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  1. Can't wait to try it out! thanks for this!
  2. Ah, alright, that makes sense. It would be a bit strange to defend, to not defending for a covered hit, to defending again. So my votes would be any statuses are selfish, defending being either compromise (take hit defended, drop afterwards) or selfish, and row being anything (selfish, selfless, or compromise all have merit). Prefer that either defend or row are selfish, though. And no evade tanking is fair. That sounds oxymoronic and unbalanced.
  3. Noobie here but just tossing in an opinion...I dislike the "compromise" option for defend/statuses. Having cover remove those abilities just makes cover feel like a liability. Especially if cover will be inherent on certain weapons such as spears, I don't think cover should be a forced liability, but one you can adapt to the situation. I'd be up for Row disabling Cover, while Defend/statuses act selfishly or selflessly.