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  1. There's something I've been wondering about ever since I started playing version 9. Diamond Saw has the flashing numbers, can KO if you're not protected, but it doesn't inflict full break, why?
  2. Did you patch version 9 to a clean and untouched rom, or did you patch it on top of version 8?
  3. Yeah... Don't kill Mack, Bowyer or Yaridovich on the same turn as their minions are alive (or died before the boss got their next turn)
  4. That one doesn't count as it's there before and after the Johnny fight to give you a chance to change Mario's equipment.
  5. It resets you from the last checkpoint you passed. Basically, you hit a checkpoint every time you get to the menu.
  6. Let's assume all bosses that give you galaxy coins actually don't. (except for Xion)
  7. It does indeed say 30, however, you don't get them due to a bug.
  8. People die to the hammer bros and croco? I guess I'm better than I thought I was!
  9. That review took me 2 hours to write.
  10. You'll love how you get the specials this time around.
  11. Is the level 30 bug fixable at all?
  12. There was no soflock bug in the battle against rosalina this time like there was in version 8, yay!
  13. I guess you could say that the 8th star is a scar left on the save file from using an unintended "exploit"
  14. I was just about to fight Terra and accidentally checked my star pieces while trying to check my equipment and saw an 8th star in the top right corner.
  15. That has to do with the moving platforms. As long as you're standing on one, you can't open the menu, but if you jump and try to open the menu...
  16. I think I found an exploit: If you kill Penance's left arm (the one called left arm, not the arm on the left) and then ignore th right arm and just focus on Penance, the left arm never respawns. Same thing would most likely happen if you killed the right arm and ignored the left one, but why do that when it's the left one that uses black hole? I think the arms should still reappear after a certain number of turns wether you've killed both or not.
  17. I can confirm that they do indeed come back between fights in the FF Boss Rush. Thank god!
  18. Use the opposite element that she's using. Same for Elizabeth.
  19. Now I should probably check for text issues from npc's and such. Edit: NOPE! I'm not doing that! Too much text!