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  1. The boss rushes (including the trainer battles) are deliberately stricter when it comes to once-a-battle item usage. However, I was under the impression you got them back after every fight in the FF boss rush? The bug with killing everyone in boss rush has already been reported and fixed. Shiny Flowers can be found in Shadow Palace. Daisy's dialogue is that way because of reasons...
  2. I wasn't aware dark breath was blockable
  3. You are an amazing person for tracking this bug down. Thanks!
  4. Nah, multiple counters could be stacked if we really wanted.
  5. Might as well make it 3 million with all the damage you can deal.
  6. That's actually a different area.
  7. I'm starting to feel like you have a corrupted rom... I'm not seeing that issue. Could you hop on discord so we can chat?
  8. It's a surprisingly simple bug: losing to Long Gui sends you to the pre-Yaridovich Seaside Town. Entering the "boss zone" from there triggers the Yaridovich fight. No flags are affected though, so you should be fine otherwise.
  9. We'll be pretending to release hard mode in our heart every tuesday for the next month. The actual release won't be until after DK has had a chance to see and plan for what people do in the content mode.
  10. I wondered the same thing, but it's a feature.
  11. I'm glad to hear that fixed your issue! It would be interesting to see the kind of rom that came out of applying the v9 patch to v8...
  12. Until you acquire better jumping equipment, your jump will be limited The status is called "full break", and I'll let you determine what it means.
  13. Look closer at the number. There's a period there. Nope, it was left in for anyone that knows the secret!
  14. After you reach max level, you will have the option of "respecing", that is to say you'll be able to reset your bonuses to something else. If you don't like how it turned out initially, you can always change it later!
  15. The whole point of that fight is to force you to learn about the defense mechanic. We even buffed the damage from a few weeks ago just to make sure you'd have to be an absurd level to tank it But no worries. After all, defense wasn't that great in vanilla, so it's not the first thing some people will think of.
  16. Do you have any reason to believe the blue platform moved between when you entered and when you left?
  17. So there are still people that see the massive damage and think "you know, maybe if I was 25 levels higher..."
  18. Curious... that means the flag was corrupted before you ever touched the platforms... Well, I'm glad to hear the logic that was added to reset them worked!
  19. Well, even so, maybe you know the answer to these questions: You saw the blue platform after coming from the entrance right? Not from where the shy guys are, for example. When the blue platform was sitting there, had you entered Rose Way before? If yes to the above, did you do anything in Rose Way besides go from the beginning to end, optionally collecting chests and coins along the way?
  20. Do you know what you did to get that to happen?
  21. So I just tried multiple times with the exact same version of retroarch and the snes9x core, but I'm not reproducing this. Is anyone able to record this happening, or have reproducible steps?
  22. All good information. Thanks! One last thing: when you got the cricket jam, did you buy anything in the shop?
  23. Did you notice anything strange with your frog coins? Also, could you describe what you did between Mack and Rose Way?
  24. Let's discuss this in PMs to not clutter this thread.