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  1. You can't take back level stats+ once you set them in v8 unfortunately so you're kinda screwed there. The final fantasy random encounters give a lot of gold coins upon defeat so you could try farming them for coins. The beetle minigame that you can replay at booster hill (the place where you did the barrel jumping minigame) gives ten galaxy coins if you can catch a golden beetle but besides that and finding stray g.coins around I just buy em from luma. I don't think defeating a super boss a second time gives the unique item it drops twice because I beat rydia twice yet she didn't give me a 2nd rainbow robe (not sure if this is the case for all of them though). The most common way that people find latios and latias is to go to the end of rose way, encounter the amayzee daisy hidden monster and to keep running from it until the two pokemons show up each, you don't have to beat the monster and their encounter mechanic is the same as celebi's just not as high. Super speed helps a lot there but be wary cuz they will get first strike once you encounter them.
  2. Yes ultima breaks the 9999 damage barrier tho it doesn't actually show it in v8. Mallow's dark star, and geno's meteor can do it too I believe. Mallow is my choice for early grinding cuz darkstar only cost 18 fp to use.
  3. That's what I was wondering too lol.
  4. Or lazy shell lol tho I'd be careful with lazy shell. I only use it to make it so the pokemon attacks not randomly do 9999 damage.
  5. Ten's the max amount of uses it has.
  6. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are all in different spots throughout the world map, one being in the place you meet Mallow's tadpole grandfather all the way at the bottom right leading to the next room, one in the first place you fought croco and the other I can't remember but it's not too hard to find. Once you find them all you have to go to areas with dark pink rooms that seemingly have nothing in it to fight can catch them. Palkia, dialga, giratina, and arceus are all in the nimbus area. Latios and Latias can be encountered after you find kyogre, groudon and rayquaza and have a chance to find either one of them everytime you encounter a hidden monster. Best way to find latios and latias is to keep encountering amayzee dayzee's at the end of roseway and running from the flower until the pokemon shows up.
  7. Cool.
  8. Not sure if this is still a thing in v9 cuz I haven't played it much since the alpha was first released on ID but the pokemon random 9999's...can that like go away please XD? Doing a no celebi/schala ring, and no found illusion playthrough of v8 hardmode and having all 3 of my party members with full hp and stats up die to that 9999 stuff is just heartbreaking. Party wide or single target, it's just cheap as hell. Thought that's why instant death was in for and there's already gear that blocks it.
  9. Ok that's what I was crying about thank you, very sorry I went off like it did. That being said, they can be way more damaging like fissure being more powerful than earthquake and would do like 2k damage to someone if they was hit with def down cuz the fights really are easy when you aren't getting randomly nine'd and that's without even relying on regen
  10. I'm just saying the pokemon should not have abilities that's like meteor, hydro pump, fire blast, shadow force, psychic, solar beam. Even Celebi has psychic and solar beam like wtf XD. These abilities should just do a lot of damage like fissure being more powerful than earthquake and will kill someone if they're hit with def down before it's used.
