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  1. SpeedRun Questions

  2. SpeedRun Questions

    At the present time, there isn't a separate category for v8 easy/hard compared to v8 beta. If there were, my best (and only) time in v8 easy would be 3:25:03*. * Depends on start/end timing.
  3. SpeedRun Questions

    There's two major reasons to do it with the beta: A lot of the early boss fights are faster (Mallow does more damage with Shocker and the bosses have less HP) and a lot of the later boss fights are safer/faster (Dark is used far less) Most boss fights yield 1 exp, which saves a ton of time skipping the level up screen. There's one fight near the end that gives thousands of experience and takes a few minutes to get through the level up sequence for, but it's much faster to do it all at once than spread out through the game.
  4. It's Official - Xion Defeated!

    Nice! Even more impressive is the fact you did it while missing over 300 max HP! Thanks for the shoutout, and welcome to the Xion club!
  5. I improved a bunch of the routing from the previous Dark Star route, did things significantly faster, and managed to get a time of 3:03:57! Check it out: *Including credits, which adds about 11 and a half minutes in vanilla.
  6. This was with one of the betas for v8, which you can find in the downloads section.
  7. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Good luck! No amount of strategy will save you from Xion if you can't block her attacks... And you're welcome
  8. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Considering Rosalina is entirely strategy, and you saw exactly how to do it, it's not surprising you were able to win. She is the hardest boss., though, so grats all the same. Galaxy items, specifically Galaxy Rings, will help you survive Xion. I farmed coins using the Master.
  9. Switching out Mario is dependent on the rom, since certain events get broken by the change. So the patch would need to be made specifically for vanilla. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the changes are, so your only chance is to check with DK and hope he has the changes written down somewhere.
  10. Golden Flower

    It's relatively small, but the superboss armors do have different stats in v8.
  11. SpeedRun Questions

    Boss rush is basically post Smithy, so it would be an even longer run. As far as rules, it's what you would expect: no emulator features.
  12. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    A lot of bosses use certain attacks after a set number of turns. Rosalina is no exception. I used speed bracer on Mario because it maximized my chances of success.
  13. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Crystal Rings are probably the way to go. They provide the status protection while Lazy Shell/Nova Armor/Rainbow Robe protect against the elements.
  14. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Schala's Ring gives one character invincibility. On the 10th use, it gives everyone invincibility and disappears forever. You can't get it back due to a bug. Nova Armor is the male counterpart to the Rainbow Robe. Super Suit and Brave Suit don't matter to you at this point. Every point of defense makes a massive difference. Have you beaten May and Dawn? You'll want their rewards before doing the FF boss rush...
  15. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    You can always use Celebi to keep Peach invincible for a little while. Schala's Ring is very useful for this as well. I don't have a video for beating Terra, since I didn't feel she was that hard compared to the others.
  16. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    No, she has 10 lives. However, if you don't defeat her fast enough, she'll heal them back indefinitely.
  17. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    The latter. Like I said, one life is restored every time Terra uses Riot Blade, up to the maximum of 10.
  18. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    I believe her max lives are 10. By the way, Crystal Stars also heals a life. Max lives for THAT fight is 10.
  19. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Every time Riot Blade gets used, Terra heals a life. If you didn't know, a life is 30,000 HP.
  20. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    All four of the pokemon Dawn is referring to can be found in Nimbus Land. Since you already have Celebi, Latias and Latios are the only others you're missing. You don't. The Ultima Weapon is Mario's strongest weapon except for the weapon you get for beating boss rush.
  21. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    You can get additional Found Illusions in the Sunken Ship with Rin Kagemine, Lin Kagemine, and Luka Megurine. Beyond that, you can defeat Larxene to get infinite Found Illusions. In case you're not aware:
  22. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Blood, sweat, and a lot of blocking. The better question is how I kept my sanity without using fast forward through all that... Ultima, Dark Star, and Meteor all hit for 20k+. Ultima Weapon is Mario's best weapon until after you beat boss rush.
  23. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    I actually made videos for the final bosses of v8 hard without save states. Just search for "VS Xion" and such. You have two options with the Dark Daisies: burst them down before they attack, or use invincibility. Did you talk to May? If that's not the issue, do keep in mind that entering an area with a hidden monster will increment the counter as well. Also, you can't just load a save state after getting a daisy, you need to run away and try again.
  24. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    Glad you're enjoying it! You're playing hard mode, right? Things are about to get a lot "harder" for you... P.S.: There's a discord (link's up top) for smrpga and ng+ in general.
  25. EndGame Help-Hardmode

    I was wondering when you mentioned Booster's Tower if you were referring to the bob-ombs... You can do that with any number of enemies in a variety of places, although the bob-ombs self destructing does help. I'll mention it to DK, but I don't think it's an issue. Basically, you can level as much as you want (up to 100 of course) if you're really having trouble with something. This is on purpose, and easy and hard mode of v9 will work similarly. The only way to prevent the player from doing some variation of what you did would be to somehow cap the player's level in each area. Does that explanation make sense?