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  1. smrpg:a

    Dang, that's too bad. I'm playing v8 easy mode directly from the download on this site. I don't take it there are any special rewards I'm missing out on not completing it?
  2. So while I was just running around the map for a while, I ran into a particular fight, and it seems like (while it should be a super easy fight; I'm well beyond equipped for it) the boss just won't die? I used Psychopath on it, and it showed a blue "0" after I hit it for a while, and say that it had 60,000 HP. I continued wailing on it, but nothing ever changed. At this point I think I've managed at least 300k damage, and I'm nowhere near dying to it, but it won't die.
  3. smrpg:a

    Awesome, thanks for clearing that up! Really excited for v9, whenever that's coming out.
  4. I need someone to translate what some of the really big numbers mean. For example, I (somehow) managed to deal "M994" damage in a single hit, but I have no idea what that number is supposed to mean. It also appears as though that number, regardless of "I" or "M" before it, acts just the same as "9999" in terms of damage, so my request may be mostly for useless information.