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  1. eternal you sly dog, you're tempting me into buying the pc version (I have the ps4 version) just for this mod. I truly love this game, and I always wished for a "hard mode" for storyline fights and the "legendary" hunts would be bonkers.
  2. oh man i love that news Eternal, gilgamesh2 and yizzie could drive people crazy lol (and i love the thought)
  3. that was my first point about being able to kill him in 20 min. he isn't a challenge to being with even with that hp pool, he isn't difficult even in trial mode either now if the mod could make him immune to reverse or decoy or even both, now that's something for me personally to get excited about.
  4. "legendary" monsters like that should be a bit of a grind imo, it doesn't really bother me fighting one for 40min ish. I view it as resource management and grinding it down, but i'm probably the oddball of most rpg players as I really enjoy long fights where I have to be on the ball constantly with buffs, debuffs, etc.
  5. yazzie fight was around 35-40 min for an optimized group in vanilla and a little more than half of that in izjs, even with that bs instant kill mechanic. He really isn't a huge issue and totally optional. Should keep him as is or maybe even buff him a bit (I don't mean more hp).
  6. watching how this goes, i'm considering getting the pc version if this continues to get updates (have ps4). great work
  7. love your work jarlaxle! you bring a nice blend of difficulty without forcing the player to cheez strats to win. I absolutely love your suikoden 1 mod and I'm really hoping that you look at 2 someday. I'm looking forward to trying this one as well (and a future bof1 mod? Take me now lolol).
  8. FFXII Zodiac Age now has a Nexus page

    a general increase in the hp of late game monster and overall bosses (along with stat tweaking) I really wanted the bosses to feel epic as they try to grind me to dust. A general increase of hp for late game hunts as well and some stat tweaking. The ideas for changing teck is sound but something I personally would like to be looked at after some of the things previously mentioned. Goodluck!
  9. As the title says, I'm looking to dive into the world of hex editing. The game that I'm looking at is Suikoden 2 (I've done some editing before but with editors that other people have created, so i'm in the dark for this one). Basically, I'm just looking for some advice on what program to look into (for instance I've heard about HxD and I'll be looking at that after I post this). Or some other program that I can look into? I'm not looking to do any over the top changes, just adjusting stats for enemies/maybe some of the playable characters. So just point me in the right direction and let me go at it, and of course any additional advice/insight is always welcome.