and, ya know, fun, I have no intention of save stating my way to victory. But this boss had none of those so I'm gonna go on without looking back. I'm determined to beat this game because, as noted, vanilla Xenogears is just too easy so I want to revisit my old love and have it actually be interesting to play.
  6. Hm, I dunno. FFVIII's narrative is not the best unfortunately. I really feel like Adel should have been the main villain because then it really connects the struggles of Laguna's group with the modern heroes', ya know? With Adel as the Big Bad, bringing Laguna along to finally totally defeat his old nemesis would be very rewarding, just like how bringing Seifer and/or Edea to defeat Ultimecia would be the logical conclusions of their character arcs. But Laguna has no real connection to Ultimecia so the story element would seem ab it less climactic, ya know?
  7. Having Seifer rejoin the party before Ultimecia's Castle is what SHOULD have happened in the main game and if it was in this mod, I would instantly love it, regardless of any other alteration.
  8. So I was talking to Rynzer on ID and he advised me to come here so here I am. I just got the Hovercraft with Edge and have been playing for a little over 5 hours. I have only ever completed FFIV Advance so this is all pretty peculiar to me but in a good way. Buying items in 1's and 10's, text limits so they can't even say Hades Helm (or whatever) but just "Hades" and put it next to a picture of a helmet, that is all very strange. I'm actually going to have to use Fat Chocobo here probably. But apart from my being a baby who grew up with FFVII and only ever played re-releases of the older games.... 1. Casting Float after every new loading screen was really annoying. It eats up your MP in no time. I dunno if that is an intentional part of the challenge ihe hack but I can't say I cared for it. 2 First boss death was Milon Z who I was not expecting so I hadn't even healed since the first fight so was low on MP for the Twins. I tried but I got stuck in a rs loop because he wouldn't stop oneshotting the Twins who of course got put in the front row because it was a ambush. Even putting them in the back wasn't working because he'd just kill them before I could heal them after reviving them. 3. How do you know if you got a status on a boss or even regular enemy? If the animation plays, does that mean it worked? I'm just wondering if Slow is a viable strategy against future bosses and if debuffs are useful here. Just got done playing SMT and Persona for the first time so they really trained me to love the debuffs. But overall I'm enjoying myself quite a bit. I'm very eager to see where this story goes considering several characters are dead and the game just started.
  9. Wow, you're totally right about Cecil and the shield. I never even thought about that in spite of the fact you did clearly mention resistance to one element makes you weak to another. That's just my bad. I'll have to try and keep this in mind in future. It's not something you see in any other FF game I know of. And yeah, I've been enjoying your dialogue and story alterations. That little typo could happen to anybody. The Tower of Zot was the hardest dungeon all game outside the very earliest ones when we had no health or MP or anything. It wasn't helped by the fact I accidentally hit a key and loaded a state from before I even did Magnetic Cave. I had no idea states overrode save files and all my progress was gone in a split second. Luckily FIV dungeons are pretty short and Iknew what I was doing the second time around so both the Cave and the Giant of Bab-il were quick but it was still kinda frustrating. But I have the Lunar Whale now and ifeel like this is the endgame in the hack just like the main game? Only side stuff I've done is get the Murasame and Odin. A person in Toroia Castle said Titan is a Fiend in a cave nearby but I couldn't find the cave. There's also these people in this cave on the Moon who say a bunch of cryptic stuff that I assume is referring o our party members but I have no idea what that is about. Is there anything else I'm missing? I'd be happy to do it.
  10. At 10 hours now... Hardest boss was Octomon or whatever it was called. Cecil couldn't even survive one Deluge and if it hit Rosa, she was history, too. Luckily she evaded it a lot. I ended up just having to leave Cecil for dead on my victorious run. During FuSoYa's speech, he says "he may also be able to summon the Giant of of Bab-il to annihilate everything on Earth!" And FuSoYa's reaction to Rydia was priceless, as was her response. Rydia: Hi, I'm Rydia! Can I play with your beard? She's still older than the Twins from what i remember so we're not that terrible.... The Red Worms on the Lunar Path were jerks. I can only assume you have to Stop them or something. I tried Silencing them but their Drain isn't a spell I guess. I ended up just running. Also a lot of little things are blurring together, we fought Rubicant in Castle Damcyan, right? The fight was decently challenging but so much has happened since then it's fading into memory very quickly. I just stormed Baron and got Kain and figure this is a good place to stop. Thank God I stocked up on Tinctures, although you seemed to have mercifully made the boss easy after the gauntlet. I haven't written much but I've done a lot. I write less when I'm seriously hooked on a game. I don't want to take time off from enjoying myself. Alas, I'm at Mythril and buying up all the new equipment I can but I'll need to grind for GP to get all of it. But that can wait till later. The Row management in this game is really a double- edged sword. Like, it's cool that if you get a back attack, you can fix it all with one turn. On the other hand, you always have to have 3 front line or back row characters. Edge dies so much I would love to put him in the back and just have him attack from there (like Shadow, a much better Ninja) but of course putting Rosa or Rydia in the front is unthinkable. Oh well. The inventory management is also a pain.( Although thank you for the tip on getting specific quantities of items!) Was this a technological limitation? I'm not trying to criticize you or anything, it's just not something I'm used to in an FF game. I'm just like, you never know what you'll need. I want as many status curing items as possible, I want multiple elemental weapons and shields, etc.. I can't remember how long FFIV is so I dunno if your hack is roughly the same length or not. I'm hoping there's a lot of game left though in spite of the fact i have my endgame party now.