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  1. Hyper M. Guard?

    It's in the same house as the elder in Seaside Town. Just go upstairs. Just make sure you're in post-game.
  2. Equipment assistance.

    Armor can still be bought at shops, just not all of them like in vanilla. Most powerful spells in the game are learned from doing optional stuff in post-game. Hope this helps!
  3. Hidden Chest Help

    What's in each stump almost seems to change now and then. They're kinda bugged.
  4. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    Slowly being worked on by busy devs.
  5. Don't you worry, any and all bugs you may or may not find have likely already been dealt with for 9.1. Speaking of 9.1, it's coming out at some point, get hype! To also stay on topic, I myself was thinking of making some guides for 9.1, and would love to see some examples on how to make them as helpful as possible. Seeing you make some for 9.0 could really help me with that. Sorry if I'm being a bit hard to understand, making a proper sentence was never my strong suit. Btw, you are indeed playing normal mode, but as there aren't that many obvious differences between the first public patch and the newer one, your best bet would probably be to go to the downloads section and getting normal mode from there. If this is how you got the patch in the first place, then you already have the right one, but if you got in from one of the topics here, then you'll definitely want to switch. The biggest and most obvious difference would be Rosalina's difficulty. She's a complete pushover in the old patch and a superbuffed maniac in the updated one. Once again, if some parts are hard to understand or if I sound mean in any way, I'm sorry.
  6. It could be that initial normal mode patch, the one from before Rosalina was superbuffed
  7. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    Just press on the chat icon next to forums on the top of the page, that'll take you to NGPlus' Discord server, from there DK can be found in the members list under the "modders" section.
  8. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    No version earlier than v4.9 is currently out in the wild. If you have Discord, you could try DMing Darkkefka asking if he's got it stored somewhere. If you don't have Discord, then I would suggest sending him a PM here on NGPlus.
  9. Blocking not working

    I'm glad you were able to fix your problems! The timing to block spells is generally right before the damage shows up/when the animation fades.
  10. Blocking not working

    Did you patch v9 on the same rom that you were using to play v8? If you did, that's the source of all your problems Edit: Also, what emulator are you using?
  11. The Dragons have been replaced by Tonberries in v9, and are locked behind Smithy. Basically, everything that's not Mario related (except Cactuars in Land's End) are locked behind Smithy. If you have further questions, feel free to join the dedicated Discord server for the hack here
  12. Since White Hole is a holy elemental attack, I would strongly recommend trying to equip something that resists holy, such as light rings or light shields. The rings can be found in Moleville (the little girl sells them for frog coins) and the shields can be found in the accessory shop in Seaside Town. The shields are generally better as they give better stats and give a 1/4 resistance compared to the rings that only give 1/2 resistance.
  13. Geno Magic Timing

    There is no 2nd timing. The only things that always have 2 timings are weapons. Specials mostly retain their vanilla properties.
  14. Geno Magic Timing

    Assuming you're having trouble with the attacks that have 3 stars appear, you need to start holding Y once the message pops up and then release Y as soon as the third star appears.