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  1. So should I not use states at all? In certain areas even if I save at a goddess and then restart, I still encounter the graphic glitch. I only use save states to try multiple shop items that I cant afford all at once and also before bosses.
  2. I've experienced similar results with the petrify status. Maybe it has to do with status effects in general. I have also experienced some graphical glitching in path to the heavens and the area that you find salamando. Not quite sure what is triggering it but it seems to be certain tech/magic animations. Once the glitching is triggered, it only resets if I save at a Goddess and reset or return to a previous save. Hope that you find this somewhat productive, Praetarius.
  3. This is a great re-imagining of the original game. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of Dark Souls. I'm at the point where I'm just stacking TP gain and and Tech damage. The early-game chest pieces got me all the way to the HP boost/Thorn tier armors. I was surprised at how effective the thorn armor was. I use save states to try all of the things and then settle on 1 certain piece per character per slot (until Luc becomes more disposable) . I haven't intentionally utilized the L1 counter tech strat much because I peg my tech bar so fast. I've read up on the aggro system and I'm wondering if it will be something I will need to implement later, or if blowing up bosses with debuffs, traps and L2/3 techs will continue to be a relevant strat. Resetting boss aggro with counters seems like a great mechanic. I'm sure I'll need to be more creative once I attempt the harder difficulties. Currently at Mintos.
  4. I can't sell the Demon Statues fast enough. 2000 luc is a lot of dough!
  5. I couldn't remove the spoiler fields on my phone. I was also referring to the lone enemy. I used him to gain experience and $ and made a beeline to the next statue. I didn't check the monster drop table to see if they drop ???. If it does, I'll revisit. With death penalty (which I absolutely love as a mechanic), I don't casually level up on my way to a boss in case I lose Hawk a couple times and have to run back to an inn.
  6. I did this on "normal" just to get up to where I could deal with the rest of sub zero fields. Race to the Golden Goddess fighting only the forced encounters. Just make sure you don't get sniped running through the Sub-Zero boards.
  7. Thank you Praetarius5018 for the mod AND the terrific documentation. My question for you is: Does Mind Up increase atk power for If so I want to try them on a Duran and Hawk light path build.
  8. Are the armor and read me documents available somewhere on this site?
  9. Got it running. Thanks for the input!
  10. Got Lunar IPS running with WINE. Trying to figure out how it wrks
  11. The ROM size says 4.2 I'll try using Lunar IPS with WINE
  12. I stumbled upon Sin of Mana watching a Twitch stream a couple weeks ago. The Streamer directed me to this site. I attempted to patch my SD3 eng ROM to no avail. Some technical debt I suppose. I'm running Linux Mint 18 xfce because it runs well on my old, cheap hardware. I'm having trouble finding a tool that will patch my ROM and is supported. If someone would be kind enough to email me an updated, pre-patched version or perhaps guide me through the patching process considering my current distro, I would greatly appreciate it. I have played though SD3 over a dozen times and would love to revisit it afresh!