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  1. No need to restart the game, if that's what you mean. Once all your characters reach max level, you can talk to Rosalina and be able to redo your level ups.
  2. Assuming you're playing v9.0, I recommend never leveling HP. The rest is up to you.
  3. There's only 2 thing that helps here unless you somehow figure out how the fight works without the use of the lazy shell editor: the first is to save state in the menu before fighting Terra. The second is the 100% legit and safe way. Dedicate 1 of your party members to defend every single turn. What I can tell you about the attack without giving away how it works is that it will always be used as the first attack when you get to phase 2. Because of this I'd recommend making sure that you always have the last character that gets a turn the defending duty. This way, if Terra goes into phase 2 before the turn ends, you can still keep 1 character alive. IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER EVER damage Terra with your 3rd character unless you are 100% sure that she won't use Riot Blade.
  4. If you DO notice any bugs, try to use pSNES as your emulator instead. It uses a much more recent version of snes9x (don't think it's current version because pSNES hasn't been updated in a while) I used to play many versions of Armageddon on pSNES and everything worked perfectly.
  5. Amazy Dayzees

    The easiest way to take one down, assuming you've recruited Peach, is to go to the door behind the mushroom kingdom shop and getting 5 maragidynes. They won't kill the amazy dayzee, but they'll cause it to run away, which is enough for a chance to get a golden flower from them. There is a timing to their attack, but you probably won't be able to survive it until you have the gear to take them out without the strat I mentioned.
  6. Silly little question

    I farm frog coins by fighting Jinx over and over and I farm Galaxy coins by fighting The Master over and over.
  7. Silly little question

    That may be a very good way to farm normal coins, but when you're in postgame, you'll most likely want galaxy and/or frog coins which have faster ways to be farmed. Hope I don't sound like a jerk btw, not my intent by any means.
  8. Hard mode release?

    There have been updates, yes. DK has revealed that he is working on v9.1, which contains a few new features. Doomsday has also predicted that 9.1 will also get multiple difficulties. It's however not known at this point if there will still be a hard mode for the current version, we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. v9 help

    Reward for beating Ozma and Penance post-Smithy.
  10. v9 help

    You're welcome
  11. v9 help

    You need to go to where the dinosaurs are in the forest maze. You might just get ambushed by celebi if you're lucky. Try to get a master ball though, celebi is tough
  12. Omg, these anime AF battles

    It's not necessary, but I see many people use him. How you play is obviously up to you, I was just surprised.
  13. Omg, these anime AF battles

    Don't need to use him? You already beat Rosalina and Xion?
  14. Omg, these anime AF battles

    All HP, huh? That's an achievement, right there.