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  1. Use galaxy blast. I haven't fought them in a while, so I don't remember how I beat them.
  2. Use attacks that can hit both Magus and Schala, and use found illusions. If one is defeated before the other, they will be resurrected after a few turns as always, but this time, only with one life left (30K HP) so don't worry if you don't kill them at the same time.
  3. When DK sees all of this he's gonna cry.
  4. And the fact that you're not playing in fullscreen.
  5. The small dot is a part of the last number before the K, fyi.
  6. The first bug was a result of being able to target Yarid on the first turn on which his drill bits come back after being killed at least once. The second was due to having a bad rom. (It's supposed to be .sfc)
  7. A heads up for hidden encounters? There's an anti guy in rose way that gives you the siren which alerts you when you're in a room with hidden encounters.
  8. Via Infinito is still empty after refighting Smithy.
  9. There's something I've been wondering about ever since I started playing version 9. Diamond Saw has the flashing numbers, can KO if you're not protected, but it doesn't inflict full break, why?
  10. Did you patch version 9 to a clean and untouched rom, or did you patch it on top of version 8?
  11. Yeah... Don't kill Mack, Bowyer or Yaridovich on the same turn as their minions are alive (or died before the boss got their next turn)
  12. That one doesn't count as it's there before and after the Johnny fight to give you a chance to change Mario's equipment.