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  1. I’ve seen a few bad reviews but they’re usually from early versions. The translation got a lot of complaints back when Celes was angsty and Relm even more foul mouthed. Also, there were problems with people feeling like they were required to LLG the world of balance; all of that has been resolved with the esper bank. I don’t find a lot of recent reviews of the latest versions. More often it’s just let’s plays and gameplay clips Watching a 90m video of someone running around Figaro doesn’t give a very considered and complete view of the player’s experiences and opinions with the whole mod.
  2. Hey, guys. I didn't realize InsaneDifficulty sank; I haven't been keeping up with the latest. Anyway, I found a podcast review of the mod. It's pretty unfavorable. The host says he's read the readme and he's made it at least past the FC, so I can't just pin his experience on ignorance. Still, his complaints really focus around counter-attacks, so I think he must have missed part of that lesson about certain abilities triggering counters from certain enemies. The BNW part starts at 43:40.