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  1. Nowea's Computerthon Fundraiser!

    In my experience BSODs are usually faulty RAM. Doesn't help that Samsung is practically running a cartel on RAM, so the prices are ridiculous. Have you tried running a diagnostic on your RAM in the BIOS?
  2. I've heard bad things about the game, otherwise I would join you. Have all of the animation glitches and stuff been fixed yet?
  3. I think this is the right frame of mind. RPGs already abstract away the player from skill-based outcomes by having virtual representations of condition -> HP, kinetic force -> STR, knowledge -> INT, and all those other shortcuts D&D originally used to make wargaming appropriate for individual player characters. (Of course then it also gave us 2 dice rolls to get to the result, so...) This is in stark contrast to something like an arena shooter or other realtime game in which human reflexes matter much more than some arbitrary stat. Adding a % dice roll on top of already-abstracted stats is too much of a gap between the player input and system output IMO. For every dice roll attack there should be some contextual or situational way to make that attack 100% accuracy, whether it's flanking or a passive skill like vanilla's Concentrate.
  4. Merry Christmas @Nowea! The first parter is a wallpaper, some modern fuckin' art of Shin Megami Tensei 3 (with a mint 90s picture of the game's/series' artist, Kaneko). Every time you boot up your computer you'll be challenged to a duel, and at some point you will probably cry in anguish and just remove/delete it. Let me know if 1080p is too small/large! The second part is optional for you! If you're up for it, I can immortalize you as an NPC named Nowea in Vindis Saga Tactics. Let me know if this interests you and I can send you a questionnaire about job class/abilities/gender/basic story information/all that jazz.
  5. Nice, I saw your thread on the FFT subreddit too. I'll have to take a look at this later in the month
  6. I'll join in if I get my bonus this year
  7. Calling All PUBG Players

    You've already friended me, but let me know when you're about to play! I'm done crunching at work finally, christ
  8. Sup

    Same name as on Discord, which I'd been glued to the past week or two. I guess I should post here too huh