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  1. Jump into the hole where they came from using the cannon, (the thing you do to progress, basically) then jump out of the hole and stand right in front of it. Now jump. A yellow platform will spawn and you can once again use the cannon to get onto this platform.
  2. I can give an answer to questions 1 and 3. 1. Normal mode is the "standard" difficulty and is challenging but still fair. You should definitely give it a shot after you've finished content mode. Then there's also hard mode which will come out soon. (and doom edition but that's not too relevant right now) 2. I'm not familiar with those things so I can't answer, sorry. 3. Postgame content is unlocked after beating Smithy.
  3. Ridiculous and pseudo-impossible at times.
  4. You can talk to Rosalina who will upgrade your total FP to 99. That is assuming you don't already have 99 FP, in which case the shiny flower is completely useless.
  5. No problem!
  6. After finding all hidden chests, talk to the guy in Monstro Town who tells you how many chests you have left. He will give you 3 things, one of which is a Master Ball. Another way is to be lucky and get one from Yoshi.
  7. You're playing content mode without a doubt. Otherwise you wouldn't have the accessory of Mario or Bowser.
  8. Nope. Same as Galaxy Ring.
  9. Not in normal mode. You only need one for Xion though tbh.
  10. Celetriad is called Celestriad in FFVI. At least in the Advance version, which is the one DK always seems to play.
  11. It only deals more damage when timed and last 3 turns in content and normal mode unless dispelled somehow.
  12. You'll find the fairy in the forest in the hidden place in the maze section. At the end of kero sewers there is an out of reach pipe, jump on a boo to reach it. There are also normal tonberries and the holy tonberrries. Normal ones can be found through the hole at the top of the mountain in moleville, and the holy ones can be found by walking behind the right star at the beginning of star hill. Any team is a good team, it's up to you to choose what tactics suits you best.
  13. Hunt for tonberries then talk to pepe.
  14. I'll record my fight.
  15. It was not rebalanced a second time.
  16. That WAS the rebalanced fight. Someone (definitely not me ) said the fight was a total joke in the initial release of normal mode, so it was buffed.
  17. Yes, it doesn't show you the exp required from level 30 to 31 because you were never meant to go above 30. After hitting level 31, all level ups will display the required exp.
  18. It's been renamed Lucky Ring and now doubles both exp and coins. It can be found in a hidden chest on Star Hill or dropped by Cactuars in Land's End.
  19. There is nothing different about the content in the 2 versions, except for a few pieces of OP equipment that is limited/nerfed in normal mode.
  20. It will have a hard mode, DK is currently working on it, I believe. Just be patient and eventually we get it.
  21. Content mode is a lot easier than normal mode. I strongly recommend playing through normal mode. And yes, that chest in the Mushroom Kingdom was indeed moved.
  22. I'm glad I could help