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  1. Just get a US rom somewhere.
  2. Have you ever seen Ozma in FFIX?
  3. If you ask me, vanilla sucks after playing through Armageddon.
  4. Darkkefka just gave me a shoutout... kinda
  5. Don't worry, you won't have to worry about that in hard mode.
  6. Sure, but you can't get the main reward.
  7. You won't get the OP accessory until you've beaten both Trial Mode and the FF Boss Rush.
  8. Just always defend with Geno, heal with Peach, and attack with your attacker. You might want to use a Found Illision or 2 just to be safe.
  9. Try defending with 1 character every turn.
  10. You won't get the full reward from Yo'ster Isle unless you've beaten Trial Mode and the FF Boss Rush.
  11. It was easier at first, then DK buffed her. I shouldn't have said anything about how easy she was to begin with.
  12. Hm, I don't know what could be wrong, then.