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  1. A little help on Super Mario RPG Armageddon

    To be clear: I'm not saying they ARE unbalanced; I'm saying they MIGHT be unbalanced. Either way, I didn't fight them at all in v8. On a positive note, when v9 comes out, the balance (especially early game) should be much tighter.
  2. A little help on Super Mario RPG Armageddon

    I'm assuming this is for v8. With that in mind... I never actually fought those enemies, so for all I know they're completely unbalanced. From what I remember, you don't get a Trueform Pin until the end of Kero Sewers, so you'll just have to beat them quickly and hope they don't scarecrow your entire party for long or just avoid them entirely.
  3. Will Insane Difficulty Come Back Online?

    Like BTB said, it's unlikely it's ever coming back. Which is unfortunate for a number of reasons, but them's the breaks Regardless, darkkefka is currently having internet issues. Once he's ready, he'll likely start this up again on these forums.
  4. Twitch Integration

    What sort of streamers are you looking for? If the answer is "any", my Twitch ID is the same as my username (doomsday31415).
  5. That's perfect, thanks!
  6. It's certainly difficult to find information on the old versions with the old design. Various threads typically talked about whatever version was the latest at the time (without actually specifying). I don't see how limiting the forum to the two latest versions would help, though. All it would do is make it even harder to find information on the older versions. Instead, would it be possible to add a field to the thread topic to specify which version the thread is about? This is a question for the mods/admins.