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  1. Finished BNW, where should I go next?

    Some random suggestions: Parallel Worlds (Zelda 3 mod) Infamous for its difficulty though the exploration is some of the most fun I've had in nearly any game. Wouldn't blame you if you ragequit before getting the sword though; I nearly gave up/resorted to savestates in that extended swordless sequence. Rockman no Constancy (Megaman 2) If you're really skilled at Super Metroid, Cliffhanger Redux will push your skills. While not the hardest challenge hack out there, it does have something to offer beyond the brutal difficulty. If lots of required mockball, speedball, tricky Shinespark tech, heat runs, etc.. turns you off, Z-factor is a better fit for challenge without veering into "for pros only" territory. There's Megaman X Hardtype right on this site too. If I think of anything else, I'll add it here.
  2. It really is a matter of personal preference, though here are some thoughts. If I'm mathing correctly, Steal will reach a 100% success rate at 72 Speed. Out of the potential stealers Locke and Shadow are the only ones with access to Speed ELs (and in Shadow's case, if you know you'll never equip a Switchblade on him, can be disregarded). I don't recall any other quantifiable benchmarks for Speed. Regarding Stamina: Characters resist Sap damage better for each 8 points of Stamina. So raising from 39 to 40 has more significance than a boost from 40 to 41. I like my characters to have an even multiple of 8 in Stamina when unequipped for maximum equipment flexibility. Mog likes Stamina unless you never plan on using Dance. 37 Stamina gives about a 2/3 chance of success on non-native terrain. Terra likes Stamina when morphed. 64 is a nice round amount to aim for though in practice, I'm more inclined to allocate ELs to 44 or 48 so I have more ELs to devote to HP, MP, and the offensive stat of choice. Like many others, I find that status preventing Relics are preferable for status resistance. 96 Stamina would be enough for me to skip the blocker but getting there sacrifices too much for me.
  3. NG+ Member Pictures

    Haven't been logging in much (mostly lurk, occasionally pipe up in chat) but sure: An ordinary magician
  4. Two Questions...

    Oh! This is one of those "meant to answer the question, then forgot about it for months" situations. I played through the whole hack with the user options mod and encountered no issues. (fast movement in a cutscene, I don't consider an issue) It was an older release but I doubt anything that would affect User Options has changed under the hood. Fast movement is a very welcome quality of life feature. Being able to move about the field swiftly greatly increased my enjoyment. Precision airship movement I don't use as much though it's a welcome feature and doesn't take anything away. Visible ATB I only used a little bit. Generally found it more convenient for me to see max HP. Seeing visible ATB did help me understand how the game handles things when multiple characters are at 100% though so it did have use as a discovery tool. I never used turn skipping myself. Partly because I'm used to base FF4 and partly because of how the game handles ATB ties. I suppose I would be stuck entering commands for everyone else before the game cycles back to the character whose turn was skipped. It may have strategic use if allies have been hit with Slow though so maybe I haven't played with it enough. I used the Cache option in my gameplay as a convenience feature. Liked it, made item management less of a hassle. Doesn't compromise the challenge of fights either.
  5. Difficulty Scope and Difficulty Curve

    Other than combing "best game of all time" listings for ideas, Gradius 5 comes to mind. Going to focus on Normal difficulty of the game here though easier and harder settings exist. With a bit of experience and practice, the first two stages are routine and feel like busywork. Stage 3 is consistently survivable though does ask for being more awake. Stage 4 has a number of tricky setups and the dreaded regenerating wall though a plan and execution will save the player's lives. Stage 5 and it's asteroid hell will put reflexes to the test and the boss is a real skill gate in the context of beating it without dying. The next stages manage to up the challenge. Stage 6 is green goop hell and proves a challenge even with foreknowledge. Very easy to trap oneself in the stage and some of the bosses at the end of stage boss rush have really tricky patterns even when one is familiar with them. Stage 7 is a long endurance test. Swarms of enemies, sometimes combined with tricky placements; multiple navigation challenges (including a high speed zone); and multiple bosses, nearly all of which have tricky patterns to survive. Stage 8 is not nearly as tough but still has a number of tricky setups and, in the context of a 1cc, the player is likely to be nearly out of lives by this point so the pressure is on. It also open with a squad of option thieves and powerup capsules are scarce.
  6. Gaming wish list