  11. Key word being less when it should be none imho. My problem with may and dawn and his reply to me is the fact that that gimmick with the pokemon that allows them to do that is the only reason why any of them are hard to begin with and "broken invincibility" being the only way to beat them is not right at all. It's a mini boss rush and you don't get anything but a game over if you don't beat all of the bosses in it so if your run out of HM guards during it then tough luck. Plus the final v9 isn't out yet anyway so saying that it's not much of an issue in v9 doesn't justify it and I'm complaining about this because I think that before v9 is finished and released maybe the pokemon should just be relatively stronger with a 9999 attack that only hits one target or just not be able to do 9999 damage regardless of stats at all. Ya keep insisting that regen is just so broken for full healing you when you still die from pretty much every super boss turn rotation, plus if your stats get lowered, or you get inflicted with a status effect, or if the boss can counter, putting your character at low enough hp to be KO'd in the upcoming boss turn then it really won't matter. It still forces you to take up one or two of the characters turns to heal most of the stuff or risk dying anyway. Stocking up of HM Gaurds won't really help you when Rydia or Mysterious girl KO's one or two of the party with meteor then the last person gets chomped on by bahamut, HM Gaurds won't save you when omega wave cannons you twice, then earthquakes and kills everybody, nor will it help you when magus or xion counters you after you attack them cuz your regenerated hp will be mostly gone unless you heal which is something you'd do if you wasn't regenerating anyway. Granted it is very beneficial to get a full heal at the start of a turn for 3 turns but that really isn't screaming broken when bosses are just shy of one shotting you with their abilities and/or physical attacks regardless. The power of the characters and/or items should not be gimped to account for overall boss strength, the boss should be made stronger but not so strong or broken that the fight borders on the line of impossibility unless you use a consumable item. The only character that can even obtain gear that blocks almost everything statuses and elements alike is peach, everyone else is hampered down by only having armor/accessories that block statuses and halve's elements or nulls one element unless they have the lazy shell which kills damage potential and even then they can still die in common situations. The whole point of what I'm saying is that bosses should be beatable without things like invincibility, or hell even regen to begin with. If it can still wipe your party with it's damage despite you having gear that gives auto stats up at the start of battle, blocks status effects and halves elements then tough shit try again unless the damage is too high for you to take despite having the best gear you can have at the time. But if said boss is wiping you with a ability that's coded specifically to kill you or your entire party regardless of whether or not you have max hp, resist everything unless you have the power of god itself is bullshit and should not exist especially if said boss has gear that you need to progress to the end. Imo regen wasn't the broken thing, it was celebi and I don't think anybody would really mind if the celebi item was removed.
  12. At the very least the may and dawn fights can be like fights you'd only tackle at the very end of the hack like before you fight Rosalina, red, xion, or magus to a lesser extent after you've already gotten the platinum armor. Soul dew can be like something dawn gives you and may gives you something that can be good but not something you'd really need.
  13. I have beaten these fights with celebi but now I want to do so without it and without using found illusions or whatever other crap like it and it pisses me off that I can't lol.
  14. Healing didn't become so effective. It's always been effective but there were a lot of bosses placed in reasonable positions holding gear you need to progress further in the hack that did a shit ton of damage and didn't have attacks that you needed absolute invincibility for so that if you fucked up you're most likely dead. Even with the healing options you have to choose between wasting turns healing and not out damaging the heal many bosses already have, or taking the risk to do the damage and see whether you can get away with it or not. You can't cheese Rosalina with just a ultima, dark star, meteor, or physical attack on it's own every turn while the other 2 heal and buff you. You have to take the risk and do enough damage so that you're closer to actually out-damaging the boss's heal and not winding up in a weird sort of purgatory until you run out of items. Two wrongs do not make a right. Your "healing is too effective" argument crashes and burns when you have to take into account, damage you're sustaining, debuffs that decrease your damage done and increases damage done to you or just fucking deny you the ability to do damage or live if you don't have immunity against it, and the occasional hp/life heal that bosses have. Bosses being able to go 2-4 turns in a row, bosses having group wide attacks that hit you multiple times that can wipe you if you're not careful or strong enough, bosses that debuff you while doing a crap ton of damage, or all of the above are perfectly reasonable because it's something you can deal with without losing the whole fight. Mother fucker this is a boss gauntlet where every fking enemy can do all of the things I listed while also