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  1. Bowser and mario have lowish magic defense compared to everyone else so its possible you was killed by the damage. Was there a damage number or did he just drop dead with no number showing up?
  2. You can get shiny flowers from dark dayzee's in the shadow palace. You can encounter them in the room with the cloaked mage looking dudes.
  3. Don't think they're suppose to come back in the poke trainer battles and ff boss rush except for the final battle of said ff boss rush as they aren't treated as next battles. Only when you get to a menu use like before the final fight of the ff boss rush or the times in the regular boss rush from rosalina.
  4. I get that but you said pretend to release the hard mode lol
  5. Snowy might be an issue with either the smrpg rom used, the emulator being used or a combination of both because I haven't encountered any issues with using snowy and I used mallow primarily as my aoe mage for all of the base story.
  6. Oh you was talking about Soul. My bad then.
  7. Are you talking to me or Soul? Cuz if you are talking to me I wasn't asking for instructions lol.
  8. What channel do I find you on in the discord?
  9. Go on the discord and make a case for why you should test out the beta.
  10. Can I get one lol?
  11. Beta? Or are you referring to the alpha that was released for a little while on insane difficulty? If it is the beta then how did you get it and why aren't dk or doomsday leaving a v9 beta public for everyone?
  12. Sry to hear that bro, don't let it get you down though.
  13. Wow you really like this hacked version of smrpg don't you? Maybe Darkkefka can bless your streams with his presence if he hasn't already.
  14. Yeah I saw your post. Was correcting doomsday.
  15. Actually yes it would be better since you can just go online, copy all the information you need then save it for whenever instead of having to go through the trouble of viewing hints in the first place. Kinda like the wiki for the terraria calamity mod https://calamitymod.gamepedia.com/Calamity_Mod_Wiki . That way even if you don't have access to the internet you'd still have everything you'd need to know to do whatever in the hack just like how it was for version 8 on insane difficulty before the site got screwed over. Way more convenient since you're going on an external site to even download the hack to begin with, might aswell have info regarding how to do such and such here aswell or make a wiki for it just incase the forums get fucked again. This is a hack of a nintendo game, not an 100% built from the ground up game that dk made on his own, if you don't have the info of an old version before it is possibly compromised then that's on you, not the ppl developing the hack.
  16. Wouldn't it be better to just have a help post for how to do such and such thing like for the previous versions back on insane difficulty?
  17. Release date is iffy since I'm pretty sure he wants to fix some things and iron out as many bugs as he can find before then. I don't think he can add 5 more spells, idk it looks like dk and doomsday are pushing the game to its limits in terms of things to change/add in. For geno, I thought his meteor was on par with mallows dark star.
  18. Tell me. What items does Elizabeth and Margaret give again? Been awhile since I've played old v9.
  19. armageddon

    I obviously didn't mean ultra flame alone but ok, I guess that is a way to deal with amazy dayzee's.
  20. armageddon

    Galaxy shell= After completing the whole boss rush which is like one of the last things you'll do in the hack. I was assuming this was like sometime early around like getting the dragon armors/ dragon armor+'s and working your way up from there. Thinking at that point mario would have at the best luigi's hammer or galaxy hammer, maybe ultima hammer. Magistral ring I'll buy since chac is not hard to beat at that point, but is mario's ultra flame strong enough to accomplish a runaway at that point in the game?
  21. armageddon

    Post galaxy shell o.o?! Jesus christ why wait that long to farm for gold flowers, what do you use triple stars for all the boss fights?
  22. armageddon

    How strong are we talking?