    Games that you're interested in playing but for one reason or another, haven't gotten around to. Straightforward, ze. I'm including separate lists for hacks/fangames and meatspace (aka tabletop) games because why not. My list: Gradius Gaiden Skies of Arcadia Legends Bravely Default Shadow Hearts 2 Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character Touhou 16: Hidden Star of Four Seasons Ateiler Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk Grandia 2 Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Front Mission 5 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (console) Hacks/Fangames: Monster Tactics Megaman: Rock Force Super Demo World FF7: New Threat Rockman 4: Minus Infinity Meatspace games: (none yet)
  7. Character Classes

    It amuses me to think of Shadow as a Ninja Master in a Fenrir build or Nightblade in a Phantom build. Directly referencing Seiken Densetsu 3, Ninja Master is better at ninja magic which matches with Fenrir Shadow being better at mass destruction with scrolls. On the other end, Nightblade has higher STR which aligns with Phantom Shadow hitting harder. I keep picturing Sabin with Vigor and HP as some kind of bear which tears stuff up with claws. Imagination isn't coming with any catchy bear themed class names at the moment. Well, these are just my random musings on class names.
  8. New FF8 Mod (New Threat) - Discussion Thread

    Any way to move the check for a Limit from how it is now to only when the ATB bar fills up? The idea is to disable fishing for Limits. A character would need to take their turn to have another chance at a Limit.
  9. Final Fantasy IX - Work In Progress!

    I like the idea of standardizing stat bonuses. Say, for instance, all body armor gives +2 bonus stats for levelup but that which stats are raised varies by type and even by specific equip. That way, the player will have growth even if they don't understand how the system works. Also, more knowledgeable players can customize which stats they want to favor. Stack Magic boosts for higher Magic growth, more Strength for strength growth, etc... I'm thinking +2 on weapons, +1 for headgear, +1 for arm gear, +3 for body armor, and +1 (at most) for the Add-on slot but specific numbers can be tweaked at will with an equipment editor. This opens up the possibility of equipment designated for higher or lower growth as desired. Just as an example, I'd have the Tin Armor gives 0 stat growth as a drawback to its strengths. One consequence is that characters that join at higher levels will miss out on growth opportunity. Though this could also be intentionally invoked to penalize early overleveling. I'm more in favor of raising the base stats of the late joiners a bit to account for a higher join level. (something Square didn't do) Enemies can be scaled as desired to compensate for the expected higher stats. No need to stick to 10 Def. + 10 Mag. Def. all the time, among other ideas.
  10. Gogo: Slave To The Power Of Death

    I suspect Specail! attacks (which Hurtmore is) aren't capable of being critical hits. Certainly don't recall it happening in vanilla otherwise someone would have hped Catscratch with an auto-critical weapon. What about rod + berserk with no Fight command equipped? Suspect the auto-criticals will still work but I don't have a save handy to test it.
  11. Final Fantasy IX - Work In Progress!

    Regarding Eiko inheriting stat bonuses from Marcus, unless one grinds 25 or more level ups with him, the gains will be offset by the stat loss that occurs from level averaging when a new character joins for the first time. Playing normally, Eiko and Amarant join at substantially higher levels than the rest of the cast. It takes grinding a lot of levels with Marcus and artificially keeping party levels low to really exploit this. It's a tedious task just for one character to have better stats. Could really go for status effects (and other indirect stuff like Steiner's Breaks) being more worthwhile. Because level differences affect status spell accuracy and the player will usually be lower leveled than the enemies they're facing, I often felt it wasn't worth the turn to use them. With effective 30-50% status accuracy in many cases, straight bashing seemed more appealing As a side thought, having an enemy that always appears with another have extreme defenses but low HP would provide incentive to use the Trouble status. It never felt worth the effort in the unmodded game. Having a better spread of sources to learn Action abilities sounds quite nice. Equipping a crummy weapon because it's the only source for an ability felt stupid. And I like the idea of having more abilities available sooner; I have that feeling that people who would play the mod have already been through the original.