having attacks (not just 1 attack but many) that can do 9999 damage regardless of whatever fking armor you have to the WHOLE PARTY and one of them holds armor you practically need if you want to fight bosses like magus and do the boss rush?! No. That's a shitty designed fight and I know so because I've beat all the ff bosses, jinx, shadow queen, and fking larxene before coming to the pokemon trainers plus yiazmat from v7.8 can show you how to do instant death that ignores death protection while also being challenging even without it right. Maybe if it was just for rayquaza, giratina, and arceus and then have that shit for most if not all the pokemon for red because you can save him as the penultimate fight behind xion but no it's every fking pokemon. Don't even get me started on the lake gaurdians in dawns battle since they can counter you with physic which lowers your m.def and has a chance to 9999 you while also taking 3 turns each. Also you mention that it gets countered by end game fights because a lot of them have effects like dispel so it's not just a simple tank and spank....and it's fair and exceptable there because they're the very late game bosses. It should be like that but may and dawn are bosses you can take on any time after you catch the pokemon that they want you to catch and dawn holds the platinum armor which is something you'll want a lot before taking on something like the boss rush...or magus and even then on hard mode that doesn't account for much if you're shit at timed blocking or you just keep a character below like 800hp when the boss starts it's turn. Stop fucking telling people the healing is broken because it's not. It never was and before the stupid pokemon bullshit was put it there was many bosses that could easily take you from 100 to 0 with their damage alone or leave you so desperate for heals that you can't even focus on dps'ing it down before they unleash their onslaught upon you again. Hell the only real LIKE...really real exception to that should be Ozma because I understand DK's pain when fighting that boss because in ff9 it is actually based on luck because meteor can kill all of your party alright and you can't do shit about it but wait rayquaza has that ability aswell lmao. Stop bullshitting me, if all the pokemon didn't have that 9999 crap then may and dawn would be ....EASY...or moderate difficulty at the very least with the exception of groudon, giratina, arceus, and the lake gaurdians which can be hard.
  15. That's kind of a lie because going in with pure defense, m'def gear on either may or dawn with no immunities I'd still get 9999'd almost 90% of the time by any of the pokemon. I mean it's a moot point since v9 is the version to talk about now an days and I'm playing hard mode primarily but atleast when I fight a boss like xion, magus, or shadow queen, and a few others it's mostly reliant on my ability to time block and manage my resources properly. With the pokemon and yes, only the pokemon I've gotten one shotted more times than any other boss with meteor. Not sure if Dk checks the forums now but he really needs to keep his pokemon boner in check lol. Haven't played many pokemon games but I know for a fact that attacks that can one shot you can't do so as often as in the hack. But that's where my no celebi rule ends for v8 cuz for those fights you pretty much need it unless you just get really, really lucky with the 9999's.
  16. This is for the snes verion of ffvi right? I can't seem to find a rom of the vanilla game to use the ips patcher on anywhere.
  17. Use a poison mushroom then use peach's ultima. Don't attack it after using peach's ultima, instead heal so you don't get one shotted. Next turn use peach's ultima again and it'll most likely run away, if it doesn't then heal the party again and on the third turn use ultima and it'll most likely die, that is because peach's ultima deals damage beyond 9999 and combined with poison will whittle it's hp down. If you're getting one shotted anyway then get better armor before fighting it or pray it misses peach for the second turn. You still have a chance to get golden flowers if it runs away tho so you should probably go for that. The dragon claw is an item you get from May after catching all the pokemon she wants you to catch.
  18. Ah that's good to know. I mean red's pretty hard yeah but may and dawn not so much, it's only the 9999 chance that makes the fights somewhat difficult. I can plow through all of the fights with the exception of the final ones from each of the 2 and even then I can be reckless more often then I should. The fight against all 3 lake gaurdians is alright though, feels like fighting a mini omega weapon in which it should.
  19. There's a forum on insane difficulty that talks about most of the things you can obtain in V8. Hyper M guards if I'm correct are made from gambler spirits and healing springs, the gamblers are obtained from defeating regular tonberries in the mole town mines in the room where you fought the bomb guy (punchinello)
  20. Same but it wasn't really bothersome for me. What did bother me was the master's theme from paper mario not playing during his fight which was a bit disappointing but I know it was probably due to technical reasons too.
  21. Sup Dk, glad ya found the site.
  22. Haha I know XD. Thanks for the tip.
  23. Currently playing through the old versions before I try a no found illusion and celebi run of v8 hard mode. Wanted to know if it would be wise to put stats into the characters magic for some added magic defense or just go all hp, work on doing all the encounters better, and just rely on the equipment for defensive stats?
  24. Sweet.