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  1. @Kyrios Good to know, I may or may not retract that point then.
  2. Since you mentioned it, I just glanced through his post history and none of it seems hostile. Unpopular? It could, but it has been labeled as toxic in this very same thread. Unless there's some pms I'm not seeing, this doesn't paint a good picture. Regarding your "insulting methapors" comment, in a time when everything and anything can be considered offensive I think you should know better. Considering his post was just literally erased, his joke was on topic, and so was BTB was in line with this rom hack's culture by removing the post but leaving the first word behind a la Candlejack meme, and not actually acting outraged at someone sharing the info. It's always easy to believe I'm regulating language on the good side of morals when I also assume I have a perfect understanding of what make language hostile, and believe me when I say that no one does. And apparently I came here "guns blazing" with my previous post despite just giving my view on the complaints the previous poster presented, and apparently I missed an unspoken or unclear rule that would have allowed me to present that point in a manner that wouldn't have been taken as aggressive. I used to post in Insane Difficulty long ago, eventually became inactive and still don't find myself motivated enough to become active here. The only feedback I wanted to give is that if, at any point in the future, you find yourself going through the site analytics, trying to understand why the community side of the website isn't growing as fast as the hack downloading side is, just know that tone policing is detrimental to any online community. Hope it serves as food for thoughts at least.
  3. The very thing that made those secrets fun back then was sharing them with your friends at school / other people in the community and such. I'd love to know how someone unwilling lo learn more about the mystery egg would click on a thread topic with mystery egg in the title. If BTB were to respond to posts of this type with either playful banter or a hissy fit that would be a completely different story, but to completely remove the information goes past the line I draw between a community joke held by tradition and an actual inconvenience for the players. The thing is, from the long time I have been following BTB posts back in Insane Difficulty I believe he-s taking this less seriously than the admins and regular posters here. Now, this is still a non-issue, people can still post this info in other forums. The admins of this subforum can forcely regulate it in any way they want and players can choose to join the community based on that, but having The Rebalancer's perfectly reasonable posts be identified as "toxic", by an admin no less, speaks more, and not in a good way, of what the "traditional" posting etiquette is around here. Just letting you know. Now bring in that bad rep.