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  1. Lt. Surge, Erika, Giovanni and Gary round III! This might not be as easy as I thought...
  2. The first three battles are up!
  3. So my team selection has been made. Introducing 'Eat, Sleep, Leech, Repeat'. Chikorita = Fusoya Oddish = Edge Treecko = Cid Bellsprout = Cecil Hoppip = Edward Houndour = Kain With a type advantage for the first three Gyms I'm hoping that they all survive that long. Time to find out I guess!
  4. Hello! So months ago on InsaneDifficulty forums I posted an idea for a Pokemon Nuzlocke run that I felt was fairly original and finally I have the chance to attempt it! For those who don't know a Nuzlocke is a type of Pokemon challenge that generally follows two simple rules; every Pokemon must have a nickname and if a Pokemon faints it must be released. Usually a way to limit how many Pokemon you can catch is also introduced, the most popular being that you must catch the first Pokemon on each route and only that Pokemon. So on to my Insanelock (named because of the forums not the difficulty), I'm going to attempt to play through six Pokemon hacks in order. Pokemon Fire Red Omega, Storm Silver, Omega Emerald, Bloody Platinum, Blaze Black & Blaze Black 2. These are all hacked versions of the game that generally increase the difficulty of the games. Instead of limiting how many Pokemon I can catch I've gone the opposite route; I can use almost all of them. The caveat is that I must follow these rules; 1. Once a Pokemon faints it is dead and will be released. 2. SET battle mode. No free switching. 3. I cannot use items in battle. 4. Teams must have a theme. If the theme is type then 5/6 Pokemon must share a type. Other themes include weather, Baton Pass or Trick Room. There are a few exceptions to this rule in the BW era as I literally couldn't form teams, these teams are called 'Leftovers'. 5. I cannot change Pokemon in my team for battle purposes. TM/HM Pokemon can be added to my team temporarily to advance the story but cannot be used for battle. 6. Pokemon cannot be replaced after death. This means if a Pokemon or two faint I will battle on with an under sized team for as long as possible. 7. No over levelling. 8. All Pokemon must have a nickname. 9. The most insanely powerful legendaries cannot be used. I won't list them all but suffice to say Mewtwo, Rayquaza etc. will not be rearing their ugly head. So with the above rules I think this should be quite the challenge! I will not be catching Pokemon, but rather I have created 56 teams that fit the above rules and will hack them into the game as and when I need them. So essentially the challenge is to see if I can beat all six hacks before my death counter reaches 336. I'm not sure if this run is going to be easy or hard, 336 sounds like a lot until you realise these are difficulty hacks with almost 200 Gym, Rival and Elite Four battles I have to slog through! Even at 1.5 deaths per Boss (that's one wipe per four Bosses) I barely succeed and that's in some bizarro world where random trainers and wild Pokemon don't kill anything! The run is also oddly self regulating, if I beat Storm Silver with amazing Pokemon such as Metagross, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Salamance, Gyarados etc. I then have to start Omega Emerald with their crappy pre-evolved forms and the likelihood of them dying before becoming awesome is pretty high. I have not played over half the hacks so half the run is blind, although I have heard that Omega Emerald has some very good teams later on and Bloody Platinum gets insanely ridiculous, so I suspect death shall be everywhere. My strategy is to use weak teams and Pokemon for as long as possible and my teams will get progressively stronger. I will be streaming the entire run on Twitch and will upload the Gym, Rival & Elite Four battles to Youtube also. I'm unsure on the forum rules here but hopefully I can embed the Youtube videos in posts to keep you guys updated! Wish me luck! Regards, Beast.