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  1. Talk to the girl in Seaside Town.
  2. I'd recommend going after the Anti Shy Aways first, since what they give has a higher drop rate.
  3. Go in the pipe at the very top, just before Belome.
  4. Cloudy Heaven is a timer to death. You must defeat the boss before the screen goes completely dark.
  5. Pay attention to the elements a boss uses. The difference between resisting an element and being weak to it is a factor of 8!
  6. There are Shy Aways in a variety of places, including Land's End and Bean Valley.
  7. You can legally make a personal copy of a SNES cartridge. Technically, this is what it's referring to. Of course, we have no way of knowing (nor do we care) how you actually obtain the ROM...
  8. Basically everything. Make no mistake, making something that was 8-bit suddenly be treated as 16-bit is no simple task, even for the most basic of values. For something as complex as the number of enemies, there's likely dozens of locations in the assembly that would have to be found and updated. Each one is a massive pain to find. This isn't even going into the additional memory usage caused by this.
  9. I agree, in more ways than even you might have intended. There's basically 3~5 "status effects" in v9: Poison/burn: Constant damage over time Sleep/disable: Can't do anything useful Full break: Lowers damage dealt and increases damage taken Attack down: Lowers damage dealt Fear: Increases damage taken There's no status effects that lock just items, or just spells, or just attack. Ironically, vanilla possessed these. More to what you're referring to, however, towards the end you simply get status protection for everything that can be protected, resistance to all elements, and of course mortality protection. It happens slower than it did in v8, but it's still an issue. As far as your idea for reducing the duration, however, that is not really an option without major assembly changes. There's a number of things I'd like to see different with poison, such as it affecting normal enemies more than bosses, but we'll see what happens in doom edition. As far as fear is concerned, it's likely not going to be usable on enemies in hard mode/doom edition for the reasons you stated. It was an experiment in adding more uses to certain moves, but it didn't work out too well. I think there's much to improve, although what gets done in hard mode/doom edition is yet to be seen. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Goes to track down and read this featured article.
  11. It all depends on what you're looking for.
  12. The lack of Galaxy Blast counter is the only reason the superbuffed Rosalina was even doable. The constant stream of Galaxy Beams removing everything (and sometimes just outright killing you) cannot be understated. But making Galaxy Blast the most effective strategy for the Lumas defeats the entire purpose of making each one a different element and adding absorption, so it had to be nerfed. Even in the final release, you can still use it, but you have to be prepared to tank one in return... it's still an effective way to wipe the Lumas out at once. By the way, you can really take advantage of Found Illusion in that fight in Normal mode, but that won't be the case in Hard. Better start learning those timings!
  13. Paladin is nothing compared to Oathkeeper.
  14. Because otherwise it would trivialize trial mode and/or the FF boss rush.
  15. FYI, this strategy cannot work. Every time Galaxy Storm is used, it restores one of her lives. Conversely, she won't use it until she's lost at least one life, but that's not the main mechanism for her using it.
  16. By the way, have you beaten her yet?
  17. He can, but...
  18. So, let me tell you a little story... There once was a boy and a girl who played games together. The boy typically won, but both had a good time and everyone was happy. Sure, the girl wasn't trying very hard, but the boy didn't know this. One day, the boy decided to make fun of the girl, calling her "too easy" and questioning whether she was even fun to play with. This angered the girl, and she went in a frenzy, unleashing her wrath upon the unsuspecting boy. The boy then ran crying to his mother, who scolded the boy by making him farm 1000 traps and then giving him a spanking that made the boy wish he had never said anything. The End. So with story time out of the way, the final boss was actually nerfed after the buff. She's definitely much more difficult than anything else in Normal mode, but you don't even have to be able to block most of her attacks to win. If I were to compare, I'd say she's slightly easier than v8 hard's version, but not by much. You need to really deal damage when she's vulnerable and survive when she's not. Item management is critical. Good luck!
  19. Your save was unfortunately already lost from the beginning.
  20. Did you give the patched rom a new name? It sounds like you mixed and matched save files between versions.
  21. This is a bit misleading... let me explain. It's technically possible to add dozens of party members, if you can shuffle around all the memory and update all the locations in the assembly. This is a very difficult and time consuming task. Even for a 6th party member, so many changes would have to be made to make it work. Keep in mind everything in the game assumes there are up to 5 party members. So yeah, with that in mind, there are no plans to add a 6th party member to Armageddon any time soon.
  22. Actually, she means "She came all the way to the Mushroom Kingdom". This has been corrected in Normal mode, by the way.
  23. After a month of testing, bugfixing, and feedback, we've decided to split version 9 into three difficulties: content, normal, and hard. Normal should also be available soon, and hard will come later. For now, however, you can download Content Mode in here: Enjoy!