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  1. I recall someone saying there was a spot to get a lot of the potentially missable rages in the WoB. I'm right before the floating continent right now and want to farm all the rages and lores I can get before leaving, but I really have no idea which rages I can still get. Are there any that are missable? If so is there a spot to farm them and where?
  2. Just wondering if there has been a water battle zone added in the WoR or not to get mog's dance?
  3. I'd check out Poemato's stream of T-edition. He actually live translates all the text, and they are really cozy streamers. It's kind of outdated at this point now, but they said they are going to stream it again, and are working on a translation as well.
  4. Final Fantasy T edition already went the "DLC" route, granted none of us english speakers can really play it since it hasn't been translated. And while I do think it's a good romhack, it definitely goes for quantity over quality at times.
  5. Where are the 1.9 beta patch notes?
  6. It looks like they just found random romhacks to put on the site without playing them, because some of them are truly bad.
  7. Whatever you do please speed up the battle load speed, and the battle speed in general!
  8. So you took the game and made it less fun
  9. Is there a list of what enemies give which lores for BNW floating around out there? Just curious.
  10. Nope, bannon is standing in a spot where the guards can flank him from the side. I kinda remember protecting bannon like that in the original game, so I'm not sure if it was changed to be that way or not.
  11. I do like the idea of ultros being an optional replayable boss similar to spekko though. Maybe he can grow in strength based on the parties average level or something.
  12. You can block the entrances, but you would have to wait out the entire battle instead of rushing to the finish with a third party. Which I think would make the battle a lot more strategic and difficult.
  13. Ultros getting his portrait taken, and teaching dance moves. Ultros is a rather cultured creature I'll say.
  14. I remember a similar background to this during the esper world flashback when geshtal steals the baby. It's similar to this except without the train. I wonder if that would work.
  15. Thanks! Just curious as to the reason for wanting two parties? Is it so you can't simply block the entrances with two characters?
  16. Lineup menu should be a full restore IMO
  17. THANK YOU That's incredibly helpful.
  18. Just make your own spiritual successor to FF6 game from scratch, then you can do what you want lol
  19. I like the serpent trench idea. Giving it to mog at the start might be a bit strange since you use mog in the beginning of the game when you first meet locke.
  20. Hmm ok good to know. And underwater battle in the WoR would be nice for people who miss the dance, but I understand not really having a good way of adding the underwater battle to the WoR. The GbA version solved this by adding a battle when you take the ferry between South Figaro and Nikeah, but then again the added content in the gba version is forced and pretty bad.
  21. I like the idea. I also like the idea of a typical new game+ where you get to keep all your levels and items.