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  1. There have been updates, yes. DK has revealed that he is working on v9.1, which contains a few new features. Doomsday has also predicted that 9.1 will also get multiple difficulties. It's however not known at this point if there will still be a hard mode for the current version, we'll just have to wait and see.
  2. Reward for beating Ozma and Penance post-Smithy.
  3. You're welcome
  4. You need to go to where the dinosaurs are in the forest maze. You might just get ambushed by celebi if you're lucky. Try to get a master ball though, celebi is tough
  5. It's not necessary, but I see many people use him. How you play is obviously up to you, I was just surprised.
  6. Don't need to use him? You already beat Rosalina and Xion?
  7. All HP, huh? That's an achievement, right there.
  8. The first Riot Blade happens when Terra transforms into her esper form. The rest happens after a hidden counter reaches 10. The counter increases by 1 every time she is attacked and at the start of her turn. If she has 9 and she gets her turn, it increases to 10 and Riot Blade is used. Know this and you should be fine. Her human form has 10 lives btw, and her esper form has 15. (assuming it's normal mode)
  9. Most likely not as the fight will be different to be more focused on Rosalina. It's still anybody's guess though.
  10. CS2Magus has beaten Rosalina without using haste OR apples, and is doing it AGAIN to catch it on video. Saying this both to answer a question and to promote the god of this hack.
  11. That is just savage. 4 times? I get impatient after half the first wave
  12. Oh dang, screwed up again, huh? My speedrun will not feature these kinds of mistakes, I swear!
  13. Beating them is not required, I think it's just beating Smithy.
  14. Oh............................. not sure what triggers it