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  1. From what i remember, each boss from hard mode used to have extra HP, damage and defense in previous versions. Not only that, but FP used to cost a little more, and there might be a chance that some of the Ultimate spells will cost some of your Max FP (Galaxy Blast and Thunderstorm are probably the most powerful spells in this romhack) if Daisy can still raise your Max FP with a certain item
  2. I'm gonna use spoilers on this just in case someone wants to experience the Ultimate Boss without any guide:
  3. Their HP seems lower than previous versions, and i like how the item inventory strat is different now. You pretty much wont need Kerocolas 3 in this fight anymore
  4. I noticed this new version has no Defense/Magic Defense up, btw. Defense command is a must and new strategy for some or, if not, all of the bosses They are probably weak because you didn't Hold Y properly. I used to struggle with this back when Meteor needed to Hold Y for power. Just Hold Y the moment you see the dialog telling you to do it, and then stop holding it a few frames after the third star shows up
  5. Is there any way to Re-Fight Magus and Schala? they are one of my favorite battles and it looks like i can't fight them anymore even if i beat Smithy again
  6. That's 20K, there is a small dot between the zeros, so it actually says "20.0K" I don't mind which games are you into or which wallpaper are you using for your desktop. The only thing i am concerned is the low res pic you are using for wallpaper lol
  7. I'm testing the Goomba thumping minigame again and it seems like you don't get 10 galaxy coins even if you are over 30 or less 50 points sometimes. Getting 30 galaxy coins for 50 points works pretty fine tho
  8. Elite Wizards perform a glitchy animation before they cast a dark orb from the Shadow Palace
  9. Is there a limit for the goomba stomping minigame at Ice Cave? After collecting some coins (like 5 tries), it seems like the npc doesn't give you any coins anymore even if you have over 40 points
  10. That plant never had collission since v7 . I imagine it has to do with using that collission for the entrance at the bottom right or for something else
  11. Out of all of the one target attacks, the only ones i never undestood their block timing are Poison and White Breath. Somehow i can easily block Dark Breath, but the other ones seem to have different block timing than Dark one
  12. I was wondering the same when i accidentally encountered a certain powerful flower enemy when i finished watching the cutscene at the end of Rose Way (which btw it has a really nice new sprite animation) I almost forgot to send this small detail i don't think i have seen on past versions, unless it's my imagination:
  13. I thought Water Skip from Kero Sewers was fixed, but it seems to be still there in the current version when you swim almost above the underwater pipe
  14. I can't believe the public release is finally here, i've been waiting for these big changes for a long time and i am happy to finally play it. Thank you so much guys. I'll try to post videos or report bugs if there's some of them
  15. That explains why last time i tried to join the server, everything was "empty" but one notification. I don't have intentions to beta test it, but i don't mind looking at updates or anything else related. unless testing how far can you go underleveled counts too